Jenna Jay: “If Manny Pacquiao gets an offer to fight Mayweather he better take it, because I think it will be the last offer he’s gonna get.”

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Jenna Jay is a multi-award winning journalist and founder of the “On The Ropes” Boxing Radio show. She has interviewed the likes of Andre Ward, Carl Froch, Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Sr, Emanuel Steward, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and many more. In this interview we discuss a variety of topics such as the recent comeback of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and whether the current version of Pacquiao we saw against Rios could beat Timothy Bradley, as well as the likelihood of a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather mega bout. Also in the interview we cover topics like the upcoming Paulie Malignaggi vs. Zab Judah fight and the probable Khan-Mayweather match up, Haye/Fury saga, Deontay Wilder’s legitimacy and much more.


The Return Of Pacquiao and the likelihood of a mega bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Whether this version of Manny Pacquiao could beat Timothy Bradley

The upcoming Brooklyn war between Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah

Khan’s legitimacy in deserving a Mayweather bout

What’s coming up on OTR

Deontay Wilder the real deal or just another product?

Haye/Fury Saga

Jenna J Quotables:

“No I don’t think Amir Khan will cause any problems for Floyd Mayweather Jr”

“I don’t think Amir Khan deserves this fight!”

“Almost getting stopped by Julio Dias does not get you a shot at the best pound for pound fighter on the planet, honestly I think the fight is a bit of a farce”

“I don’t see Amir Khan posing any type of a problem for Floyd, Amir Khan has not been able to fix up all of his defensive flaws”

“I think Floyd will pick Amir Khan apart”

“If Floyd chooses to and hits Khan right on the button with the right counter shot he can stop him”

“I think Paulie Malignaggi possesses the speed skill and the ring smarts to really put it to Zab Judah and win a close decision”

“At some point I believe Deontay Wilder will be moved into a vacant belt or interim belt and he can call himself a champion without facing real champions. I believe that is what’s going to happen”

“I am just so confused as to why people even care about David Haye anymore. What has he done?”

“I don’t think anyone should talk about David Haye in any legitimate fashion anymore, if he gets the fight with Vitali Klitschko things will change”

“I think Tyson fury is fed up with the game in 2013. I don’t believe he will retire in 2014, you will see the comeback”

“I believe this version of Pacquiao will beat Timothy Bradley easier, he’s smarter, more defensively conscious, I see Manny boxing and winning a decision, 9 rounds to 3 at worst 8 rounds to 4”

“I don’t hold the optimism that I used to have that Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather will happen. politics the two big promoters won’t work with each other, another thing that will get in the road Manny Pacquiao better be prepared to take a lump sum he has not earned the right to dictate terms at this point, if he gets an offer he better take it because I think that is the last offer he’s gonna get”

It was indeed a pleasure to catch-up with the Queen of boxing radio Jenna Jay going passed her 500th interview and coming up to her 204th episode. You can find all the latest at stay tuned for this and more from Jenna Jay

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36 Responses to "Jenna Jay: “If Manny Pacquiao gets an offer to fight Mayweather he better take it, because I think it will be the last offer he’s gonna get.”"
  1. robert ko boxing brown says:

    It has been an extremely successful year for Jenna Jay and on the ropes it was a pleasure to Interview who i consider one of the best if not the best boxing journalist in the world, in an extremely productive and positive year for on the ropes and myself.

  2. per honor says:

    What an irresponsible article. Pacquiao to accept whatever offer given by Mayweather. For sure, Mayweather, the convict, with your help, will offer a penny to Pacquiao inf order for the fight not to happen. What a shame for a veteran to make an article that is so self serving.

    • Johntor Tero says:

      Hey Janna I admire you before but not now! How could you think like stupid like that! How about winner takes all both take for drug test before and after the fight and let’s see whose afraid and really a fighter and that’s and article not rubbish.

  3. Mr. Right says:

    I would prefer for Manny not fight Maynever if the offer is not a fair offer. Don’t you insult the integrity and intelligence of the filipino nation.

  4. Gene says:

    How about if the offer to Pacquiao appears to have a big disparity? It happened already in the past as if Floyd was pricing himself out. Could one blame Pacquiao if he refuses if the offer tends to humiliate him?

  5. wbox says:

    Pacman is the greatest fighter by virtue of his 8 Weight Division World Titles, w/c nobody even comes close. Mayweather is an untested great fighter because he never fought competitive fights. Pacquiao does not need Mayweather.

  6. xerxes evangelista says:

    Manny don’t need mayweather, if he’s asking for the moon better the fight won’t happen, even i’m salivating to see mayweather lying on the canvas..

  7. artjd says:

    The problem is Floydie will never offer anything to Pacquiao because he, Floydie, is still scared stiff of Pacquaio.

  8. the kid says:

    Jenna Jay must got a load of of FMJ ‘s milky juice. The champ don’t need that mofo is you crazy? He’s a thug who’s fan is a bunch of asswipes. Pac is a global icon. Get your shiet straight..

