Freddie Roach: “Mayweather is so proud of his undefeated record, but he didn’t fight the best challenge, Manny Pacquiao!”

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(Transcribed by Michael Readman) The one question that Freddie Roach has been asked more than any other throughout his career has revolved around a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, and while the fight has been hyped up as much as it could be, it still has not happened. The biggest issue that seems to stand in the way of the bout these days is the promotional cold war that has yet to see Goldenboy & Top Rank work with each other for several years. Manny Pacquiao becomes a free agent at the end of 2014 and many fans wonder if this is the break that’s needed to make the fight finally happen.

In the third and final part of my interview with Freddie Roach, I get his views on the possibility of Pacquiao being a free agent and potentially making a Mayweather bout. I also get his thoughts on Mayweather’s future and how he thinks the legacy of both fighters will be affected if they don’t face each other. Additionally I get Roach’s breakdown of the upcoming Pacquiao-Bradley II fight, and his official prediction for April 12th rematch. Here is what Freddie Roach had to say.

Jenna J: I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the whole Mayweather drama? He was supposed to fight Khan, then he chose Marcos Maidana. What did you make of that whole situation?

Freddie Roach: Well the thing is they are running out of opponents and I think somewhere before the last fight in his contract, he’s gonna have to cross over and fight Pacquiao. So you know, Top Rank, Showtime, Golden Boy, HBO and all that — the pool’s getting smaller, so someone’s gonna have to give in pretty soon because there are no opponents in the future. Pacquiao is available and waiting, and if he doesn’t have an opponent we’re definitely willing to fight him.

Jenna J: Pacquiao at the end of the year becomes a promotional free agent. As a trainer would you like him to stay in the neutral area that Miguel Cotto is in, to try and make these bigger fights with other organizations?

Freddie Roach: Well, that’s a great idea and so forth and I think it could work very well but then going into a fight with Mayweather, negotiation wise we need someone real professional and Arum is the better deal I think for Pacquiao. The thing is, that’s really Manny’s decision which way he wants to go with that and after this fight we’ll have an option of going on our own or resigning with Top Rank.

Jenna J: Freddie, big question here. Do you think the legacies of Mayweather and Pacquiao will both be affected if they don’t fight each other before the end?

Freddie Roach: Yes there will be a question mark. Mayweather wants to retire undefeated and there will be that question mark of why didn’t he fight Pacquiao? And the thing is we’ve done everything possible to make that fight happen on our end.

You might get some people being skeptical about why they didn’t fight but I think it will hurt Mayweather more than us because he’s the one that’s so proud of his undefeated record, but he didn’t fight the best challenge and that’s Pacquiao.

Jenna J: Back to Pacquiao’s fight with Timothy Bradley. What do you expect to happen from the opening bell to the finish?

Freddie Roach: Well you know, I think we’re gonna be aggressive and I think if Manny hurts him, he will open up and he will stay on him. I think it’s gonna be a good fight because Bradley is one of the toughest guys in the world, for sure. He fights with concussions and so forth.

I’m very positive, Manny beat him easily last time, he beat him ten rounds out of twelve last time. Why those judges had it scored that way, we’ll never know but I told Manny to give the people what they wanted and to start giving them knockouts and if we do hurt him we will finish him.

Jenna J: Freddie, it has been five years since a KO has happened for Pacquiao. As his trainer, how badly do you wan to see him land that KO?

Freddie Roach: Well Bradley told Manny that he’s lost his killer instinct and that he doesn’t have it any more. Manny feels like that was a little slap in face and I’m looking forward to Manny knocking this guy out. I think Manny is looking forward to it also — to show the world that he is a still a great fighter, a great puncher.

He’s been a little bit compassionate in some of his fights, yes, but I feel that he does have his killer instinct and he’s been showing it here in the gym. I think that he’s finally realized that it’s not just winning, it’s winning impressively that counts.

Jenna J: Final question. On April 12th, what kind of fight can the fans expect?
Bradley vs. Pacquiao 2?

Freddie Roach: Well Pacquiao’s gonna be a little more aggressive than usual and it’s gonna be action packed. Of course, Bradley when he does get hit, he does like to exchange. I think it’s gonna be a great fight and I wouldn’t miss this one. It will be a good fight, action packed and I feel Pacquiao will finally get a knockout win.

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11 Responses to "Freddie Roach: “Mayweather is so proud of his undefeated record, but he didn’t fight the best challenge, Manny Pacquiao!”"
  1. alfonsod says:

    Correct about the boxers legacies. Floyd would lose more for not fighting the Pac, than Pac. Honestly, I’m a Pac fan but Pac only have a better chance than any of the fighters that Floyd fought in the years, but I see Floyd winning the fight, still.. So come on already, Floyd. Give the people what they really want to see. Set a fight with PAC, already!!!!!!

  2. PACMANUSA says:

    First things first , Paquiao beat the big mouth watermelon head hoodrat into the mat in April . Then decapitate the piss drinking and PED’s eating wetback .

    After you do in those two assholes , then you can get the Numero Uno ASSHOLE .

  3. boxmeister says:

    Floydie must stick it to his knucklehead that money don’t buy greatness. He can have billions in PPV but if he has no guts, there is no glory. That alone makes PAC a decided winner without entering the ring. Until he fights the best challenge out there, he is considered a fraud in greatness. Only fools will watch and follow his scripted fights and insecure antics. His legacy will always be in question for not facing a true fighter in Pacman.

  4. I’ll watch mayweather vs hatton.and I wonder why the fight is easy happen even the second biggest gurranted purse ! $15m he recieve after delahoya fight.hatton only 5’6 1/2 same pacquiao.but why mayweather jr grab this opportunity without any condintion wihout any hesitation?after delahoya quit and hatton 2round sleep.!mayweather invent excusess and born to running maybe die in running..and money will gone sure,u can’t bring them under the soil.

  5. floydhero says:


  6. kissjonez says:

    1st off, Pacquaio was never a KO artist to begin with. He’s KO’s and TKO’s came from an accumulation accumulation of punches. Pacquaio was stronger in the lighter weight but at a full Welterweight and fighting full welterweight ooponents without Catchweight, KO’s are pretty hard to come by.

    Plus, understand when opponents faces Pacquaio, after they tasted his flurries of punches they start back pedaling and surviving instead of engaging. Mosely went down but after that he started surviving instead of fighting. Bradley was running and playing tag with Pacquaio! Rios was in a turtle shell defense the whole fight, so what do you expect??

    The only one that gave Pacquaio a hellavuh fight from 1-10 was Miguel Cotto and we all know what happen if he continued to fully engaged with Pacquaio all the way to the 12th round! But Pacquaio was sorry already in that fight.

    Point is, you cant blame Pacquaio for not producing KO’s. He couldve KOed Rios if Rios openned up and engaged more but He was surviving the whole time! So much for “warrior” mentality! Lol!

  7. jess says:

    Fraud has one thousand and one alibi not to fight the best like Pacquiao. All these alibi are stupid alibi. If you are really the best in boxing there in no one reason to fight anyone. If you have many reason not to face another boxer then there is only one reason, he is scared.

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