How does Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather?

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With the dust settled on the super fight we have all yearned for actually being made, let’s get down to brass tax.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao is ON!

With the multitude of articles doing the rounds regarding Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, I decided to wait until a lot of peoples thoughts on the whole scenario were put out there.
Now that things have calmed down slightly, I will attempt to lay down my own twist on things.

Firstly, in this article, I will look at just how Manny Pacquiao, can beat Floyd Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2) is very fleet of foot. Pacquiao can maneuver himself into great angles to throw an array of unorthodox punches from the southpaw stance. The speed and variety of the combinations with which ‘Pacman’ lets his shots go are the main threat to the unblemished record of Mayweather. It’s the shots you don’t see coming that will pose problems to any fighter.

I would have to say that this current version of Pacquiao is defiantly quicker on his feet than the present-day Floyd Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao still carries great hand speed. The quickness of Pacquiao’s hands will bother even the slickest boxers.

The main way Manny Pacquiao was always going to beat Floyd Mayweather, was to catch Mayweather with one of those hellacious left hands. ‘Pacman’ without doubt has the hand-speed and the foot-speed to put himself in position to land a flush shot on Mayweather, but the feared Pacquiao power no longer exists — well, certainly not at the true welterweight limit.

I believe that the Pacquiao power is still somewhat there, but not to an extent to pose a threat to the sturdy chin of Floyd Mayweather, and not at welterweight. Pacquiao has amazed many people by carrying his power as far through the weight classes that he has to this date. All good things, unfortunately, have to come to an end.

‘Pacman’ has been campaigning at welterweight for the past five or six years. Pacquiao’s last knock-out victory came against Miguel Cotto in late 2009. Though the fight was at welterweight, the bout was set at a catch-weight of 145 pounds. Manny Pacquiao had Cotto down in rounds 3 and 4. The contest ended with Pacquiao stopping a battered, bruised and bloodied Miguel Cotto, in the 12th and final round via TKO.

This certainly does not prove that the power is no longer evident, but it clearly makes you think that the ferocious ‘Pacman’ power has slightly declined (as I previously said, at welterweight) or has never carried up to the weight-class at all. However, they do say that in boxing, the last thing to go is the power.

With all the aforementioned and Manny Pacquiao having never claimed a victory via KO/TKO at true welterweight, does this mean that Pacquiao’s power is still there in abundance, but just not at the 147 weight limit — or is there something else surrounding the power issue?

In Manny Pacquiao’s last outing at welterweight (catch-weight of 144 pounds) against Chris Algieri, Pacquiao put Algieri down six times (although two of the six were likely slips) but Manny Pacquiao could not put Chris Algieri away inside the scheduled 12 rounds.

I really can’t see Manny Pacquiao out-boxing Floyd Mayweather to win the contest on the scorecards. I think the only people who actually claim ‘Pacman’ can secure the victory are those thinking with their hearts and not their heads. I do however think the fight will end up a lot closer on the scorecards than most people will actually observe. Super-fights down the years, have a hell of a lot of controversy surrounding the bouts that come down to the judges decision.

At the end of the day, Floyd Mayweather is a naturally bigger, more skilful, super intelligent counter-puncher, with a ring IQ that can not be matched by anyone currently operating in the professional ranks. In short, a better version of Juan Manuel Marquez.

I firmly believe that the one and only way Manny Pacquiao can dethrone Floyd Mayweather is to knock Mayweather out cold. With the evidence we have to go through, it seems highly unlikely the outcome that the Pacquiao fans long to see will come true on May 2nd.

In my opinion, things do not look good for the congressman.


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20 Responses to "How does Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather?"
  1. rene mitra says:

    I believe the author here did the same analysis when Pacman fought Barera and Dela Hoya and we all knew the result. Pacman is an exceptional fighter, he already made a lot of miracles in boxing that other boxers would be able to just dream about his accomplishments (8-division world champion will not be broken for another 100 years), he fights differently when he’s underdog, I can see different Pacman come May 2, a Pacman that we’ve never seen before, more aggressive but cautious, more powerful with accuracy and with more blinding speed. He’s more motivated in this fight. I see mayweather’s bloody face in this fight and manny will come out victorious.

  2. Balagtas says:

    You, maybe correct because Mayweather will come overweight like what he did prior to Marquez fights. Mayweather maybe the same as Marquez, Cotto and Margarito with bloodied face, broken nose and broken orbital bone, then will gamble to launch a lucky punch.

  3. rey says:

    Man, your argument had been mentioned so many times in Mannys fights with Cotto, dela Hoya, Margarito and other bigger opponents. Manny coming from a lesser weight division just run through with these so called giants and look what happened afterwards. Please take note, Floyd is not as big as Margarito, Cotto and dela Hoya but look what Manny did to them.

  4. BOY NECOSIA says:

    What PACMAN will be bringing when he goes up to the ring is not just his speed and power but above all he has God with him in the ring. MONEY MAYWEATHER is a humbug guy but MANNY is a humble man…GOD BLESS US ALL ON MAY 2….

