Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Pacquiao’s gonna get his ass tore up. I’m telling you the truth. He don’t have a chance!”

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The biggest hardship to hit professional boxers is not having money once they retire. After someone of the biggest events, and an amazing career many that leave the sport and takes years of abuse in the ring have little to show for it except large tax debts due to there money not being handled right while they still had it. Manny Pacquiao is still among the elite boxers in the sport, but even with all his fame and still making big paydays, he currently finds himself in financial trouble and looking for a way out it.

In part 3 of my interview exclusive with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I discuss with him the possibility of a big money showdown between his son and Manny Pacquiao. Floyd also discusses some of the money troubles that Pacquiao finds himself in and gives his thoughts on why boxers in end up broke at the their careers. Additionally I get Mayweather’s view on how he thinks Adrien Broner will deal with no longer being undefeated, and also get Senior to look forward to 2014. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr had to say.

Jenna J: How do you think Manny Pacquiao does against your son now after the way he looked against Brandon Rios?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: How are you gonna whoop Floyd with no power? That was the only thing he had going when they were talking before, that he may have a lucky chance to hit my son and get my son out. Now what he got in him now, what he fought that guy(Rios) with, he ain’t gonna whoop my son, period. He’s gonna get his ass tore up. I’m telling you the truth. He don’t have a chance.

Jenna: Floyd, with Pacquiao having his tax troubles now and looking for a big money fight, do you think in 2014 he will want to fight your son?

Mayweather Sr: Of course he does, he wants to fight my son right now. He was hoping that he would be the next fight up.

Jenna: Why do you think Pacquiao finds himself in this tax trouble even though he’s made so much money in his career?

Mayweather Sr: You know that’s a fighters thing, all these fighters fight all these fights then they end up with nothing. They fight the government and then they end up with nothing for the family, it’s crazy. I can’t tell you about my son when it comes to that, my son’s a good fighter but when you get to talking about how he handles his money, I can’t speak about that. He’s got a jet, he’s got an entourage with him and that’s his money, he can do what he wants to do with it. More power to him, but that ain’t big Floyd, that ain’t me.

Jenna: You mention that fighters always have these problems, it always happens to them. Do you think it’s the people around them that cause this, or do you think it’s the fighters themselves?

Mayweather Sr: Well of course it’s the fighters themselves because they’re the ones that put themselves in that predicament. Ain’t no fighter gotta get in no predicament, I mean, I got a few million dollars but I ain’t in no predicament, I ain’t worried about all these people.

When you got all your money, that’s when you talk about ganging up buddies, that’s when you need to be getting their asses away from you, being that you got the money. They are only around you to get in where they fit in.If you got money that’s when you ain’t got to worry about nobody being around, everybody’s gonna be around.

That’s just the way life is, and I know how it goes. How the hell do you work all your life being in the gym all your life and working hard, and hitting bags and doing exercise, running every day in the morning, and after you did all your years, now you ain’t got nothing? That’s a sad, sad case. That’s all I can tell you.

Jenna: You bring me to one of my last questions. Adrien Broner just lost, he had all this fame and people surrounding him, and the hardest thing for a fighter to deal with is their first loss, mentally. How do you think Adrien Broner is gonna handle that loss?

Mayweather Sr: Like you know, when you lose, all that fast talking goes away. He’s gonna humble himself, he’s not no Ali by far. I don’t care who he is, even if you’re Ali, if you get your ass whooped, you gonna go sit in the corner somewhere and hold your head down.

That’s what Ali did, and you know what? That’s the same way with Broner, cause when you get your ass whooped, who’s your friend? Who cares about you? Who are you? All those kinds of things come up, that’s when you get your butt whooped. People don’t care, people are here while you’re on top. That’s just the way life is, people are people. Money is the root of all evil, and I’m so glad I control money and money don’t control me.

Jenna: Floyd, the fans had you as trainer of the year for 2013, I’m just curious for 2014, what are you expecting from the fighters that you work with?

