Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Mayweather-Pacquiao could be closer than you think. I think for me, little Floyd would box his ass out!”

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The boxing world again is focused on its biggest star. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has recently hinted to the press that he is leaning towards a rematch with former WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana. The first fight saw Mayweather Jr. tested for the first time in years, and win a decision that was much closer than anyone expected. With Mayweather’s official decision still yet to be made, I caught up with Floyd Mayweather Sr. to get his views on who his son should be fighting next.

In part 1 of this special ‘On The Ropes’ interview, Mayweather Sr discusses the potential rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana. Mayweather also talks about Miguel Cotto’s recent win and if he would like to see his son take on Cotto for the middleweight title. Lastly, Floyd talks about the likelihood of a Mayweather-Pacquiao match happening at this stage of the game. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say.

Jenna: Floyd there has been a lot of talk about who your son should fight next, but it seems it has slipped out who your son is leaning towards. What have you heard?

Mayweather Sr: They say he’s gonna fight Maidana again. If that’s the case, he might be putting Maidana over, we’ll see about that though. I wouldn’t like to see him fight Maidana — not that he can’t beat Maidana, but Maidana does too much dirty shit and his corner is dirty.

His corner told him to do this shit, they told him, “Hey, fight dirty, do whatever it takes to win.” That’s what they said, those were their words. I’m just saying, he’s not even worth fighting to be honest.

Jenna: If you were your son, who would you have picked?

Mayweather Sr: If I was little Floyd, if I was Floyd myself, I would take me the easy one in the bunch. Amir Khan is a good fight for him but I’m just saying that we’re gonna wait and see. Amir Khan ain’t got no fucking jaw, he ain’t got no chin. If he gets hit he’s gone, especially if he gets hit right he’s gone.

Jenna: The last fight did under one million PPV buys, do you think that is at all a concern for the rematch?

Mayweather Sr: That’s a lot of damn people. That is not a bad TV thing by not doing a million dollars. There’s many people that haven’t made a million dollars and they do very well. It ain’t no problem about that.

Jenna: Well beyond the potential Maidana rematch there has been some interest in seeing your son face off against Miguel Cotto again, this time for the middleweight title, what do you think of that?

Mayweather Sr: It was something that somebody said about Freddie Roach. Freddie Roach had said some things, he said, “Oh Floyd is done, Floyd couldn’t do this or do that.” All bullshit, but like I said, there wasn’t nothing to think about Floyd and Cotto fighting. Floyd beat him handedly.

Freddie Roach was talking about, “Oh Floyd beat Cotto without him in the corner.” He don’t remember, Floyd’s got his daddy in the corner and Freddie Roach ain’t got a chance. He’s not Freddie Roach, he’s the joke coach Roach, that’s who he is.

Jenna: What do you think about Roach stating that now that he’s training Cotto, he believes that Cotto would knock out your son? What do you think about his statements?

Mayweather Sr: Oh come on, that’s the craziest shit he’s ever said in his life. Let him fight Alvarez and see if can get past Alvarez, that’s who he needs to beat. There’s no big deal about that guy that he beat, it’s not no big thing that Cotto beat Martinez.

Are you serious? Are you telling me Floyd couldn’t whoop him? That guys whole damn body was torn up, that guy had two knee surgeries. The guy had a shoulder injury, the guy had injuries, his hand was soft and messed up. Everything was wrong with that man.

The man had been out for a year and a half. Everything was against him, there was nothing that he had that was in his corner. Who couldn’t whoop a guy like that? That would have been an easy one for Floyd. Floyd could have took that and been the middleweight champion.

You gotta remember this right here, Floyd’s fighting all these guys out of his weight class, if I was Floyd, I’d make them come down to my weight. There ain’t no reason for Floyd to keep fighting them at their weight class, let them come down to Floyds class then fight him. I wouldn’t fight him.

Jenna: Floyd fought Cotto at 154lbs, Cotto only weighed 155lbs for the Martinez fight. Would you be okay with your son fighting for the middleweight title at 155lbs against Cotto?

Mayweather Sr: I’m gonna tell you this right here, if you listen to what I’m saying, Floyd is not no welterweight, period. Floyd is a junior welterweight, he’s not a welterweight. He’s beaten all their asses, he’s a little bitty man and he beat all of them. They can’t do nothing but give him his props, what’s due to him.

