Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Alex Ariza doesn’t know anything about boxing. If he does know anything, it’s some dirty sh*t”

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The countdown to the biggest PPV event in history continues and while the fighters are still preparing for the fight, the talk between the camp continues. In part 1 of my On The Ropes boxing radio interview with trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr, I gets his thoughts on training camp so far and the rumors circulating in the press. Floyd also speaks on the Alex Ariza’s role in Floyd’s camp, and what he thinks Ariza brings to the table. Additionally, Senior speaks on his son now at 38 years of age, compared to a younger version of himself and if he believes his son has lost anything with age. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr had to say.

Jenna J: You have been in camp with your son for over a month now in preparation for the fight with Manny Pacquiao. How have things gone so far?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Frankly, I think Pacquiao is nothing but an opponent. I don’t think he’s no stiff threat to Floyd, I don’t think he’s no threat.

Jenna J: Have you been doing anything different in terms of preparations for Pacquiao?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: You ain’t got to do nothing different for another opponent. Another opponent is just another opponent. I think the only thing he’s maybe done different is probably just working a little bit harder than before. There’s not too much that he’s doing different, I’m being honest. He’s doing everything he usually does, he might do it a little bit longer but it’s the same thing.

Jenna J: Does Alex Ariza participate in strengthening him? Is that something different that Floyd does?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Strengthening him? That son of a bitch ain’t strengthening nobody. He ain’t nobody. He’s in there, I can’t say exactly what he’s doing but he ain’t strength training little Floyd. What Floyd’s doing everybody’s helping, it’s not just one person.

Jenna J: Does Ariza being there help at all in terms of gameplan, because he knew Pacquiao so well?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: He don’t know shit anyways, he don’t know anything about no damn boxing, I do know that. I know he doesn’t know anything about boxing and he don’t know what to tell anyone anyways. If he does know anything, it’s some dirty shit and it’s something that nobody wants to use or hear about. Nobody is into that kind of mess.

Jenna J: What do you like about what you have seen in Floyd to this point?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: My son, somewhere in there everyday he ends up getting the best of everything. Today he whooped some other guy, like he does every day. It’s just what it is. A lot of them take whoopings, sometimes they stop it. Floyd does different things, sometimes he goes to the body and stops the guys and sometimes he throws to the head. Sometimes the guy will stop it. He’s just ready, that’s all I’m trying to say.

Jenna J: Do you see any differences in Floyd compared to a younger version of himself? Where do you think he’s at?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I don’t care who he is, I don’t care who you are, he’s not the Floyd he was yesterday, he’s not that Floyd. He is the Floyd that can whoop Pacquiao and the rest of these guys that are around him, he’ll whoop all of them. The guys that are still fighting in his weight class, he can still whoop their ass.

Anybody that’s been fighting as long as Floyd’s been fighting, something is leaving you whether you’re still working at it or not, it’s still gonna leave you. That’s just the law of the land. The thing is, you continue to get older and when you get older, sometimes things might not be as you see it is because your body sometimes doesn’t respond. Overall when anybody gets older, you lose something. Every year you lose something.

Jenna J: There have been rumors coming out about Floyd having problems with his hands. How has his hands been?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I haven’t seen any problem. I haven’t seen any problem with that, I haven’t seen any problem when they were talking about Zab Judah knocking Floyd down. They were talking about sparring partners giving it to little Floyd. None of that stuff happened, none of it.

Jenna J: From the Pacquiao side of things they have been saying that he’s been having problems with leg cramps. Why do you think Pacquiao has problems with cramps in his legs?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I’m not even going to speak on it but I know what it is. I know why he has the cramps in his legs, it’s not a problem. You know just like I know, we always have known. There’s nothing hard to pick out about him and his problems.

Stay tuned to www.ontheropesboxing.com for Part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr

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29 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Alex Ariza doesn’t know anything about boxing. If he does know anything, it’s some dirty sh*t”"
  1. boyarate says:

    sometimes i wonder why im still trying to read interviews of this guy…

    • Scott says:

      The king of double-negatives..