Mayweather Sr: Well all of my fighters are doing good. I’m looking for bigger and better things all the way around, beyond my son. As a matter of fact I got another fighter right now that’s fighting real good, me and my son were up there and I was speaking about him being a champion, maybe not this year or the next year, but he should be a champion real soon. Right now, he’s 3-0 with 3 knock outs. His name is Drew Tabiti, he’s my next prospect right now. And as you know, Mickey Bey, you remember what happened to him before, but he also got a knockout, a fantastic knock out.


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62 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Pacquiao’s gonna get his ass tore up. I’m telling you the truth. He don’t have a chance!”"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok then… Let’s have the fight!

    • Yes, he is also telling the truth when he said that his ward, Hatton will whoop Pacquiao’s ass! We all know what happened, then Floyd Sr. tucked his tail & left the ring leaving Hatton in tears! More of your truths man!

  2. PACMANUSA says:

    And old decrepit hoodrat doing what hoodrats do best !

    Talking dumbshit !

    Typical black fighter all mouth and NO SAND !

  3. Glen says:

    Floyd will tore Pacquiao’s ass up….Then you shouldn’t worry anything, should you? Now convince your son to fight Manny, since he(Manny) has no chance and you are telling the truth. Stop this non sense demand and get paid big time compare to Khan or Maidana fights.
    You believe what you believe but none of that make sense until your punk ass kid finally decide to man up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Always using Manny Pacquiao’s name to promote a duck’s fight

  5. Brett says:

    I’m not a big fan of Floyd Sr., but he speaks some old wisdom here about the way is for the fighters in boxing. Fighters do the work, make bad personal and business decisions, bad friendships, and usually end up with nothing.

    • jess says:

      Honestly, you lost me with your statements. They don’t make any sense at all. Please come again with clearer expression of your thought.

  6. noelzki says:

    ok tell yourself and your son to shut up!!! just fight!!! im sick and tired of your EXCUSSES!!!

  7. tre says:

    As for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao great debate. All you have to do is find out who keeps adding obstacles in order for the fight not to get made. It’s Floyd. It’s really that simple. Pacquiao will just counter offer Floyd when something comes up. It’s always seemed to me that when one thing is no longer an issue then Floyd comes up with something else. If he doesn’t want to do with business with Arum then you don’t offer an Arum fighter 50/50, then 60/40, then a flat 40 million, then cut off days, then blood testing etc etc. By making these offers you are in essence doing business with a Bob Arum fighter. Pacquiao was a Top Rank fighter in 2009 and he’s a Top Rank fighter now, so… I guess those offers were in vain

    • Floyd does chicken best says:

      Well said. Floyd is the master of creating obstacles to make this fight not happen. Floyd’s next request before fighting pacquiao is to make manny fight on his undercard to boost PPV numbers so he can compare that to pacquiaos lowest drawing PPV fight and brag about it. Keep running Floyd. Pacquiaos straight left is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

  8. EDZ says:


  9. EDZ says:

    FRAUD Family are just BLUFFING !!!

  10. Floyd does chicken best says:

    Only thing mayweather jr gonna do after pacquiao demolishes him is hit the crack pipe like his father. Stop the talking and fight already

  11. Floyd Snr? says:

    Floyd talking about he got a few million dollars. He got that from his son not from his own career so was it for a son that’s how that would have no money zero zilch

  12. NIGGer is gonna nig. diddnt this ape said
    “i aint letting my son fight Manny. i dont want Floyd to get hurt?”

    according to SR. Amir Khan has a more chance of whooping lil Fruad Jr’s ass.

    this nigger dont know shit

  13. El Critico says:

    Pactards are in damage control and on suicidal watch.