Jenna: Is the prestige of fighting for the middleweight championship worth your son taking a risk in fighting somebody like Cotto to win that belt?

Mayweather Sr: Well, like I said, my son shouldn’t fight Cotto cause he’s gonna go up more in weight. He’s gonna get closer to 160 as he can. He weighed 155lbs but that don’t really make a difference because he still outweighed Floyd anyways, and he still got his ass whooped.

That’s still a lot of weight even still at that weight right there. To tell you the truth, he’s got a good gap on Floyd right there at that weight, 5lbs, that’s a big gap on Floyd right there. Little Floyd wouldn’t even make 155lbs, he can’t even make it if he tried. He can eat all the food in the world and he can’t make that weight.

Jenna: Floyd some people think your son is running out of opponents, does that mean we’re any closer today to seeing a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?

Mayweather Sr: Well i’m gonna tell you this right here, it could be closer than you think. I think for me, little Floyd would box his ass out, i’m just being honest. It could be for a million different reasons why that fight is not taking place.

It can take place, I would say we’re gonna fight him because of that Freddie Roach, one thing about him, he’s talking too much shit! I’m not gonna tell my son not to fight him because my son fought everybody, but Freddie Roach is just sitting right there waiting on a big bank, I know that!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    great job nice wind up with roach question

  2. And Reward says:

    Where the hell Floyd Sr. name at?

    Boxing Writers Association of America Trainer of the Year Award
    1989 George Benton United States
    1990 George Benton United States
    1991 Eddie Futch United States
    1992 Eddie Futch United States
    1993 Emanuel Steward United States
    1994 Teddy Atlas United States
    1995 Félix Trinidad Sr Puerto Rico
    1996 Don Turner United States
    1997 Emanuel Steward United States
    1998 Jack Mosley United States
    1999 Miguel Diaz Argentina
    2000 Félix Trinidad, Sr. Puerto Rico
    2001 English “Bouie” Fisher United States
    2002 Buddy McGirt United States
    2003 Freddie Roach United States
    2004 Dan Birmingham United States
    2005 Dan Birmingham United States
    2006 Freddie Roach United States
    2007 Enzo Calzaghe United Kingdom[2]
    2008 Freddie Roach United States
    2009 Freddie Roach United States
    2010 Freddie Roach United States
    2011 Virgil Hunter United States
    2012 Robert Garcia United States
    2013 Freddie Roach United States

    • RumirNemo says:

      YEAH…Where the hell is the name Floyd Mayweather, Sr???/ He’s all yakity yakity yak but he has NO solid foundations on what he is saying….thereby, this guy has and/or had no Credibility whatsoever..

      Therefore needless for us to hear what this guy is saying….for the reasons that ti can be construed that the GUY could be boasting…..Th best therefore that Floyd Sr. could do is to convince his son to fight Manny Pacquaio already and/or NOW or NEVER….ELSE IT CAN BE CONSTRUED THAT FLOYD IS INDEED AFRAID OF THE PACMAN….

    • barry gil r. pilar says:

      hahaha this is fuckin’ Nice man!

  3. wbox says:

    who the hell are mayweathers? His promoters are being fired for not making money. Boxing is dying because mayweather is the p4p queen and PACMAN is now fighting at macau.

  4. Jenna J says:

    @And Reward, Sr won the REAL trainer of the year award in 2013 —->https://ontheropesboxing.com/floyd-mayweather-sr-its-finally-time-i-am-excited-that-i-got-named-trainer-of-the-year/

    • rolando natagacavite says:

      why Sr. forgot that Jr cheated JMMarquez on the scale?why Cotto fought Martines while Jr. avoided him?

      • Dont be so dumb…look in hindsight…Would Floyd of beat that version of Martinez? yeah, easily. The aftermath…would Floyd get any credit? Absolutely not, coz Martinez is done. So Cotto gets no credit. Fuck me.
        Its not rocket science.

        Get your head out the sand.

  5. pillio says:

    Everytime – I mean EVERYTIME Floyd Mayweather is choosing his next opponent, they as in TMT always throws in Pacquaio name in there as a “POSSIBLE” opponent even though it’s all BS.
    They’re using Manny’s name to attract attention but then end up fighting a Nobody.
    It’s all Trash talk, BS but bottom line COWARDICE, nothing less than DUCKING ! Floyd needs Manny to attract attention. FLOYDCOTT is the Answer to all these Mayweather Antics.

