Floyd Mayweather: “Pacquiao bust De La Hoya up and stopped him and little Floyd beat Pacquiao up like he was nobody!”

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Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has retired, the news surrounding him are no longer about what fights are next, but instead replaced with other well known athletes mentioning him in the press, to get attention for themselves. In recent weeks Mayweather received press during a big MMA promotion and from open letter by Oscar De La Hoya, neither of which he shared any involvement with. Even in retirement Floyd Mayweather remains the biggest name in combat sports.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on many of the stories regarding his son in the press. Mayweather Sr. addresses the comments De La Hoya made, and gave his opinion as to why his son is being talked about. Senior also talked about a certain MMA star’s recent defeat and what direction he thinks she will take next. Additionally, Mayweather gives his thoughts on his son’s last fight against Andre Berto. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr had to say.

Jenna J: Oscar De La Hoya has made some recent comments about your son, what do you think of what he has said?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well, I think that De La Hoya is making a lot of smart remarks, but I don’t know what the deal is, but he ain’t right because Floyd ain’t saying anything about him. When people get mad and envious and jealous, get mad out of their wits, Floyd ain’t doing none of that stuff.

Jenna J: Why do you think Oscar down played your sons accomplishments?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Let me tell you something, it’s only because Floyd whooped his ass! Floyd whooped everybody easily. Pacquiao bust De La Hoya up and stopped him and little Floyd beat Pacquiao up like he was nobody, it is what it is. He fought De La Hoya one time and he fought Floyd at another time.

Jenna J: Do you think Oscar is saying what he is saying as he no longer has any involvement in Floyd’s career?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He never promoted Floyd as far as I know, but I’m just saying that all this jealous stuff that Oscar is talking about, he needs to quit it, it doesn’t even make sense. The only way you have a problem with a person like that, he’s gotta be obsessed with Floyd.

Floyd ain’t saying nothing about him and his mini skirts and his stockings and the wigs, lipstick and eyelashes, all the ear rings. Floyd ain’t saying nothing about that. Floyd ain’t saying a word about high heeled slippers, Floyd has not said one word about that.

Anytime you wear all that stuff like that, then beyond the slippers and the wigs and the lip gloss and whatever, then when you get that far, now guess where he is now? You have no other alternative but to switch. You have no alternative but to switch down the street. That’s what women do.

Jenna J: Do you think Oscar mentions Floyd so much in the press to draw attention to himself?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: As far as I’m concerned, there ain’t no problem with me and Oscar. Me and Oscar are cool, but if he feels that way about my son, I feel the same way about him and there’s no reason for nobody else to have to feel different. Every time you look around he’s got something to say about my son. Nobody talks about no man that damn much either if they are a man themselves.

Jenna J: Floyd, since we are talking about people bringing up your son in the press, what did you think of Ronda Rousey getting knocked out over the weekend?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: My son spoke about that himself and he didn’t have anything bad to say about Ronda. My son wouldn’t fight with a woman anyways but like I said, he took the high road and that’s what it should have been. She has to get up and put her stuff on and keep moving, that’s what she’s got to do.

Jenna J: What did you think of her losing to a former boxer, and do you think she can improve as a person from the loss?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: You know her yourself and if she would have fought Floyd, she would have never put a hand or foot on Floyd because that’s the way that lady did it. It was so easy for her, she proved her point and I don’t think that Ronda can whoop that girl. I think after everything she’s gonna be a better person and I think she’s gonna learn how to address people better than how she does today.

Jenna J: Let’s talk about your son’s last performance, how did you feel about his fight with Andre Berto?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I think it was a fight that Floyd should have taken. For many different reasons people don’t want people to do things. You got people that got feelings about people and sometimes a person knows they ain’t gonna win, but hey, it still changed my life though. It changed my life, I have enough money to do what I need to do.

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  1. Kdd says:

    Who beat pacquiao like he was nobody? All I remember was black man running away from lil Asian man..that’s the lasting image of Floyd I will only remember about that dude

  2. Kdd says:

    Floyd Sr.” Your fighting scared man!!! Ur fighting scared!!”

    Damn right he was ..lol ..

  3. kissjonez says:


  4. floydcott says:

    haha haha haha haha he beat manny in running

  5. dhonskee says:

    I dont even see the one damaging punch of runnerweather to pacman but only alot of hugging and running, if watched again.
    “I think floyd is in love with me” pacman said after the fight.

  6. Fraudy Bedwetter says:

    Beat Manny in a marathon race it seems like……fraudy “quack quack” should play dodgeball instead….whacchu talking about fraudy beating Manny…..I don’t recall seeing Manny drawing blood.

  7. FROID IV says:

    I am glad no more has touched on my IV infusion issue anymore. he he he!!! you see i told you. even sportswriters are of the same fucking page with me. no one beats me even GGG coz i am always on PEDS!!! that is the secret!!! don’t tell anyone!!!

  8. bob says:

    A black man running like a headles chicken!!ha,ha,ha

  9. Arnrl says:

    De LA Hoya is 100% correct about Floyd. Now that Floyd is retard, I mean retired, boxing will be back to its former glory with no running inside the ring. Now boxing will be worth watching because it will never be boring again when Floyd is still running, I mean fighting. The reason why he is always winning is plain and simple. Cheating. He only fights in one place: MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Why ? Probably you are not an idiot to know the reason.

  10. Hernan Fortu says:

    Floyd can buy the judges, but he cannot fool the people. Manny schooled lil Floyd.

  11. Objectivity says:

    So much pain and anguish on this thread.