How casino bigwigs are raking in huge profits from boxing

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Slot machines, betting are creating a lot of money in casinos around the world

Big bosses of mega casinos around the world may be driven by competing interests and objectives, but they all share the common reverence for boxing heroes such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. Gambling bigwigs have capitalized on the sport’s worldwide popularity to create boxing-themed slot machines and by staging major boxing events in their casinos. But why, because money talks.

Slot machines

Slot machines and video poker are among the most popular money-making games inside casinos and in online casinos like
. It is, thus, unsurprising that boxing greats have lent their names to slot and video poker machines, to the delight of casino operators. For one, Filipino boxing champion
Manny Pacquiao has his own line of slot machines called the “Pacman Poker Slot Machines” and the “Manny Mega Jackpot,” which have become extremely popular in state-run casinos across the Philippines. Even fictional boxers such as the legendary Rocky Balboa have become casino icons in their own right. International Game Technology (IGT), creator of the platform, developed the software content of the slot machines we now see in Atlantic City casinos like “Rocky Balboa” and “Rocky: The Contender.”

Betting in boxing

Aside from the revenue that boxing-themed slot machines bring in, casino operators look forward to high-profile boxing matches that draw in pundits from all over the world. In Las Vegas, for instance, this is clearly shown by the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s stats for June 2012, when Timothy Bradley fought (and defeated) Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand. Baccarat, a popular table game among Pacman’s Asian fans, generated an astounding $103.1 million on the month of the Bradley-Pacquiao fight. This number stands in stark contrast to the year-on-year baccarat revenue of only $52.1 million in June 2013, when there were no major boxing events held in Las Vegas. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, casinos along The Strip are set to post huge profits if the much-anticipated bout between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. pushes through. (That remains a big ‘”if,” though.)

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    Pacquiao is the king

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