  5. Floyd declared & swear to high heaven that he will KO Pacquiao in less than 6 rounds. Did Ariza promised him that? or are they going to hire Heredia, so Floyd can be like Hulk, (or the 175 pounder Pit Bull) or Hulk Marquez?
    which is which..
    But Floyd’s facial expression wasnt sure if he can do it, knocking Pacquiao out in 5. Facial expression & body language dont lie just like the numbers.
    While Pacquiao was calm & firm.

    By the way, why they didnt invite the father-trainer of Floyd to the stage?. they should, right? oh, thats unfair because Roach was there.

  6. Hernan says:

    If things does not look good for Manny, this day face-off Floyd does not look right. He is sweating and stuttering and croaking all over. It was a good thing there were no shark around because you can smell fear a mile away.

  7. Bugster says:

    Naturally floyds minions and supporters will prop up their man no matter what and i bet they had a big surprise yesterday on that press con because their boy floyd was stuttering and breaking his voice on several occasion. He looked scared man and talked scared period. What happened to the cocky loud mouth brash and trash talker Floyd who even chocked Victor Ortiz during their face off? Yesterday he looked like he just had a circumcision…lol

  8. Dave says:

    Everyone concerned has obviously been told to tone things down at the presser, putting them all outside of their normal comfort zone, afraid to speak and upset the wrong person at this stage.

    There are a lot of sponsors involved and the promoters will not want any problems with any of those sponsors.

  9. Yul says: did not discount the humane character of Pacman for being so merciful not to inflict too much damage to his opponents..this time will be very different because of so much humiliation thrown by Floyd’s camp way back the fight is still being hatched..and at the end of this fight, Mayweather will receive the worst punishment that he will never forget in his entire life–mark my word!

  10. sonny says:

    Maybe pacman will win maybe he will lose,,but d truth is pacquiao is a warrior of boxing…his heart is a big factor for him,,,,thats why pacman achieved his 8division champion…coz his greatest weapon is his heart…….go pacman.

    • Are you for real says:

      No, its because he carried power at that weight and made catchweights and drained his opposition to be able to claim many of those world titles.

      Thats what it is…You believe what you want to believe, I believe what I know.

    • Are you for real says:

      an that greatest weapon didnt do him much use when Marquez cracked the taste out of his mouth and laid manny out cold as ice! ICED!
      I guess you could say his heart was in his mouth!

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol.manny gna knock the teeth out of your thrash talking big money making ape.are you for real or you may be blind or just plain stupid.mayweather had no choice but to put up or retire.his big ugly mudafuken mouth was no where to be heard on the press conference coz he was too busy drinking his water.pissing his pants about all the shit he was saying about pacman.your ape didnt wana upset the lion.on 2nd of may, the lion will beat your ape and you and all his fans can all make up excuses.the rat was crawling out of his vigina at conference.he even had justin beiber thier to comfort dumb ass.

  11. Hamz says:

    Lets put it this way………..
    If someone put a gun to your head and said to you: LIVE OR DIE Who wins….
    Mayweather or Pacquiao PICK NOW!

    Let me see your heart and your God sway your foolishness in making your live or die decision.

  12. H Town says:

    Wherze all tha cats saying floyds a coward an a chicken an all that shit now huh?

    Fuck u at crazy pactards FUCK YALL AT?

    wha a fucking joke man

    fuck outta here, jus like may 2nd nowhere ta be seen an shit!


    • Anonymous says:

      Dude he was thier at the conference praising pacman, never seen floyd drink so much water and so silent at press.let me guess, hell am just gna break it down to you like this.the ape thought he coud intimidate and thrash talk his way to the end.untill he bumped into a lion.feel me!!!! Thats right a lion, not an ape a pretty ape.or rich talking ape.fooling ppl like you that his better than everyone sure you have a box of kleenex next to you after the fight.who knows you might need it to wipe I have to give your pretty ape win or loose now.just for fighting pac.nothing else!!!

  13. dondix says:

    i’m a pacmanian but i’m a little bit worried about this fight because if pacquiao wasn’t able to dismantle bradley in their first and second encounter, how can he do that to mayweather- a more skillful and slick opponent? pacquiao needs to knock mayweather out cold because he can’t win via decision-remember it’s vegas. again, the question is how can he do that? he wasn’t able to knock opponents out in 6 or 7 years?

  14. Vin says:

    I think Floyd wins it via controversial split decision. In contrary to Pac EAT Money shirt, Floyd is seen wearing this shirt yesterday lol
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  15. Vin says:

    Pacman should have a perfect fight to beat the best ever. I have FLoyd winning via unanimous D. But what is a perfect fight for Pac? It would be hard to get to floyd’s defense. His speed and power should be the key and perhaps a perfect fight is for him to improve his defense and bring back his killer instict.

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