    • reyocs says:

      i till you the truth its very easy fight for the pacman…100% very sure on my comment

    • jess says:

      Fraud jr has one-thousand -and-one excuses not to fight Pacquiao. This shows he is a coward and will not face a boxer he thinks has what it takes to KO him cold and say bye-bye to “0”. This Fraud Jr is really brilliant with his career. He knows Pacquiao is the only boxer who will whip his ass and therefore he will move mountains just to avoid crossing paths with the Boxer of the Decade.

  14. Boyacz says:

    I think I consider Floydie Mayweather not a great champion and will never be because he is not fighting an A fighter like Manny Pacquiao. If one boxer can be considered a great champion, that fighter should not select anyone or whoever wants to fight him, he should face them all. And since all the Mayweathers including his uncle and father are just like Floydie who always depend his son not to fight an A fighter because Floydie will lose and they think Floydie will never get the plum of a great champion and probably he will never be because of ducking!!!!!

  15. danny says:

    Come on! stop talking, lets do it! Fight. You are like a broken records.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Coward not fit to be called a boxer most hated sportman in the word

  17. BLee says:

    Want to know who’s really ducking who? Listen to the fans. 

    When Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans say Floyd would school Pacquiao easy…Pacquiao fans say bring it. If it’s easy then it’s easy money lets go. 

    When Manny Pacquiao fans say Manny would knock the living day lights out of Mayweather Jr. easy…Mayweather Jr. fans say the fight will never happen because of Bob Arum. . 

    • VegasHeat says:

      IN the make believe world you live in fighters fight without contracts. IN the real world u need it.

  18. El Tigre says:

    @ El Critico…. Is your pussy hurting coz all these people talking shit about the man whose dick you’ve been suckin hard since you were a kid? lol

  19. reyocs says:

    i till you the truth its very easy fight for the pacman…100% very sure on my comment

  20. Gtg says:

    Mayweather sr the speaker of the jr. Moneymay got grudge about the fame pacman got. Yeah they keep on saying manny’s not gonna get the fight with floyd, but why comeup with this bullshit about pac? Let pac live and fight on his own. Maany mentioned about hes willing to fight floyd, but floyd’s not. Ok then why not prmote floyd next foe? Why use pac’s name whn ur not fighting him? Enough of this bullshit floyd. Thats wht we call grudge man! Period!

  21. Jerry54 says:

    Mayweather is a pussy, he is the reason the biggest fight never happened.

  22. S.Miller says:

    Come on guys…. how many times will we all have to keep hearing this crap. Listen, This monkey Sr. got way too much mouth. Look here Just look back for a minute, have you ever in history heard of a man trying to fight an undefeated and took sooooo long to get the fight going. And in the mean time the undefeated guy just keeps talkeing smack about how Manny is not in his level and how he will just dance around Manny like nothing? Can’t you guys see this? even the Floyd cool aid drinkers should start saying ok Floyd enough is enough if you really are the best or better then Manny just to shut everyones mouth …. why not just freaken fight the guy? you guys keep saying Manny is doing drugs and now you look at floyd and he is the undefeated one. Why dont you monkeys think the same for him. Manny has been knocked down and even lost fights and he has not knocked out a fighter in a long time. and now he has to leave Bob A to fight Floyd? lol Come on how many times will Floyd fans keep covering for your man. Hey all you floyd cool aid drinkers if you think your man is better then mine why don’t you for once make your man fight my man and stop freaken giving excuses for him. I think because you guys know he will lose too.lol

  23. florjim says:

    Please Relay this to all the Mayweathers’ …. I like FM ,I am one of his fans and I believe he will win that fight but kindly give the real proof by fighting Pacman!!!! I am tired of all his alibis!!!! Every thing is thrash talking .. Is it really money or the whole Mayweather team are afraid of Pacman Stop talking and alibis just fight , be brave enough I am confident you can win that fight!!! Just stop demanding too much that will hamper the fight.. You have said all the kinds of alibis , money, blood testing,promoters problem and many more , you cannot hide your fear by saying all these, be brave and prove your ability , You cannot retire with Pacman overshadowed you good career for life, remember for life!!!! The great man retired afraid of a man called Pacman ,that is not true but will tarnish your whole career and will be in your dreams forever!!!!!!! Thank you for listening to this advise ,, best ever advice from one of your fans!!!!