      Don’t nobody know nothing…

    • Anonymous says:

      hahhah you right buddy, me too i wonder also

    • STEPHEN TARR says:

      he said he dont know shit about boxing all he knows is dirty, i wonder why they hire him then? seems to me Ariza is doing what he always does, he gets under the skin of other people in the team. Nanny should have got rid of that guy yrs before he did, I heard that konz had a fight with him down at the gym even freddy was imressed with konz standing upto him

  2. Arnulfo Cruz says:

    Joel Diaz’s comment on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is not very expertly, showing bias against Manny Pacquiao. Obviously he had not given Manny Pacquiao credit that he so well deserved describing Manny Pacquiao simply as a boxer who is ‘reckless’ and throw so much punches. He showed no respect to Manny Pacquiao’s skill and his chance of winning against Mayweather.

    I expected him to give a better breakdown of that fight even though Joel Diaz’s should choose Mayweather ultimately. Joel Diaz’s should know Manny Pacquiao better knowing his boxer (Bradley) really lost twice to this great man.

    Not surprisingly, Al Bernstein provided a better breakdown and opinion of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. He showed more wisdom and maturity than Joel Diaz.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow!! I’m just happy Joel Diaz was able to have a decent conversation without using the “F**K” BOMB in every other word!!!’ Lol!!

  3. salo says:

    same old sh!!$t from senior never gonna change anything, sh!!!t yesterday, sh!!!!t today and whoooop ass tommorow…but on may 2 i’m sure everything will change after junior falls into coma uncle will whooop seniors ass out of juniors gym…

  4. yondaime says:

    Mayweahter sr. is really hollow… I hope that after may 2, he shuts his mouth for good. I don’t know why anybody wants to interview this guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s really hard to take anyone serious when it takes 5 minutes to get 1 sentence out of his MOUTH!! Lol!!

  5. yondaime says:

    Mayweahter sr. Always trying to give hints that Manny was using PEDS while he was out there making history in boxing. Just can’t believe that Manny accomplished far more than his son could ever achieve. Manny was never tested positive. Mayweather may go down in history as undefeated… Maybe… But that’s all he will ever be remembered for. Nothing more… Just another fighter who retired undefeated.

  6. barry gil r. pilar says:

    The Mayweather Camp is filled with crazy people. Flomo Sr. talks shit about Ariza but Flomo Jr. has hired him LOL!. They are nervous now because Pacman is coming to snap Floyd’s head on May 2nd. Whooping Pacquiao easy? Nah! if they think Pacman will just stand there to get hit, they pick the wrong opponent. Pacman doesnt care to lose in this fight because he is above Flomo Jr. in every aspects. How about Floyd? Pacman will knock him out!

  7. posh says:

    I just observed that the writer’s questions are always “insinuating” on “something” when it comes to Pacquiao. Obviously, this writer is not a fan of Pacquiao but is always featuring Pacquiao (for clicks maybe) and always insinuates Pacquiao is “using”. Why won’t you ask Floyd’s father how his son’s training with Heredia and Ariza is going? Mark my words, Floyd is KOIng Pacquiao after beating him up on May 2! Trust me that Heredia would make “wonders” again after his tremendous job with Juan Manuel Marquez. If there is God, let HIM favor on May 2 the one who did not orchestrate a “VERY DIRTY GAME” just to win. I hope God shows himself on May 2, if there really is.

  8. Norberto Manuel says:

    Why Jeena J did not ask Senior, what did he feel losing after steering his ward Hatton from the big punch of Pacquiao putting him in a deep slumber. Senior’s mouth is always mix with “shit” a bad taste in the mouth. I really could not believe why media giving time to a bad person just for the reward of publicity. Senior is so overconfident that his son will win, of course he is a father to his son in his defense. But they have belittled Pacquiao for many years and their arrogance does not disturb Pacquiao at all. Instead it was received with humbleness and cheerful smile by Pacquiao, which they do not recognize. The true value of the spirit of sportsmanship and respect are not in their vocabulary. God bless them all!.

