Floyd Schofield Jr: “I’m going to be one of the greatest boxers of all time!”

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The boxing world is always on the look out for the next big star. Like all sports, the greats of the game have their moment in the sun and then retire when their career is done, making way for the next generation of fighters to take their place. The latest edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio features guest interviews with two undefeated prospects that are looking to make a name for themselves in the sport, Keon Papillion and Floyd Schofield Jr.

In this interview article from the third edition of our “Spotlight Series”, I get Floyd Schofield Jr’s thoughts on his early career and talk to him about what he hopes to accomplish in the sport. Schofield Jr talks about sparring with Devin Haney and his open challenge to face him for 1 million dollars. Additionally, Devin and his father talk about his path to a world title. Here is what Floyd Schofield had to say.

Jenna J: Floyd, what made you want to get into the sport of boxing?

Floyd Schofield: My dad made me get into the sport. He’s the one who pulled me into it and I ended up falling in love with it. He used to be a boxer and he always had me in the gym as a toddler. I was programmed in boxing from an early age and just fell in love with the sport.

Jenna J: In your first professional fight, you were on TV and scored a one punch, left hook knockout. Can you talk a little about your debut?

Floyd Schofield: That one shocked myself because that showed me that my power is real. I wasn’t looking for the knockout, I was planning to go all four rounds, and when it happened, I was surprised and amazed by it. When I went to the corner my dad was like “I’ve been trying to tell you all these years that you got that power.” It was a great feeling being able to get my first ever knockout on TV.

Jenna J: Floyd, you’re only 18 years old and so far as a pro you’re facing lesser fighters as you work your way up. Is it at all frustrating to face lesser talented guys when you might want to face better opposition?

Floyd Sr: No, the thing is, Floyd spars all the champions. He’s sparred Shakur Stevenson and he used to be the sparring partner of Devin Haney but they just got into it because Devin lied about sparring, that he got buckled. His dad tried to lie and say that he stopped Floyd in the first round.

They’re in their little thing where he called out Devin for an exhibition for a million dollars. We’ll see if Devin takes it, they’re going back and forth on Instagram, but lets see if he takes it. His fights are easy but the sparring is hard, we’re always sparring on the championship level.

Jenna J:  You have been sparring with Devin Haney and other fighters that have more experience. Do you ever get intimidated facing some of these guys?

Floyd Schofield: No, they’re humans just like me, they get hurt. But it’s nothing personal, I’m going in there to learn because I know they got more experience and they’ve seen more stuff than me and I can learn from them. I don’t get intimidated because I know I’m on that level, I’ve been doing it almost as long as them, so I feel there’s nothing to be intimidated about because I’m on my way there.

Jenna J: Floyd, your nickname is Kid Austin, how much do you want in front of your hometown fans?

Floyd Schofield: I don’t want to fight in Austin until my world title fight. I feel that’s more special. I don’t want to fight a local cab driver in Austin, Texas. I want it to be a show and performance. I want to fight all over the United States but I want my title fights to be in Austin, my home. If Devin Haney takes the fight, I want it in Austin also.

Jenna J: Your father has said that he wants you to be the greatest fighter of all-time, what do you think of that standard that is being set for you?

Floyd Schofield: I agree. I’m actually the one who started that. I would always tell him as a little kid that I’m going to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. I just stuck with that affirmation, now I have to become the greatest boxer of all-time. It’s already in the universe, so it’s got to happen.

Jenna J: When you were starting  boxing, you use to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. What did you think of his career?

Floyd Schofield: He did good, I give him a lot of credit. He definitely made a lot of money, he’s a good businessman.

Floyd Sr: But he kind of screwed the game up.

Floyd Schofield: Yeah because now if you get one loss, it’s over with.

Floyd Sr: He screwed the game up by making people think that it’s important not to lose and if you have a loss, your career is over. That’s crazy because all the greats have losses. If you’re facing great fighters then you might get a loss but now people are scared to take the risk of having a tough fight because they don’t want the loss. The game changed as far as that goes.

Floyd Schofield: Plus, I believe mostly every fighter is fighting for the money now, which is no problem but you also have to have a love for the sport and the will to be great even before the money because that’s how the money comes.

Jenna J: Floyd, your dad mentioned a beef with Devin Haney. Can you let the fans know what that is all about?

Floyd Schofield: I don’t really have beef with Devin Haney, it’s his dad who tries to diminish my brand. I can’t go punching his dad in the face. His dad was saying that I got stopped in one round and that I was easy work. But the fact is, the first two rounds, Devin couldn’t do anything, and he doesn’t have the power to stop anybody. It’s just a whole lie, and I just want them to prove if you can stop me in one round, come stop me and you’ll get paid for it.

Floyd Sr: And what happened, did you crack Devin?

Floyd Schofield: Yeah I hurt Devin in the second round, I caught him with a nice right hand.

Jenna J: Floyd in closing, what is your prediction for your fight on April 3rd?

Floyd Schofield: I won’t really say, I’m just going to perform for my friends and my family because I have not seen them in forever, so I’m just going to put on a great show and enjoy my time afterwards. But it definitely going to be a knockout, it’s not going all 6 rounds.

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