Floyd Mayweather Sr: “McGregor wouldn’t even put a hand on me, When Floyd gets through with him he can come holler at the old man!”

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Trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. is no stranger to big fights and the world tour promotions, but the tour for Mayweather vs. McGregor was different from all the rest. The four stop tour featured Mayweather Jr. and McGregor verbally sparring with each other, but also saw the elder Mayweather exchange words and a fight challenge to McGregor. Senior, now 64, expressed a desire to fight McGregor and show him a small taste of what his son has in store for him.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I get his thoughts on the press tour with his son and Conor McGregor and get his views on how different it was from other tours. Senior also talks about the things McGregor was saying and talks about what kind of fight he expects. Additionally, Mayweather shares his views on where his son’s age and his views on McGregors skill level. Here is what Conor McGregor had to say.

Jenna J: You just got done with the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather press tour. What was that experience like?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: To me it was a little crazy but it was okay, it was no big deal.

Jenna J: Did anything Conor say during the press tour bother you?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Oh not at all. Ain’t nothing anyone can say to move me. I’ve been in these types of things myself, so it’s no big deal.

Jenna J: Was anything crazier in this press tour compared to anything you’ve experienced before?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I think this one was a little bit easier than the other ones because the guy that I was talking to, Skip Bayless, this guy was for Conor but it doesn’t make a difference who he’s for, you go for who you want to go, but this guy was the main guy that was talking to me about Conor.

Jenna J: Bayless was also pretty pro Pacquiao, why do you think he’s so against Floyd?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Always everybody else but Floyd. I really just believe that he doesn’t like Floyd and that’s a true fact. Don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is, he ain’t got to like Floyd. Why does he want to come up here with Floyd’s father or whoever it is, why do you want to bring them up there and talk this kind of stuff. I’m just saying that he’s racist, that’s what he is.

Jenna J: Your son has been promoting a little bit more, he’s talking more. Was it a little different to see him promote in this manner?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: What did he do different?

Jenna J: Well he basically just trash talked, and we don’t often see him do that, he usually just says he’s the best and everything falls in line.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: You’re right, we’ve never seen him do that but Conor brought my son to that. He’s trying to get Floyd all out of his element, out of the zone, but we ain’t going for it.

Jenna J: During the press tour, your son said he’s not the same fighter he was five years ago or event two years ago. What do you think of his comments?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Well you’re not. What he’s telling you is true, and that guy right there is not the same person he was. If they both ain’t the same, then this guy right here is going to get out of that zone, whatever zone it is.

Jenna J: In terms of Conor McGregor, what are your thoughts on him as a fighter?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I didn’t have to see him, I told him what I would do to him myself. He’s 200lbs of nonsense, that’s all he is and believe me, those 200lbs on him, I’d take all that weight off of him, believe me. I already told him and I said, “Man, you’re 27 years old and I’m 64 years old and I would light you up. You don’t even know what’s going to hit you.” I said to him, “You don’t have to worry about Floyd because you won’t be fighting him, because when I get through with you, there ain’t nothing left, believe me.”

Jenna J: Even at your age, you still spar guys in the GYM. How do you believe you would do against someone like Conor based on what you have seen?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Conor wouldn’t even put a hand on me, believe me. He would never hit me either, I got that shell that my trainer taught me. I can walk him down, I can let him throw punches all day long, hard as he wants to and he ain’t never gonna hit me, trust me. If he fights Floyd, when Floyd gets through with him he can come holler at the old man.

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  1. McLovin says:

    You would do nothing. He would do you worse than he did Paulie

  2. Tmoney says:

    Mayweather is going to laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. Erratic says:

    Floyd Sr. is over 60 years old. McGregor will of course be dominated by Floyd Jr in the boxing ring but he has enough to beat an old man Floyd Sr who has some serious health conditions.