Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Pacquiao’s knocking a guy down six times, why did the guy not stay down? He was knocking them cold before!”

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“On The Ropes” boxing radio is back with the 225th episode which features a special returning guest, the one and only Floyd Mayweather Sr. Floyd comes on to discuss the recent Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri result. Mayweather Sr. discusses the hype that has been building since Pacquiao’s win over the weekend and if he thinks his son will take the challenge the fans want to see happen. Mayweather also talks about why he thinks Pacquiao has not had a knockout in 5 years, and talks about some of the fighters he is currently working with. Here is what Floyd Mayweather Sr. had to say in part one of my interview.

Jenna J: People are calling for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight again. What are your thoughts on it?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: It ain’t nothing to get crazy about, nothing to get crazy about. Pacquaio got a win and it’s started like it’s a big thing all over again.

Jenna J: Pacquiao beat Chris Algieri who was undefeated, knocked him down six times. Does that say he’s back or does that say he fought a weaker opponent?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: The big thing is now that he was knocking all the big guys out, he was knocking the big guys that can box and fight. Shane Mosley, the Puerto Rican kid, he was knocking them cold and now all of the sudden, he fought a fight with his natural strength and he’s knocking them down but that ain’t nothing. He’s knocking a guy down six times, why did the guy not stay down? He was knocking them cold, ain’t nobody going out cold no more, what’s that all about?

Jenna J: He hasn’t had a knockout since 2009, why do you think that is?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: (laughs) You know why that is, it’s about five years ain’t it? The only thing I will tell you is like I was telling everybody else and why that crooked lawyer I had took my money, I’m just telling you what happened. The crooked lawyer took my money and he ain’t knocking nobody out no more. That just tells you right there, it’s two crooks.

Jenna J: Do you think your son wants to fight Pacquiao now just to get it over with?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I’m looking at the situation and it’s not exactly clear what’s happening with Floyd but I’ll tell you this right here, I’m pretty sure if there’s fight, I’m pretty sure he’d come out on top. Floyd, at the end of the day, what he decides to do and what he wants to do, it’s on him. All I can do is sit back and look.

Jenna J: Not too long Floyd was upset at you for suggesting that the fight would happen eventually. Why do you think that was?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I don’t know why in the hell that was, but it’s his business and I’m not really gonna get into it. That’s his business, whatever he wants to do. If he wants to fight Pacquiao or if he doesn’t want to fight him, that’s on him.

There was something that was written up in the paper, I don’t know what it could be about. I don’t even know what it was about to be honest. It was nothing that contained to me because if they’re gonna fight, they’re gonna fight. That’s on them. I didn’t say a damn thing wrong about nothing.

Jenna J: From your perspective, do you want to fight Pacquiao or do you think you don’t need to train your son for that one? Do you have that desire to make that fight happen?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: That’s his decision and there’s nothing wrong with that because he’s a grown man and he’s got to make his own decisions. If that’s the way he wants it, that’s the way it should be.

Jenna J: What’s been going on with as of late? What fighters do you have coming up?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I got two fighters that are gonna do something. I got Andrew Tabiti, I still got Mickey Bey and I got this guy now that’s undefeated, good fighter, they call him ‘Memphis.’ He’s the guy I’m training right now, ‘Memphis’ and Tabiti.

Mickey Bey had his hand messed up when he fought that last fight. Mickey Bey could have knocked that guy out. He won the title but he only had one hand. We took the fight because it was a title but like I said, he can do much better. I can still make four of five more champions before I’m done.

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63 Responses to "Floyd Mayweather Sr: “Pacquiao’s knocking a guy down six times, why did the guy not stay down? He was knocking them cold before!”"
  1. lee says:

    someone tell this dummy floyd sr that pac man never knocked sugar shane and cotto. he knocked shane down 1 time and cotto down 2 times and they both got up.

  2. will says:

    Always talks, but not wants to fight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right! Yak, yak, yak… they are. Jr will duck so Sr. is sayin nothin.

    • RumirNemo says:


  3. Jack says:

    Floyd Sr. knows, but he is talking different to cover up his son. How can one knock out someone on the run and constantly moving ? The blows get blunted with movement, and it’s not easy to get a solid blow in.

