Frank “The Tank” Hogan: “Jermell Charlo is the champ now, once I get a couple more fights I don’t think he will stand a chance!”

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This past Friday night at the Moseley’s on the Charles venue, Frank “The Tank” Hogan saw his record move to 8-0 8KOs after an impressive stoppage win over Rahim Johnson. After controlling the action in round 1, Hogan started landing with hard shots in round 2, hitting his opponent with a left to the body that dropped him. While the shot appeared legal, it was not counted as a knockdown and Johnson was given time to recover. The missed call did not matter in the end as Johnson was dropped twice more in the third round and the fight was ultimately stopped.

I had a chance to speak with Frank “The Tank” Hogan after his win and discuss with him his performance and also talk a little about his future. Frank talked about the missed call on the knockdown and how he went about getting the finish. Hogan also talked about his career going forward in the light middleweight division. Additionally, Hogan talked about a potential fight between him and Ring Magazine 154lb champion, Jermell Charlo. Here is what Frank Hogan had to say.

Jenna: How did you feel about your performance from this past weekend?

Hogan: I definitely was a lot more composed, I was definitely more in touch with the fans. I showed them what I was about, I gave them what they wanted. I fight again October 30th, so it’s back to the gym tomorrow for me, I’m not going to celebrate my 21st birthday. This is enough for me.

Jenna: Your opponent appeared to be knocked down by a legal blow to the body, but it was ruled low, what were you thinking when that happened?

Hogan: I was getting nervous because I was kind of thinking he was going to try and take the easy way out, they said it was low so they gave him 5 minutes to recover, that’s when I knew I had to pick it up a little bit more. I ended up getting him the next round after that. I wish I could of got him a little bit sooner with something cleaner, but it is what it is.

Jenna: You fight in the 154lb division, what do you see out there for yourself?

Hogan: Hopefully fighting for a world title within the next year and half or two years, that’s my goal. Right now it’s coming true, everything is working the way it should. I have great guys I’m training with, I have great team mates, I have great coaches, great sparring, so everything is going up from here.

Jenna: What do you think about the champion at light middleweight, Jermell Charlo?

Hogan: He’s the champ now, once I get a couple more fights and fill my fan base I don’t think he will stand a chance because physically I’m too strong for him.

Jenna: Even though a fight between you and Jermell Charlo is something down the line in the future, stylistically how do you feel you match up?

Hogan: I think the fight will get drawn out a little bit, I think he would definitely try and get me in the early rounds and I would probably get him in the later rounds, if I don’t I would definitely have problems.

Jenna: You brought the crowd in tonight, because half the crowd left the event after your fight. How do you feel about your growing fan base?

Hogan: I feel like everybody loves me, everybody genuinely loves me. I think they love persona, where I’m coming from and how I do my business and that’s knocking everybody out.

The event “Fight Night on the Charles at Moseley II” featured 5 fights total and an excited crowd. The rest of the nights results went as followed.

Albany lightweight RayJay “The Destroyer” Bermudez lived up to his nickname in the main event last night on the “Fight Night on the Charles at Moseley’s II” card, presented by Vertex Promotions, at Moseley’s On The Charles in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The reigning NBA Continental Junior welterweight and ABF American West super lightweight champion, Bermudez outclassed his Ugandan opponent, Philip “The Hunter” Adyaka (7-16, 4 KOs), in fact, destroying him in a one-sided fight that only lasted until midway through the second round. In the final round, Bermudez badly hurt Adayaka with a powerful right hand and Adayaka never recovered. He was getting pounded when the referee waved off the fight.

“I felt sharp and strong in the ring tonight,” Bermudez said after the fight. “I was strong from a good training camp. I knew he was nervous when the fight started. I knew going into this fight and it would only go one or two rounds. I just want to keep fighting and work hard to get to the top.”

New Hampshire cruiserweight champion Larry “Hit Man” Pryor (15-24, 9 KOs), fighting out of Maryland, overcame a second-round knockdown and trailed, 20-17, on all three judges’ scorecards, until he cracked an unsuspecting Bryant , a 2-time New England amateur champion, with a left hook thrown from downtown that landed right on the button for a shocking third-round knockout.