  24. Kevin says:

    Floyd Seniors like a broken record . First of all, lest you all forgot , that’s exactly the same thing he said Ricky Hatton was gonna do to Pacquiao. Secondly, when is the last time Floyd tore somebodies ass up and knocked them out? (Auturo Gaddi) Thought so! he knocked Hatton out but he didn’t have a scratch on him. Lets talk some sense here. They have 4 common opponents Hatton , Marquez , Cotto and Moseley. Now ask yourself and be honest, when any of these fellows fought Floyd did they get cut or banged (f-cked) up? I didn’t think so. They hardly had a scratch on them , so to speak. Hatton got knocked out after 10 rounds but looked no worse for the wear after the fight. After they fought Pacquiao , they were all f-cked up even Marquez. I don’t know how you guys let these con artist
    get you so wound up. Floyd is not gonna knock Manny out. Marquez is a special fighter who is willing to stand in the strike zone and take Pacquiaos best shot to give his . This is why every time they fight win or lose he looks like he’s been attacked by a pack of wolves. Floyd ain’t gonna stand in there and trade with Pacquiao . He’s gonna run and probably win a close decision on Points. If there is any f-ckin up being done Pacquiao’s gonna be doing it.

  25. jess says:

    Hey! Gayweather Sr, your son is a duck not a goat! (greatest of all time). quack quack quack.

  26. El_Critika says:

    Did anyone tell Mr. Mayweather that talk is cheap? What’s cheaper are the FMJ believers. Let’s do it, 2014!

  27. wency says:

    Just bring the fight on, enough of the never ending story of quacking, hiding, talking and mocking. Mayweather should show his sharp tongue in the squared arena, if not then he’ll be recognize as the kiddie world tongue twister of all time!!!Be a Sports Man, may the BEST MAN WIN!

  28. TondoBoyUSA says:

    I would suggest that the Gayweathers, Sr.,Jr., and uncles, be send to the home for the retarded.

  29. tony says:

    Like Floyd got his ass “tore” up in jail?

  30. vic says:

    im tired of this issue for many years. i told you fmj will not fight great boxer like pacquiao .fmj is not a real champion like pacquiao who fights anybody in the ring.fmsr in lier like his son he put a test on hatton. then he learn

  31. Fabio Boys says:

    The Mayweathers are Scared to death. Pacman will be like Maidana ! Floyd Jr, will be like Bronner!

  32. DAFT G. says:

    This Gayweather family always likes to talk about AS#es being whopped, torned, fcked, spanked.
    They got some sort of obssesion about MAN’s AS*es hehehe
    That your role model AMERICA!! a family COWARD HOMOS!

  33. Anonymous says:

    i bet if bob arum challenges floyd in a boxing match for 25 million guaranteed purse, floyd will fight him… because it’s a fight he can win. i don’t think we’ll be hearing ” oh i can’t work with bob”….

  34. EdL says:

    Hey Mr. Duck/Chicken Mayweather, you’ve been running your mouth again tearing up the Pacman with your mouth you f#$%&*g dumb trainer. The last thing I heard from you is ” I fear for my son’s life if he fights the Pacman” . ” I would advise my son not to fight the Pacman, for personal reasons”. Now you are running your mouth again. You and your coward son are good only at tearing Pacquiao with your mouths while your feet are running away from him.
    Excuses! Excuses! the lies and deceptions of these father and son cowards will never end. Move on boxing fans. Do not be fooled by the lies and propaganda of these fastmouths. BOYCOTT ALL OF THE DUCK/CHICKEN MAYWEATHER’S TUNE UP FIGHTS!!! because the excuses will never end. After Manny leaves Arum the next thing the Duck/Chicken will demand is that Manny tie his left hand behind his back. So I say to Manny and to all boxing fans, let us all forget about this fight, because the Duck/Chicken will forever be a Duck and a Chicken. History will forever declare the greaness of the ducking maneuvers of the Greatest Coward and Ducker of All Time Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sr.

