Floyd Mayweather Sr: “I believe it will probably be Amir Khan next. He has a glass jaw so that would be something little Floyd could break up!”

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During the 200th edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio, Floyd “Joy” Mayweather Sr. made his 25th appearance on the show and gave his thoughts on the question most fans want to hear answered, who is the next opponent for his son, Mayweather Jr? Senior touched on the possibility of a Danny Garcia fight, and if he thinks Garcia poses any kind of threat to his son. Mayweather also gave his honest views on who he thinks will be next and why he believes it will be none other than former light welterweight champion, Amir Khan. Additionally, Floyd expressed his feeling on a catch weight fight with Bernard Hopkins, and also a middleweight title challenge against Sergio Martinez. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say in part 1 of his interview. (originally posted at doghouseboxing.com)

Jenna J: It’s been a few weeks since your son beat Saul “Canelo” Alvarez by majority decision. What are your thoughts now?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well I think the fight was fantastic, I think Floyd did just like I said he would, using him like a sparring partner, that’s all he was. He was no more then a sparring partner.

Jenna: Your son said in the post fight news conference that he did not feel that he did everything in the ring that he could. Did you see anything he could of done better?

Mayweather Sr: I’m going to tell you this right here, I think it could of been better, only cause I know that what my mother told me and she said he did not go to bed till 3 o’clock, It’s not an excuse, but I’m just saying if he got more sleep than he did, I’m pretty sure he would of did even better. I’m just being honest, Canelo got whooped solid, it was a straight out whopping and nothing else. Matter of fact, I’d like to maybe when my son retires, I would like to train that man (Canelo) and show him what the game is all about.

Jenna: So you would be interested in training Alvarez at some point?

Mayweather Sr: I’m just saying that he’s an Oscar fighter, and me and Oscar are still hand and hand, I’m just saying that is something that I would not mind doing, because he fought Floyd you can’t go off of that, cause I already knew Floyd had too many skills, too fast, too smart, too slick and too knowledgeable for Alvarez to do anything with him. He had no ability to even be in the ring with Floyd, it was a mismatch fight.

Jenna: Floyd, the big question now for your son is who will be next. Danny Garcia fought on the undercard and beat Lucas Matthysse, and now most people say he should be next. What would you think of that fight?

Mayweather Sr: I think little Floyd would pick him apart! My son would pick him apart because he (Garcia) don’t have the skills that my son has in no way form or fashion. That’s just a money fight if they want to give him some money, cause he can’t whoop Alvarez. He would be too big for him, so that pretty much tells you what time it is. Alvarez did not hit him, so how is Garcia going to hit him, and Garcia telegraph punches, he has to load up before he throws a punch.

Jenna: Do you think he will ultimately be picked as the next opponent for your son?

Mayweather Sr: It’s a possibility that he will be next, but then again I really think, my honest opinion because there ain’t no one out there for him to really fight to tell you the truth, but I will say this right here, myself and my belief, I believe it will probably be Amir Khan.

Jenna: Why do you think it will be Amir Khan?

Mayweather Sr: I heard the talk around here about Amir Khan, and stuff like that. Amir Khan has a glass jaw anyway, so that would be something little Floyd could break up.

Jenna: Do you think boxing fans would buy that fight Floyd? Khan has a big UK following, but over here it would be a tough sell.

Mayweather Sr: To be honest with you, to be for real, I don’t know nobody else for my son to fight. Nobody that would be skilled enough, wise enough, smart enough , fast enough, none of that stuff. I don’t see no one out there that can do it. Especially with the mind set, I don’t see nobody that can do it, nobody.

Jenna: Now Floyd, you mentioned mindset, after the fight Bernard Hopkins said he’s drop down to 160 lbs to meet your son in the ring. He’s all about mindset, being and old fighter that he is, doing what he’s doing. Would your son ever even consider taking Bernard at 160?

Mayweather Sr: No, hell no, nobody’s thinking about Bernard. Fight Bernard for what? There is nothing to prove. I’m just saying that these are fighters that are in two different weight classes. To be honest, little Floyd could make 140 lbs, he’s no 147 lb fighter, Floyd walks around at 149-147. Floyd is nothing but a 140 lb fighter, that’s all that he is.

To be honest with you, if Bernard got down to 160 lbs, he’ll get whooped too, but I’m just telling you that is no good. For a fight that’s just out of character, but little Floyd can still be fast enough to get in there and get out and do all those things but nobody should give nobody an opportunity like that, he shouldn’t be fighting. If he was closer to the weight class, but it’s no where near close, you’re talking about 20-30 lbs. It makes no sense. That fight shouldn’t be made and hopefully it won’t be made.

Jenna: Alright well you’re his father, you’re his trainer, so at the end of the day you’re the biggest voice when it comes to that, but I have to ask you this, there is one name we haven’t even talked about, that’s Sergio Martinez. He’s a guy who said he would drop to 154 lbs to let Floyd fight for his middleweight title. Would you have any interest in putting that fight together?

