Jeff Mayweather: “There’s no shame in losing to Floyd because Manny Pacquiao lost to him just like everybody else.”

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‘Jazzy’ Jeff Mayweather fought as a professional boxer for nine years, accumulating a record of 32-10-5 (10 KO’s) and winning the IBO super featherweight title. While Jeff had a good career in the ring, his work in the corner is what he is most known for as he has turned several boxers into world champions.

In part 2 of my interview with Jeff Mayweather, I get his thoughts on the next stars in boxing and who he thinks can carry the sport forward. Jeff also talks about a Pacquiao-Crawford bout and if he thinks Crawford could knock Pacquiao out. Additionally, Mayweather gives his views on Pacquiao legacy and how fans will remember him. Here is what Jeff Mayweather had to say.

Robert Brown: Who do you think are the next guys that are going to take boxing forward and become the next mega stars of the sport?

Jeff Mayweather: I think the guys that are gonna be the stars in the sport are going to be the guys like Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, Lomachenko, Nicholas Walters, then of course you got Gennady Golovkin and Kovalev. You got a lot of young guys and you still have some other guys that may be a little older but they can carry the sport as well because there’s still some good fights out there to be made that haven’t been made.

Robert Brown: Do you think if Terence Crawford fought Manny Pacquiao that he would beat him by knockout or by points?

Jeff Mayweather: I would think it’s by points. Don’t get me wrong, the one thing about boxing is that boxing is the theater of death and one punch can change anything. Manny has been knocked out more than once, so it ain’t like he can’t be knocked out, especially from a guy that he doesn’t know if the punch is coming from one side or the other. There’s a possibility that he could be knocked out, but if that fight were happening and I was gonna bet on that fight and I was gonna pick the winners, I would pick Crawford.

(Listen to the full Jeff Mayweather interview here)

Robert Brown: Do you think Bob Arum may pick Amir Khan instead of Crawford to fight Manny?

Jeff Mayweather: That’s a high possibility. Don’t get me wrong, even though Crawford is an up and coming fighter, he has no value. At the end of the day, Manny is not gonna fight his last fight by fighting a young hungry lion like that, as opposed to fighting a guy that he knows if he hits on the chin, he has a chance of going. Amir Khan is established and he has a pretty decent following as well, so you can do a pay-per-view fight with those two and Manny will make another great pay day before he leaves.

Robert Brown: Do you think it’s going to be hard for Pacquiao to bring the hunger back up again after losing to Floyd Mayweather?

Jeff Mayweather: No I don’t think so. It didn’t make any difference whenever Manny fought Floyd, what happened was gonna happen anyways. At the end of the day, there’s no shame in losing to Floyd because the one thing is this, Manny lost to him just like everybody else.

Robert Brown: How much do you think Manny’s legacy was hurt by all the shoulder stuff after the fight with Floyd?

Jeff Mayweather: I think he hurt himself and it’s one of those things in which he waited to try to tell this BS once he was in there with the biggest fight, the fight that was supposedly the fight of the century and then once he got his ass whooped, he made up all of those excuses. Never once in the corner did he complain about this so called injury, and you’re throwing punches at full force from round one to round twelve.

Whenever he had those cramps, every time he came to the corner he said, “Oh I got a cramp in my calf.” Of course everybody knows what that is about, but even when you have Max Kellerman who is the HBO announcer tells you, “Manny, you did not win that fight.” He made a fool of himself, he really did. All of the credibility that he had, all of the power that he had, and all of the fans that he had behind him, some of them have to look at Manny in a different light.

Here’s a guy who during the whole press conference all he talked about was God and how after he beats Floyd how he’s gonna sit down and talk to Floyd about God. Once he got his ass whooped, he never mentioned God ever again. I think that you got in that way saying that God chose you to win. Robert Guerrero did the same thing, “God chose me to beat Floyd.” God was there watching both of you and neither of you won, neither one of you even came close to winning.

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  1. Glen says:

    Only crackheads MAYWEATHER can say those words!

  2. Yeah no shame if you can’t catch the fastest chicken! ugly Crackhead!!

  3. SunCityBoxing says:

    I see the comments calling Jeff a crackhead, but Jeff has a Bachelors degree, is a former world champion,and has trained numerous world champions. Why all the hate?

    • Gerald McClaren says:

      Mayweather is the most hated boxer on earth. It is pure jealousy. Oh, he burned and spend too much money, however, it’s not our money. This is America, a person can spend his or her money how they please. He has spent money that was earned in the ring. Oh, he’s a runner, a boxer cannot run and outscored an opponent without hitting that person.
      Give him credit for what he has accomplished as a boxer.

      • JLo says:

        We knew that Floyd was a great boxer.But we also knew that he (Floyd) was not the winner between the fight with Manny the whole world knew it. So, Jeff stop talking non-sense!

  4. Lily says:

    The Mayweathers are addicted to pacquiao

  5. Petrus says:

    yes floyd he won the fight of the cuntuary with no wonder about then.coz i watched and even used to repeat watching that.floyd he did his best.

  6. Petrus says:

    let us just except that floyd he is the best ever,apart from jealous..pac manny there’s no life after the death man.the man he beat you just like the way you use to beat others.