  35. evert says:

    talk is CHEAP, just tell you son to PROVE it…………

  36. Tpny B says:

    On all the websites where people can leave comments, I always see the most racist things being said! But I never see the persons picture next to there hate message? Cowardly….

  37. Tpny B says:

    I love Manny as a fighter, but did he or did he not get knocked out, by a guy who couldn’t win a round against Floyd? The answer is YES!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes we saw it….. It’s sad for us but that’s boxing. We still want to see how he will pair up with Floyd though.

  38. Tpny B says:

    So, lets say they do fight and Manny loses, what does the Manny fan say then?

  39. Why is Saddam Ali out of the mix? Collazo implemented his magic without a sanction, still can! Saw him at Barclay! Robbed against Hatton cause he was ugly! Pure S…..!

  40. dave says:

    May weather sr. said pacman not ready for his son yet,the truth is may weather sr. see that his son still no chance yet to win against pacman.If he is so sure that his son will just whoop packman then why tell his son to accept the fight now and let’s get it on.

    • dave says:

      TIRED of waiting on this fight to happen….never out of reason…Just make it simple accept that he is scared period,then boxing fans will not wait anymore.

  41. El_Critika says:

    For years, the Mayweathers were like blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK! blah blah blah…blah blah blah. DUCK!

  42. phil borda says:

    Such comment from Mayweather, Sr. tantamount to an admission of negative things happening to Floyd, Jr. should the fight happens. As a natural defensive reflex, they have to verbalize an embellished preconceived result to feel good knowing that the actual and factual result, should the fight happens, is very much the contrary.

  43. El Critico says:

    Pactards are begging on their knees ….too bad Mayweather has the brain for the business unlike pooch iso who keeps saying “Tok to mai promoter and I like make fans bery happi” lol

    Pathetic Pactards

    • Anonymous says:

      So u admit that ur boy is a coward?… He doesn’t wanna fight pacquiao because it’s too high risk for him that if he looses he will lose his business?..

      • El Critico says:

        I admit that Floyd is superior in handling his fights…he knows how to run a real business unlike poochiao and his master bob arum who keeps giving shitty fights….guys that are past their prime…coming off a loss….it’s no wonder they can’t sell a fight better than Floyd Mayweather.

        Poor Pactards 🙁



  44. Jiffy says:


  45. Jiffy says:


  46. GODBODY says:

    Floyd can do what he wants. He does not have to take a fight with someone who is 1-2 in their last three fights because some clown asses think he should. Manny Pacquiao was definitely on PEDs and it is more obvious now than ever. Do you really think Brandon Rios had a better chin than Cotto, DeLaHoya, and Margarito? In fact, Pac hit Rios more than all of them, and he was not nearly as busted up. The drugs are gone, and Manny’s power went with them. It will come out soon enough. If you have been around this game long enough, you can clearly see that Pac was on that shit!

    • jay says:

      So how come there’s more coming out that Floyd failed his test 3 times and so far i don’t see or hear any coming out from pacquiao side.

  47. dave says:

    No more talking or debate whose the best between them,all we want is to see this fight happen and see who is the best inside the ring period.This is sport of boxing,let their fist do the talking and probe to all boxing fans whose the best period.

  48. El Critico says:

    I admit that Floyd is superior in handling his fights…he knows how to run a real business unlike poochiao and his master bob arum who keeps giving shitty fights….guys that are past their prime…coming off a loss….it’s no wonder they can’t sell a fight better than Floyd Mayweather.

    Poor Pactards 🙁