    Anyway, looks like they are scared again … they talk too much, if they are really better, why not fight the Pacman and prove it ? They’ll get a lot more money out of it than fighting others.

    It can only mean one thing … scared. On the other hand, they’ve always been scared, they choose Floyd’s opponents very well – slow ones, not left-handed, etc.

  4. Roach says:

    look at the lips i can imagine jungle

  5. adan says:

    In sr.’s mind he want’s to fight pacquiao, but he is afraid of jr. and jr. is afraid of Pacquiao. There is no such thing as afraid of losing a zero. not wanting to fight Pacquiao means he is afraid.

  6. rob says:

    just tell your jr. to grow some balls and fight pac. no more talks..

  7. D3zstroyer says:

    Contradicting what everybody saw and making a deal out of it just proves that he doesn’t want to admit that he (Pacquaio) Still got the punch. No Mr Mayweather… Hitting a target while he’s running and being able to knock him down multiple times simply proves that the guy has power in both hands and that the other guy can’t take the shots. Being knocked out COLD is something totally different. It either happens, or it doesn’t. We’re talking about more than power here and you know it.

    Besides, i’ve never seen Mayweather Sr. turtling up so much during an interview. Something tells me he is scared for his son’s sake and 0 loss record but as a Mayweather he simply has no heart to admit it.
    If there’s one thing i learned about Floyd Mayweather Sr & Jr, is that they are both cowards. This ain’t a fairy tale. If you got human knowledge you can see that they are.

    But it doesn’t matter. I do hope that the fight Materializes and i hope Pacquaio will hurt him. Because Pacquaio comes to fight and hurt you. And he is very good at being Manny Pacquaio just like Floyd is very good at being Floyd inside the ring. Yet i believe if it does go to the scorecards that’s that Pacquaio will outwork and outscore him by being the agressor and controlling the ring generalship.

    It would be both guy’s toughest fights but Päcquaio’s got heart and balls. Mayweather knows it but don’t ever expect him to acknowledge something like that. He’s got too much pride and too much of an ego for that. Pacquaio is actually a 100 times the man that Mayweather is outside of the ring. He’s an example while Mayweather is NOT.

  8. oooohhhhh JENA J for how long you were able to disguise your self and hides your 100% feelings that its your fellow americans who is trully scared…scared…scared that motherfucker…woman beater…excon…trash talker and most of all…super scared towards his former idol…yeah you read this one JENA J Floyduck jrs idolizing the PACMAN since that Ducker punching his lousy fist into the air during the final battle between PAC vs Morales III JENA J, you are so stupid if you dont watched that fight where Floyd the great DUCK shown punching his scared fist into the air favoring his idol PACMAN to win the battle against El Terrible in which the PAC brutalized Morales in 3 rounds…but unfortunately for the entire americans…things have changed after Dela Hoyas fight with the great PAC won, suddenly out of no where the number 1 avid fan of the PAC the great Floyduck avoided his own Idol…coz of course? he knew it from the inner nerves of his heart that fighting his idol will makes him wrath of shamefullness…his love for his own “0” loss will surely put him into comatosed catastrophy…he aint no want the piece of his own IDOL…he simply scared….scareeeeeeeeeeeed…..thats why the great Floyduck continue running and running with the great help of course of most of american boxing writers inside of his own backyard scaredness…so JENA J did you get my point huh? or you will surely continue ignoring it for the great Ducker is your fellow town folks fake hero? LOL….LOL.

  9. wbox says:

    Give more attention to Jenna J folks. He’s under the payroll of Gayman “Fake Numbers”Ostrich.

  10. Mateng says:

    You know why he’s not knocking them out anymore? So that your coward son won’t be too afraid to fight him. Instead of beating up those women in front of their children, tell your son to beat up pacquiao in front of the fans, he’ll be hundred of millions of dollars richer and he can solidify his legacy. Tell your son to grow some balls and fight.