  6. Anonymous says:

    nothing good from sr’s mouth

  7. joe peter briol says:

    Pacquiao will kick your son ass out.!!period.

  8. Joel ocampo says:

    I think the Cotto proposition by Jenna is the most reasonable, especially at 155 lbs. it would be interesting to see a MayweatherSr.-trained Floyd versus a Roach-trained Cotto square off. As I recall, the last time fighters of these two coaches fought, ended in a disastrous defeat for floyd sr. in Ricky Hatton. It’s obvious that the old man’s scared!

  9. fpunster says:

    Floyd will fight Pac everytime he has a fight.. They are using Pac’s name to hype his promotion. If Floyd vs Maidana 1 did 800,000 PPV. This time around it will sink showtime. What else can Maidana improve on. It was actually a boring match. This time Maidana gets knockout.

  10. El_Critika says:

    LOLZ! this old fart kept on saying pac is riding on lil floyd’s popularity when Senior cant even stop talking about Pacquiao! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    STFU and make yourself a reality show biatches!

  11. Uglyduck says:

    We got a hint of the next excuse, they don’t like roach.

  12. UrSuperhero says:

    to quote floyd.. “look at my last PPV numbers and look at mannnys” lol manny got more views than ur sorry ass did..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hate floyds..but we are not trying to be racist here…

    • truth says:

      All Pinoys are racist as fuck…Country is 40 years behind the times…..retards.

      • DefG says:

        GET OUTTA here dumbfuck!

  14. The Truth says:

    Wow I knew the racism would come out. First and foremost you can’t say Floyd killed boxing because if it wasn’t for him nobody would have been watching the shit PERIOD and there would not be any revenue in the sport. It was fucking dead after the Tyson days. He is the only one with the nuts to still get in the ring and outbox these young bucks. Everybody else has already retired. Look at Oscar, he is straight promoting because he knows he is washed up. He is making a killing too might I add. Canelo is going to be the next Mayweather. No one is going to beat him and everyone will start hating him too. Just watch. Also you can not take from him the fact that he is the smartest business man in boxing to date. No one has made a killing like him NO ONE!! People will throw up excuses and say he ducks this opponent and how he flashes this and he is cocky and he is a chump and blah blah blah but at the end of the day that man earned everything you got at worked to get it. So you all can talk all the shit you want about him he is laughing all the way to the bank and Nobody has his talent. He will retire with no losses and leave you all to bitch and complain about the next great boxer that comes along next. CANELO!!!!!!!

  15. Get it done says:

    More journalists need to use their ‘pens’ as swords to address the BS that both Mayweather and Pacquiao are guilty of for not seeing that they fight each other. Neither one of them has gotten on the phone with the other recently. Don’t they owe it to the fans who helped make them rich and famous??? I thought fighters fight. Now it’s more about $. It’s a shame and makes boxing look bad. Someone on TV who has both of their phone numbers needs to make a live conference call and put them both on the spot…and have a lot of smart questions prepared for both of them. This is a call for all you wimpy journalists to put them on the spot and demand a fight.

  16. Chris Almotherfuckinggeri, you fucks talk about cherry pickin, shit, get the fuck outta here, dumb pactard clowns.
    Cus D’Amato hated Arum and Tyson even said in hindsight that he would of still signed with King over Arum..Now, that tells you all you need to know right there. Damn.
    What a waste of the last two years Pacquiao’s career has been, who’s to blame……. Arum.
    Simple. Just like all a yall.

    Get the fuck up of that broken record you dumb fucks.

    Pacquiao cant fight sleep, cant box a fucking cake. The powers gone, he aint got shit without that left hand.

    Its over.

  17. Foreign_wine says:

    No body believes Mayweather.
    He is windy and stormy.
    He is Storm Signal No. 6.
    His mouth is too bad than the weather.

  18. Rommel says:

    Mayweather clan are just of morons monters faces period Floyd Sr. the ugliest nigga of all time.

  19. Rommel says:

    For Floyds clan its okay to be a racist cos this people are faggots

  20. Rommel says:

    bunch of faggot i mean.

  21. cesare says:

    if the public boycott a couple of mayweathers fights he will soon enough fight manny.its that simple .

  22. cesare says:

    dont go and dont pay to see their fights.you will soon see them in the ring.