Jeff Mayweather: “I think Manny Pacquiao is basically now just a gatekeeper. He’s not going to beat Terence Crawford!”

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‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather is well known around the boxing circles for his work as a trainer. The former IBO super featherweight champion has turned several fighters into world champions and also works with many young fighters that are trying to reach their world champion goals. He is also the uncle to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and has been ringside for most of his nephew’s career.

In part 2 of my interview with Jeff Mayweather, I discuss with him the chances that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. Jeff also shares his thoughts on Canelo vs. Golvokin, picking who he favors winning that fight. Additionally, I get Mayweather’s thoughts on Horn vs. Pacquiao and Terence Crawford. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Robert Brown: Jeff, do you think Floyd Mayweather would of considered a rematch with Manny Pacquiao if Pacquiao did not make excuses after he lost?

Jeff Mayweather: Yeah, if Pacquiao had been man enough, because Floyd did what he was going to do. Floyd did exactly what Floyd does, he made Pacquiao look like an average fighter. Everyone is mad at Floyd because Floyd did what he does. Pacquiao was the one that was supposed to bring fireworks and supposed to knock Floyd out but he was just like everyone else, he got played with. Because of that, he didn’t want to accept it and basically made a bogus excuse where never once did he complain when he was fighting at all. If you got a torn rotator cuff, believe me you’re going to complain and everybody is going to see it. He was going for the kill but he couldn’t land.

(Listen to the full interview here)

Robert Brown: If Gennady Golovkin fights Canelo Alvarez in September, who would you be backing?

Jeff Mayweather: I don’t know, that’s a real tough one. Earlier on I was leaning towards Golovkin but as the fight grows closer, I start leaning more towards Canelo because Canelo is the more all around fighter. Canelo has defense, he throws great combinations, can move on his feet. Golovkin is a decent boxer but for the most part he just goes for the kill and he’s not going to always land a shot, and Canelo can punch too, so nobody knows what ‘GGG’ can take.

Unfortunately for Golovkin, he’s in a division where he’s the king but everyone else is so much inferior to him. It’s great to be king but if you want to be great, you have to step up to the next weight class or you have to step up to the opponents that people want to see you fight. Don’t get me wrong, the Canelo thing is business, and Canelo is basically milking his position as long as he can before he takes that kind of risk, and it makes sense. At the same time, it’s a real fight that can actually go either way.

Robert Brown: Manny Pacquiao is going to be fighting Jeff Horn. Why do you think Bob Arum is making a fight like this? What are your thoughts on the fight?

Jeff Mayweather: It’s just a cash out. A guy whose most significant win is Randall Bailey, that speaks volumes right there because at the end of the day, Pacquiao fought maybe ten guys that are past the level of Randall Bailey and we’re talking a prime Randall Bailey, not the Randall of old.

Robert Brown: Last time we spoke you said that you thought Terence Crawford would beat Pacquiao and could possibly even knock him out. Do you still believe that?

Jeff Mayweather: I think that Terence Crawford is a very big guy. People that don’t know him or haven’t seen him or stood next to him, they don’t realize how big he is. I think that he’s a fighter that’s on the way up and he’s getting better and better with each fight. I think Pacquiao is basically now just a gatekeeper. The guys who are not at the top echelon he will probably beat, but the guys who are hot like Errol Spence or Terence Crawford, he’s not going to beat those guys.

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  1. enrique says:

    Jeff Mayweather always against PACMAN. I told many times PACMAN is ultimate best. Floyd Mayweather is SPAM. He won the fight always because of paid judges. Look the previous fight of Pacman and Floyd it was totally DRAW.. Nobody dominates the fight. Now, lets talk with Crawford. He is overhyped and he cannot beat Pacman that’s for sure. Pacman is ultimate best. Jeff you are MORON bullshit with brain in foot not in Head. Sorry Moron

    • Ernest says:

      Said it right Enrique. Jeff Mayweather is a dumb moron

    • Lee Speight says:

      Never heard as much shite talked in a paragraph in my life! Pacmans a joke, because hes ruled by arum. Its obvious this horn fight is a warm up for crawford and crawford will beat him just like floyd did, was a miss match just like the crawford fight will be.

  2. Rob Wards7 says:

    Crawford is overrated. He is being protected by Arum. Another Broner in the making. If he wins against the likes of a Thurman or Spence, then count me in as a believer.

  3. mac says:

    i cant believe.. somebody is still interviewing that alien looking dont know what

  4. Tenzin says:

    Its in your dream that Floyd defeated manny pacquaio. Either the judges are paid or they were drugged. I mean its obvious. Look at the fans reaction. Read the comments in social networks. Oh come on.

  5. rae lee says:

    as always and expected the mayweather’s clan only not appreciate what Manny does in boxing

  6. NHEL says:


  7. bod kebab says:

    jeff you dont know boxing stay as a trainer hide form camer because you are very ugly niger .. well said @ Mac alien freak.. Manny is the best boxer at all time..

  8. […] “It’s just a cash out,” Mayweather said during an interview with Robert Brown of “On the Ropes Boxing Radio.” […]

  9. […] “It’s just a cash out,” Mayweather said during an interview with Robert Brown of “On the Ropes Boxing Radio.” […]


    you are mothafucker stupid uncle jeff. that shit midget mothafucker pacman beat me at my own fucking game mothafucker uncle. shame on you garbage looking mothafucker idiot uncle! shame on you!!! that mothafucker manny pacquiao is the best of this fucking era even of all time you mothafucker!!!

  11. anonymous says:

    Manny cannot beat Crawford. Crawford is bigger than Manny but squeezes down to jr welterweight. Manny fights bigger fighters but is protected. But Arum will not protect him if they ever meet because it’s the passing of torch.

  12. Pacquiao is a champion not a gatekeeper.

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