  11. yer says:

    Why there always expecting pacman to knockout foe? is that how pacman is really great? 🙂 by the way, when did the last time floyd jr knockout foe? 🙂

  12. joe peter briol says:

    He was too nervous thats faunny things hahaha

  13. joe peter briol says:

    That sounds was too nervous. that’s funny things hahaha

  14. anony says:

    LOL first of all hatton he KO’d out cold. and hatton walked RIGHT into that punch. mosley and cotto both got back up, and cotto even walked right into that shot. mayweathers always talking smack. just walk the walk enough of this talking the talk coward ass shiz..

    i watched cotto fight last night right after i watched the algieri fight and pac is pretty much the same. only reason cotto was beat up so much worse is because he was actually willing to trade with pac. algieri was basically running the whole time. pac knocked him down even when he was backpedaling.

    imo pacs the same, if not better than he was in 2009 when he stopped cotto. his ring IQ is definitely higher now and his punching power has not gone away as mayweather would love everyone to believe..

    these mayweathers need to STFU and just accept the fight already.

  15. jecko says:

    Can someone tell this DUMBASS MONKEY to SHUT D FUCK UP AND MAN UP!!!!
    We are damn too tired of his excuses, one day he said that jerk is goin to fight Pac after pac finish his business first.And now he is saying he didn’t said anything or did something wrong…WTF!!!!

  16. knatzcap says:

    Pacquiao reserves his strength for mayweather when the two will clash on 2015…don’t worry it will come, unfortunately he probably apply it to your son…hehehe

  17. knatzcap says:

    When was the last time gayweather knocked a guy down? Was he able to get MAidana down? Why demand it from pacquiao when his son punch like my mama?

  18. Billabong says:

    EVERY WELTER WEIGHT MANNY FOUGHT FINISHED ON THERE FEET! only hatton at 140lb didnt fishing.. and hatton wasnt running he fought toe to toe..

  19. glen says:

    Here is the thing though… Did Floyd Sr and Jr, combined, knocked down an opponent 6 times in one night?

  20. Budz JalaP says:

    IT is Mayweather’s SR. son the JR.’s turn to be know out by MP guaranteed… So lets start the fight not the talking…. Chicken shits…

  21. barry gil r. pilar says:

    ..Here we go again, Mayweathr Sr. is a shit, they are scared. Gayfloyd has mocked Pacquiao in his instagram recently forgetting that not fighting Manny he becomes the laughing stock of boxing fans. The Mayweather Family is a joke. Gayfloyd only beat women, He is now trembling because Manny has proven to the World that the boring boxing style of hit and run fighting will never be a problem. I believe 100%that Pacquiao will knock Mayweather out! When was the last time Gayfloyd has knocked anybody? lol!

  22. Jr says:

    As expected Jr will duck. I will not watch floyd’s fight again if he is not fighting Pacquiao.

  23. Bajanwaynelord says:

    Mr. Bumbazz Mayweather and Family. Foreman used to ko guys like crazy but as he got older what happened? He won more fights by decision. Yes he koed porcelain chinned Moorer but age took away his rawpower.
    Manny was never a one shot ko artist but rtaher a very solid puncher who hurt with speed and power.Why not say again he is on PEDS and get your dumbazz sued again? Bhop has not had a ko in yers neither has your son.
    Spaking about Jr he is the one who supposedly has failed tests and had them hidden. Why did you guys not sue Hauser for his article like Manny did you? You are just jealous of Manny.
    By the way, the record of the guys Manny foughtsince he TKO-ed Cotto, was 2 stoppages. Mosley very, very late in his career as an old man and Margarito to Mosley by TKO.

  24. Norberto Manuel says:

    Floyd Sr. is really afraid of Pacquiao over his son. Perhaps he still remembers how Pacquiao sent Hatton whom Floyd trained and coached but in a matter of two rounds was sent by Pacquiao to dreamland and retirement.

  25. iriga city boy says:

    From this forum,the Mayweathers are being tagged as ‘cowards” around the globe.This is not the only time,but multiple times couple of years ago since this impasse of Mayweather-Pacquiao dream fight.
    How long can a father allow his ‘family and son be labeled as such?
    This cannot be allowed to be the target of disrespect.If i were Floyd Sr.,i would tell that son to man up,stand up and rise up the Mayweather pride and prove to the world the millions of people are wrong in
    their perception..
    But,alas the Senior took the safe route by not getting into the son’s business.By going to the side and “fence sit’.
    So,what does that mean? Are they really “cowards”?
    I might just be a simple family man,a boxing fan,and a constituent of this world ,but if somebody try to debase my family,i will man up to hold up my family’s honor.
    Can floyd Sr.do that for the sake of his family?

