Freddie Roach: “I don’t see a knockout by Bradley coming at all and Manny’s in great shape. He’s not gonna lose!”

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(transcribed by Michael Readman) Hall Of Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach has a busy schedule ahead of him, as he has two superstars with pivotal fights to their careers coming up. His main fighter, Manny Pacquiao, has his highly anticipated rematch with Timothy Bradley in just a few weeks, to which this article states that Pacquiao is once again favorite win. Roach also trains Puerto Rican superstar, Miguel Cotto, who has potentially one of his toughest fights in his career, as he faces off against middleweight champion Sergio Martinez. But if there is ever a trainer the can handle a hectic training schedule, it is Freddie Roach.

In part 2 of my interview with Freddie, I discuss with him the career options for Pacquiao if he is able to win his rematch with Timothy Bradley, and what direction he thinks Pacquiao will take if he loses. I also talk with Freddie about his other star fighters, Zou Shiming who is recently coming off a KO win, and Miguel Cotto who has been matched with Sergio Martinez. Additionally I get Roach’s thoughts on how he thinks a Cotto-Martinez fight plays out and if he thinks the middleweight title is a bargaining chip that could bring a Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto rematch. Here is what Freddie Roach had to say.

Jenna J: Freddie, it was recently announced that the winner of Marquez vs. Alvarado will get Manny Pacquiao in his next fight. Is it something that you’re looking forward to, closing that chapter with Marquez?

Freddie Roach: Well to be honest with you I’m not even thinking about that fight, I’m thinking about Bradley at this point. There is no future fight right now, we don’t have a two fight contract, we have one fight and that’s what’s in front of us and that’s what we have to take care of.

Jenna J: Freddie, I’m sure it gets to this point now with every fight, if Manny has another loss or if another KO comes then you will be looking more towards the retirement angle. Do you feel that if he loses again or he gets knocked out, then that would be the place he would be looking?

Freddie Roach: Well you know, I’m not even thinking about that. Manny’s doing really well but this guys not a big puncher, I don’t see a knockout by him coming at all and Manny’s in great shape. I’m being very positive, he’s not gonna lose to Tim Bradley for sure.

Jenna J: We recently saw you back in the ring with Zou Shiming, he scored a knockout for the first time in his career. How do you evaluate his growth so far as a fighter?

Freddie Roach: Shiming’s coming along very well, we worked very hard for that fight and he did spar with Pacquiao in the last training camp and he likes watching Manny, that’s why it’s a good training camp.

He asked me if he can train right before Manny, so he can watch Manny train afterwards because he likes to learn off of Pacquiao. He is becoming a better professional fighter, he was a great amateur fighter but he’s learned the pro style now and I don’t think it will be long before he fights in a title fight.

Jenna J: Realistically how many more fights does he need before you believe he is not just ready to get a title fight, but win it?

Freddie Roach: I would say about two fights with Shiming, he’s thirty two years old and we’re on a fast track with him. He has a lot of amateur experience of course, he does have ability, he’s a good fighter.

Just molding him into how to fight twelve round fights is the key right now, getting him to pace himself a little more and not just go out there full glory because in twelve round fights you need to pace yourself somewhat.

Jenna J: Freddie, it’s been announced that Miguel Cotto will be taking on Sergio Martinez, fighting for the middleweight title. How do you feel about Miguel getting that opportunity and how do you think he will adjust to the weight?

Freddie Roach: Well, the weight shouldn’t be a problem. I think we’ll probably come in a little bit light because I like Miguel at a lighter weight, but we will put a little more muscle on him for that fight.

Miguel starts training the last week of Manny’s camp here in LA will be his first week, and they will work together but they won’t spar together because I think Manny will be too close to his fight by then and style wise it doesn’t really help Manny but it would help Miguel.

They both will be in Vegas for the last five days; we’ll leave Monday after sparring. They’re both good friends, they work together and it’s good support for the camp.

Jenna J: How do you think that fight between Martinez and Cotto will go? There are a lot of people saying Martinez has seen better days. Do you think this is the right time for Cotto to be taking this fight?