Mayweather Sr: I would be very interested if he can go to 154 lbs and stay at 154 lbs the day of the fight. If people wanna see these kinds of fights right here, guess what? They gotta go and fill Floyd’s pockets up, more than what he’s getting now because Floyd ain’t got to fight nobody like that, it’s crazy. There’s no reason for him to keep doing that because as I just said, these guys are bigger, stronger, everything.

Jenna: Well Floyd in regards to Sergio Martinez, he fought most of his career at 154 lbs and only in the last few years did he go up to 160 lbs. So what I’m asking you basically is, if that fight can be made and your son fights for the middleweight championship of the world, even if Sergio has to fight at 154 lbs to make it. Would that be a fight that would interest you above the rest because it has that historical significance of Floyd fighting for the middleweight championship?

Mayweather Sr: My thing is, I don’t want my son to keep taking chances with people in these weight classes, I’m just saying, these 160 lb fighters, when they melt down they’re still 160 lb fighters. I know for a fact he ain’t got the skills little Floyd’s got, I know for a fact he ain’t faster than Floyd, and I know that he ain’t smarter than little Floyd but he is bigger and that can cause a problem.

That’s with all of them, Hopkins and all of them, all those things cause problems. I don’t say that little Floyd still can’t still beat them but we ain’t got no Superman with capes around here and we ain’t got our kryptonite with us.

Stay tuned to ontheropesboxing.com for part 2 of my interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

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    Ok sure

  3. Anonymous says:

    If a bigger guy wants to go down to fight Floyd it’s the same big guy (just melting down) but if it’s Pacquio asking Cotto to fight at 145 (whose last fight was 146) he’s dehydrated (Cotto). Pacquio can make 135 but he fights way bigger guys. Floyd only fights boxes he’s sure to beat. People who believe in Floyd Jr and Sr have really low IQ.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cherry picker.

  5. Lenny says:

    Amir would get knocked out just as fast as Pacquiao would. Both guys have glass jaws. Think about it, both guys have gotten ICED hard. Mayweather hasn’t. If you can’t do the math on that then, i can’t help you.

    • ed says:

      Well, nobody except Pacquiao can give Mayweather a competitive fight. Khan, Garcia. Mattysse, Martinez and even the ambitious but boring down the hill Hopkins won’t stand a chance against him. This is the fightevery boxing fans want. If Pacquiao is a has been, then Mayweather has more reason to fight him and can easily make 75 m. He fight those other guys but won’t make as much money fightinh Pacman. It does not make sense. Why is he trying to avoid the man he can give him the largest money he could get and he keep saying that he is a has been fighter. Where’s the logic to that. I say he is afraid, no other logical reason.

  6. Well floyds the greatest etc.he says his son whoops manny that floyd would do that and do this to pac.then let your son whoop the pacman and earn big bucks.but i know you wont let your son fight the asian midget

  7. pillio says:

    good job Duckweathers.
    keep DUCKING Manny and pick them tomato cans

  8. Deondre says:

    Mayweather fought better fighters than Pacquiao

  9. Smh…

    Little Floyd’s not gonna fight anybody that he ain’t sure of winning. That is why he’s eyeing AK. Ak is just a mediocre fighter. Has fast hands but ni power. Not to mention a glass jaw too! Why o why don’t they fight Pacquiao instead? Admit it or not, it’s gonna be the biggest fight in history! Bigger that Ali vs frasier or Mayweather vs Canelo. Pac vs floyd will break records with regards to PPV and live gate profits. Team Mayweather knows especially Al HAymon. Bottom
    Line is they (Floyd jr and his team) just dont wanna take the risk.

    Grow some balls, Floyd! Fight Pacquiao!

    • Mzansi4Sure says:

      I am a big Mayweather fan and I believe that is the only meaningful fight (Pacman) that is left outthere. This talk of Amir Khan is absolute non-sense, not even I am willing to pay to see that fight. But what about the Bob Arum factor? Don’t discount that as a major problem – we know Bob want’s the slice of the pie and Mayweather holds all the cards. He has publicly said Pacman must sign with Mayweather Promotions and the fight could be made . . . is Pacman willing to put up? Can he leave Top Rank? We know it won’t happen with Top Rank in the picture. For me the greatest villain here is Bob Arum.

  10. totie says:

    Floyd should fight Klitcho brothers and give a mass sleeping event of all time.

  11. totie says:

    The truth is, Floyd Mayweather can fight anyone regardless of weight class. In fact fought and beaten Big Show

  12. at says:

    Why no fight Pacquaio?

  13. pa says:

    Scared of Manny?

  14. hu says:

    cherry picker of the decade

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  17. mejicano says:

    Gayweather cherry pick Amir Khan, because Amir Khan is no longer connected with Roach.
    Why not Pacquaio? continue ducking, lots of excuses. FLOIDUCK THE GREAT DUCKER OF ALL TIMES.

  18. Chikwa says:

    Amir khan has excellent hand speed and punching power .He would be. Dangerous opponent for mayweather.in fact I wonder what mayweather s game plan would be to fight him.Khan destroyed zab Judah whilst mayweather struggled.