    • D3zstroyer says:

      A coward will always be a coward. there’s nothing in life you can do to change that. Either you’re a coward or you aren’t. Pacquaio has a heart as big as the sun while Mayweather has no heart, no balls. He’s a pure coward and it runs through the family. Pretty obvious.

  26. edel says:

    there’s too much trash talking about this fight. don’t worry. tbe??? will come to his senses or else his legacy and honor will go down the drain.ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!!! peace bro!

  27. puge says:

    floyd sr is cowarding like floyd jr. he cant even directly answer the question because jr threathens to fire him if he caught telling pac-may might happen. both idiots, im not suprise if he also cant read

  28. PACMANUSA says:

    This guy is a product of his environment !
    And in todays society it’s deemed okay for blacks to make unfounded statements while people of other races are denounced for saying anything near the lies they make .

    I am a WHITE yeah that’s right WHITE American that would truly love to see Pacquiao beat down this not worth a damn so called American who in reality is a fraud , cheater , liar , uneducated woman beater and convicted felon .
    You always hear all this bullshit about racial equality etc etc . But this idiot and his son make it so so easy to dislike them . And it’s primarily based on idiotic things they say and or do .

    God bless America
    God bless Manny Pacquiao
    God bless the Philippines

    Let the devil have the Fagweathers

    • Michael says:

      You have a lot of hate spewing out in your commentary and yet in the end you find room for God……

  29. Anonymous says:

    The guy was running around the ring and he still got caught six times! lol

  30. erap says:

    If PAC KOd Algieri, Floyd Sr will then say that PAC is on steroids.

    And then the more Floyd Jr will avoid the fight.

  31. erap says:

    Algieri has more balls than Floyd Jr.

    Oh wait, Floyd Jr is TBE — Two Balls Extracted.

  32. sol says:

    The boy doesn’t want to fight Manny that’s the pure fact. Going aound in circles here guys. 9ne excuse after another. If pacquiao is not in his caliber then you tell me why the heck would he turn down a fight that he says he will win and make history not to mention the biggest paycheck he will ever make. Stupid mayweather just freaken say your scared so we don’t have to care about watching Manny beat you down. Who cares if Manny needs the m9ney. Since when did flyd not fight anyone because they needed the money. If you think your the pound for pound then let’s settle it. But don’t go saying your the best pound for pound and ducking the guy that everyone wants to see you fight. Yeah you can go down in history undefeated but you won’t go down as pound for pound king. Fight the little man homie.

  33. Ediski B. De Vera says:

    Yes agree and they talk too much, they have to do the talking inside the ring with Pacman, I think this will not happen mainly because of Floyd, for Pacman, he will go down in boxing history as one of the greatest boxer of his time, for Floyd, he can claimed it too because he retires with zero loss, but everybody will always ask him and at the back of his mind this question, you may claimed it that you have zero loss and call yourself the greatest boxer? BUT HAVE YOU EVER FOUGHT A BOXER NAMED PACMAN? THIS WILL STICK TO HIS SYSTEM DURING HIS LIFETIME..

  34. The executioner says:

    You Pactards are all crazy. What the fuck you gonna do when Manny retires?

    Some sort of mass suicide?

    I fucking hope so.

    Boring cunts.

    • azo_101 says:

      ha ha ha… sour loser… at least you stand for your black balls and manned-up by defending your idol ( a black guy with white scared balls). PACTARDS RULE!!!!!!!!

    • Michael says:

      Yes Executioner they are sick people…sick in their hearts…sick in the souls…TOO BAD MANNY IS ALMOST BANKRUPT i HOPE THEY LOAN HIM SOME MONEY…

  35. the bro step reem says:

    Monkey says “he was knocking them cold before.” Who’s them? Ricky Hatton? That ONE time? LOL. Cotto, Pacquiao’s last official stoppage win, could’ve easily gone the full 12. Cotto wasn’t “knocked cold.” Monkey needs eat more banana.

  36. jomannix says:

    Floyd sr. is just being cautious, if again mention that Gayweather will fight Pacman, he is in great danger of losing his son’s support, out of the payroll. He was “dunked” before and the gay chose his uncle to train him.