Freddie Roach: It’s a big chance for him to win four world titles and be the first Puerto Rican to do that, to win four titles in four different weight divisions and that’s something he’s looking forward to. Cotto is a very disciplined person, a very disciplined worker. He trains really very dedicated and our training camp will be great.

We’re getting the best sparring partners that I can for that fight — fast southpaws are a little difficult to find but we’ve been in touch with a couple of guys. Nobody for sure yet but by the time the camp and sparring does start, we will have the best sparring partners we can get.

Jenna J: Freddie, if Cotto can get that middleweight title, that’s a very big bargaining chip. Do you see him possibly getting a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. if he gets that belt from Martinez?

Freddie Roach: Yeah that’s definitely a possibility. I actually think he could win that fight and it’s a good fight for him. (Saul) Alvarez is out there also and that’s a big name also and everyone’s making a lot of noise about him, and that’s definitely a future fight for Miguel. Either one would be fine with me, I would welcome both guys.

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  1. Barry Gil R. Pilar says:

    ….now marquez could not escape his fate, the 5th fight agaisnt pacquiao is fast approaching, this time there will be hell. He has been lucky with that punch thats why he tried to avoid and refuse to ramble agaisnt manny, but now i smell the turning of events favorable to manny, juanma must be ready because pacquiao will be coming, i dont hink he could knock manny out with a lucky punch again…

    • LIO says:

      Problem would be can Marquez beat Alvarado ?
      I think it will be a tough fight for Marquez. He needs to be on PEDS again to look good against Alvardo

  2. Willy says:

    I’m still hoping Manny can knockout Bradley because of Paquiao vs. Mayweather fight..
    Go a knockout Mannyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eths says:

    Good thing that Roach is being positive but I hope he doesn’t get overconfident as Bradley has become bigger and stronger now. So to think that Pacquiao is impossible to get knocked out by Bradley because he is not a big puncher does not make sense at all. Pacquiao has been knocked out already, to begin with, so the chances of getting knocked out is high especially if punched on the right spot. Second, Bradley has decent power and can go wild at times. To say that he doesn’t have power doesn’t make sense at all since his previous opponents seemed to pretty respect his power including Pacquiao (and Provodnikov on the latter rounds) otherwise they would have smothered him during/throughout the fight.

    Cotto will indeed need more muscles for power and to withstand Sergio’s punches. But I’m not sure whether he can deal with Sergio’s power. I think that this fight is a very dangerous fight for Miguel and I feel that he bit more than he could chew even with Sergio’s injuries. I hope he doesn’t get humiliated as I see it. Roach must up Miguel’s defensive skills and power. I could only see Miguel winning this if he softens Sergio through the body first and then to the head. If he doesn’t knock out Sergio, Sergio will knock him out. That’s for sure.

    • you nonsense mr. eths., bradley is a walking dead by mannys brutal power punch and superb speed. who hell you are.., manny is a man enough to prove everybody that he will definitely beat and knockout this big mouth bradley for sure…………………………………………………

  4. Eths says:

    Alvarado is a hard fight for both Marquez and Pacquiao, should Pacquiao win. But Pacquiao winning against Bradley remains to be seen. Some people underrate Alvarado but he is not only a good boxer but a puncher as well being a true 170 pounder. He was able to stun Rios who had a granite chin. For several reasons i hope Pacquiao doesnt choose to fight him.

  5. mateng says:

    bradley’s walking dead! he can’t outbox manny, he will have to fight manny cos manny will bring the fight to him. he will be facing a beast, the fiercest many ever , there will be no place to run nor hide, he wil be mangled and his big head will grow bigger that he wont be able to stand up straight to hear the final bell, no need for wheelchair cos your goin out in a stretcher. you think manny will hesitate to come forward just because of a week without shower, your skunk style of kungfu wont work and the typhoon from across the pacific will land on you. when the fight is done ,all thats left of bradley is just a mirage in the desert.

  6. manny will knock and beat bradley for sure coz i see how mr. justine fortune train the physical strength the overall performance of the pacman. i see 8 to 9 rounds bradley will be butchered by mannys power and speed. keep up the good work mr. fortune…………………..