Cornered by World super middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade and father, Paul, Providence middleweight Anthony Conception (8-0-1, 6 KOs) dominated Lenwood “Mr. Composure” Dozier (10-27-3, 5 KOs) enroute to a 6-round unanimous decision. Conception won all six rounds, using a stiff jab to set up powerful combinations to the head and body, buzzing a very game Dozier at the end of the third round with several well-placed right uppercuts.

New Bedford (MA) middleweight Drew “Tomahawk” Dwelly (3-0-2, 3 KOs) ripped a left hook to David Rohn’s (0-9-1) body, dropping the Illinois fighter midway through the opening round. Rohn beat the count, however, he didn’t respond to the referee’s instructions and the fight was halted.

Back-to-back pro boxing events concluded Saturday night for Vertex Promotions as super lightweight Adrian “Tonka” Sosa remained undefeated, winning the “Fight Night on the Charles at Mosley’s III” main event, at Mosley’s On The Charles in Dedham, Massachusetts.

“This weekend was challenging,” Vertex Promotions president Dave Clark said. “It took a lot of hard work by a great group of people. We’re learning more every show and now we’ve done three. We’re getting better with each. We’ll give it a day or two and then evaluate what we di well and what areas we need to improve in. We’ll keep moving forward.”

Sosa (12-0, 9 KOs), who hadn’t fought in 28 months, returned to the ring with a fury, albeit showing signs of rust. His hand were quick, as usual, and he was well poised as his veteran Mexican opponent, Danny “Venado” Flores (15-25-1, 8 KOs), continually but unsuccessfully tried to lure Sosa into traps. Sosa was the hunter, stalking a game Flores, who often stayed in the corners or on the ropes baiting Sosa to mix it up.

In the third round, Sosa dropped Flores with a sweet left-right combination, but Flores was remained resilient. Sosa obliged, ten-fold. He was the clear aggressor from start to finish, setting the pace and resulting in an 8-round shutout decision for Sosa, winning every round on all three judges’ scorecards, against the granite-chinned Flores.

“I had to work off some rush fighting for the first time in more than 700 days,” Sosa admitted. “I’m not disappointed in my performance though. I needed to get in some rounds, and he was tough. I kept my poise in the ring. I would have liked to have finished him off, but I really needed rounds. I’m very happy with my new management (Fighter Locker) and Ryan (Roach). I’m looking to step up next year. We have a list of potential opponents we’ll go over and choose one.”

In the co-featured event, undefeated welterweight Eric “Gladiator” Goff improved to 4-0 with his third career knockout, by way of a powerful left hook that nearly put an out-classed Luciano Santos (0-2) to sleep. A native of Hawaii, Goff now fights out of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Dorchester (district of Boston) featherweight Troy Anderson, Jr. (2-0, 2 KOs) completely dominated pro-debuting Chakem Brooks enroute to a second-round technical knockout. Anderson, a 2016 Rocky Marciano Tournament champion, dropped Brooks at the end of round one with a left hook. Brooks managed to beat the count, however, he was knocked down three additional times in the second round, after which referee Kevin Hope waved off the fight.

The pro debut of highly regarded Irish prospect Tommy “The Kid” O’Toole, walked into the ring by a bagpipe player for the fighter who was ‘shipping up to Boston’ for a sensational first-round knockout triumph. The Galway southpaw consistently drilled Brazilian cruiserweight Francisco Ariri Neto (1-15, 1 KO), who landed on the canvas three times, much to the delight of the largely Irish American crowd. O’Toole, who won a gold medal at the 2019 Irish Elite Championships, used a straight left for the first knockdown, quickly followed by a combination for Neto’s second trip to the mat, and finally a left to the body that Neto was unable to rise from before the referee’s count reached ten.

In a battle of Kansas super lightweights, pro-debuting Marcus Davidson (1-0, 1 KO) dropped Austin Reed Ward (0-9) three times in the first half of the opening round for a win by technical knockout. Davidson decked Ward with a crisp left hook, straight right in the corner, and finally a nice uppercut.

New York welterweight Brandon Idrogo (4-1, 4 KOs) bounced back from his first pro loss in his last fight, stopping overmatched journeyman Paulo Souza (0-23) in the third round. Idrogo battered Souza from the first bell until an unanswered barrage of punches led referee Tom Clark to half the action.

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