    • Jenna J says:

      I did ask Senior about that in a previous interview…it was one of the 34 times he was one…..I can’t remember what show……but he said he believed that Hatton was doing all sorts of bad things that effected him in that fight….and that is why hatton lost.

  9. glen says:

    That’s the whole point of Floyd Jr hiring him for. He want’s to get some of that dirty shit.

  10. Iriga city boy says:

    The credibility of Floyd Sr. is ” kaput”. Why?
    Whatever he said on that 24/7 episode of Pacquiao- Hatton about Pacquiao getting ” whooped” by Hatton with surety and pigments of arrogance,liquefies whatever believability he has got left in the world
    of boxing.Leaving Hatton flat in that ring,contributed more to the deflated statements he professed.
    I would not believe whatever this person says.

  11. pikkon says:

    Roach is right about Floyd…Floyd is doing it on his own…Even though Ariza and Floyd Sr is on his side it’s him and only him who knows what he wants to do..Any one of them cant teach on old dog new tricks…

  12. Kojie says:

    this writer jenna j and the interviewee floyd sr. are always at it, alway insinuating that Pacman is dirty when the truth of the matter is, his son floyd jr. (Mr. XYLOCANE) is the dirty one.

    • Jenna J says:

      I insinuate nothing. Floyd Mayweather Sr has his opinion, and of course so do you. Senior believes what he believes, but if somehow Pacquiao wins by knockout on May 2nd, with a the tests in place….then maybe his opinion will change….until then, Floyd is just telling it like he sees it.

  13. PACMANUSA says:

    And there you have it folks words of wisdom from the Team Mayfag brain trust !

    That crackhead hoodrat SOB doesn’t have the brains to come in out the rain .

    Typical old winehead black guy that’s been on the juice to long .

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  15. […] Sr. doesn‘t believe Ariza deserves to be praised for his work so far, as reported by On The Ropes Boxing Radio (h/t Edward Chaykovsky of Boxing […]

  16. […] Sr. doesn‘t believe Ariza deserves to be praised for his work so far, as reported by On The Ropes Boxing Radio (h/tEdward Chaykovsky of Boxing […]

  17. wbox says:

    the power of PEDs should be stopped – STOP THIS FIGHT!!!!!!

  18. Gabe Villar says:


    Haha… When Pacman beats Floyd, I wont be surprised if that’s the time they will use and force Ariza to make up an expose that Manny is indeed juicing in exchange for $2-M. That maybe is his real role just in case. Just my 2 cents… hahahaha!

  19. Kidd Kulafu says:

    Is Crack,Sr. slowly but surely turning into a gyrocopter in front of our very eyes? Strange.. Everything I hear from him whenever he gets interviewed is: WHUP, WHUP, WHUP, WHOOPER, WHUP-WHUP, WHOOP, WHOOOP, WHOOP-DE-DOO!!!!!” Please someone, have this crackhead senile man’s cranium checked.

  20. DoucheWeather Jr. has been training a little longer and a little bit harder than usual.
    Plus he went back to chopping wood… something he hasn’t done in many yrs.
    And Ariza introduced Douche Jr. to new conditioning & strengthening regimens. At age 38, these new stuff may & can have an adverse effect on Fraud Jr’s body come fight night….

  21. Mateng says:

    I wonder what floyd sr. is taking now? If you don’t wanna end up like this guy, say no to drugs.

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  25. […] we finally see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao step between the ropes against one another, Floyd Sr. has made an appearance on On The Ropes Boxing Radio to discuss what he sees in this training camp. In particular, he offered some not-so-kind words for […]

  26. Anonymous says:

    e.lo mmnmlmm lmmllnmm

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