  37. Boxing Fan says:

    The boxing fans doesn’t care about who is the bigger draw, bigger PPV star, undefeated, who beat who, etc. etc The world has been asking for this fight for over 5 years. and we STILL WANT IT. The Mayweather camp keeps coming up with ridiculous reasons and excuses. Stop with the nonsense excuses and prove to the world who is the better fighter. Who is the best of this generation? Make the fight happen in May 2016 and we’ll have the answer!

  38. eagle says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    I’d rather watch Pacquiao fights without a knockout for it will surely be a wholesome and entertaining fight until the last bell rings and gives us our money’s worth. If Pacquiao knocks out opponents in early rounds then the show ends to soon not even warming up our seat. But if Pacquiao knocks out mayweather if they fight then the whole world will stand on its feet and shout for joy and juvilation.

  40. anonymous says:

    OMG…this people still insinuating Pacquiao used PEDs before, and since he stopped, he can’t knock out anyone now.. tsk tsk and Jenna still loves to interview these family of cowards. How much do these people pay you Jenna? FM Sr always saying his son will whoop Pacman’s Ass but until now, his son is still avoiding and ducking. Why is that? it is so Obvios FMjr is avoiding Pacquiao up to the point of firing his dad again from Money team. Poor Sr, he can’t even talk now because his son will be mad. Whenever daddy talks, his son is exposed even more as Fraud Mayweather.

  41. Some dude says:

    Lets just say Mayweather knocks Manny out. Lets just say (I know its unlikely Mayweather’s best hope is to outbox Manny) but lets say Mayweather knocks Pacquiao out cold.

    What do the Pacman fans say then?
    What do the Pacman fans say if Mayweather manages to pull off the points victory on the cards?

    What exactly do you say then?

    I would like to know if you would give credit to Mayweather, or you would start looking for excuse and people to blame, other than Manny himself.

    Lets hear it guys, I’m interested to know.

    • Raymond says:

      Some dude, it is not the question of a knockout, it will be a question of when is mayweather gonna step up. If he knockouts pacquiao move on. At least he already prove that he is TBE. Until he step up or shut up. The problem with mayweather is he keeps on telling that he is the greatest, so why not fight pacquiao. It is long overdue, that is why people hated him, because first he let his mouth do the talking not his fist. This is boxing, boxing is for warriors and not talkers. If he don’t want to fight pacquiao i would rather see mayweather retire because he is a shame in boxing. If you want to prove a point in boxing, let your fist go. It is not the question of a knockout you are way too far with your question, it is like your telling me that it is one of the reason why the duck doesn’t want to fight the pacman. We cannot prove your question until the duck sign the contract to fight pacman.

    • chris says:

      all your what if will not happen as long as floyd duck and not accept the fight..

      if floyd won the fight against pacman,,he will remembered as the great boxer ever lived..

      just accept the fight and let see what happen

    • Michael says:


  42. Freddie Roach says:

    truth is, this father and son can team up during fight night, 2vs1 and Manny can demolish them both at the same time..

  43. Granny Goose says:

    I know one thing and its true, ducks cant sign no contract.. we got wings.. lols…

  44. cons says:

    people should boycott all mayweather’s fight because he is ducking the greatest fighter. Also, why people are giving money for this arrogant nigger and coward? In fact people know that all the money he earned, he has been wasting it for nonsense like burning it, giving it to the bitches, throwing it, etc…people should realize that floyd gayweather is not deserve for the ppv and prize money from boxing.

  45. Hernan says:

    At the back of Floyd’s mind: “What if he was just pulling his punches just to entice me to agree on a fight?”

  46. Raymond says:

    I heard floyd will retire and buy a franchise of KFC(Kentucy Floyd Chicken)….lol

  47. ShitBrick says:

    Two (2) syllable word for Quack Quack Floyd…


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  49. Jmoney says:

    Al haymon and mayweather jr knows whats up, they are not dumb. A fight against paq is 50/50, thats why avoid it at all cost. TRUE!

  50. gary lewis says:

    This dude has no idea what he’s talking about? First off, who did pacquiao knock out cold other than Hatton? he’s trying to prove a valid point that he was on something but because all of a sudden he isn’t knocking fools out. Pacquiao never really did. he overwhelmed his opponents and just beat the shesssh out of them.

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