  9. Mr. Right says:

    How about 2 promotional company having 2 pay per view.
    If someone buys Showtime ppv Maynever keeps 100% of it. If they choose HBO Pacquiao and Top Rank keeps 100% of that as well.

  10. Floyd the twice caught with PEDS (ask Gabriel Montoya, he has a good trace on the results) (ask Arum too! but he wont squeal for the love of dollars). Floydie the racist (video proof all over youtube). Floydie the woman beater. And this is my favourite – FLOYDIE the SUCKER PUNCHER! OMG!

    Jenna, i be you are pretty, show your pic on your site. And if you are pretty indeed then rest on those laurels alone. And please stop telling your friends to praise here. That is just so pathetic.

  11. jennaloyd says:

    40 million dollars and no paperview purse? its not gonna happen gayweather is too scared to face the fastest boxer on the planet

  12. floydolts says:

    Mayweather offered Pacquiao millions to lose…….in a fixed fight. In return, Pacquiao offered him a winner takes all and shut the Chicken’s mouth temporarily.

  13. ton says:

    The author makes it sound like Mayweather has been offering Pacquiao a fight and Pacquiao keeps turning it down.

  14. phil borda says:

    Pacquiao losing to Marquez by knockout is not humiliating. Anybody can be knocked out by a lucky punch from an opponent who is losing the fight and about to go down. What is humiliating is for Pacquiao to accept the ludicrously demeaning offer from Mayweather meant purposely to do just that. Mayweather, win or loss, can afterwards humiliate Pacquiao by insinuating that Pacquiao begged on his knees for him to accept the fight and since Pacquiao looked like he needs the money to buy food for himself and his family, out of the goodness of his heart, he was compelled to agree. If you really believe that Mayweather can beat Pacquiao, why don’t you persuade Mayweather to have a side bet, winner take all? That way, he has a chance to win a lot more money than Pacquiao. To fight a fight that will make you loss face even after a win is not worth the fight.

  15. EdL says:

    I would rather that Manny not accept a fight with No-balls Floyd if the money split is grossly unfair. Manny does not need a Mayweather fight as his legacy is already secure now as the only 8-division champion while Mayweather’s legacy will be remembered as the “rich coward” boxer who did not want to fight the Pacman, the best pound-for-pound fighter so he offered unacceptable terms to hide the fact that he really doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao. .As Timothy Bradley said, “Floyd is scared of Manny”.

  16. pikkon says:

    Why would Manny accept 20/80, 30/70,40/60 share?…Manny’s offer was 45/55 split is fair enough…The only fool who accepted Floyd’s offer of $5M while Floyd would get $100M was Canelo Alvarez..Alvarez has large Mexican following with 2.2M PPV share when he fought Floyd..Like De la Hoya when he fought Floyd with 2.5M PPV..Both Mexican fighters have large Mexican following which benefited Floyd Mayweather….Floyd used the popularity of De la Hoya and Canelo Alvarez to enriched himself…Manny Pacquaio is smarter than the two when he did not accept the $40M offer…

  17. exconv says:

    That’s the end of the story, Co’z Mayweather, will make offer again for sure will not be acceptable for the other party and use last PPV result of Paquaio, as the result of Arum’s experiment by placing fight out of the United States.

  18. exconv says:

    Anybody in this world can create 3 million PPV buys to be a tango partner with Gayweather? Therefore no Paquiao no 3 million buys. 55 and 45 is fair period

    • oliver says:

      That’s fair enough for the both of them.but mayweather has other intention and excuses for not to fight the pacman.we all know that thing.

  19. jackpot says:

    thats the way gaygreeder is, to offer in his own g00d.

  20. exconv says:

    To have reason, not fighting against the midget, one dimensional fighter and Blah,Blah, Blah

  21. reneo says:

    manny will always fight mayweather. the question is would mayweather fight him?

  22. Barok says:

    Manny is a global icon. He was even invited to the White House by no less than the US president. Manny , a foreigner, changed the outcome of a US Senatorial election by helping Senator Reid get elected. Manny has several endorsement, which attest to his popularity worldwide. If Gayweather gets invited to the White House and gets endorsements, then he could probably say that he is more popular and, therefore, will get the lion’s share. But, he is not. Gayweather’s neighbors in Las Vegas even hate him and won’t buy his PPV.

  23. Jenna Jay is a dick sucker of floydie team…she is one of few american boxing follower of thier own cowardness…what a big joke and wasting my time reading article of self centered ego maniac americans boxing writers shiiiit

  24. Boyet says:

    It is useless, Floyd is chicken These are his tactic to duck, he wants to be lionuse needles, accuse opponents as using steroids and PEDs, wants to have a weight allowance to wiggle, fight opponents when they are old, fights opponents at weight division that is not optimum for the opponent, retire when fight is inevitable, says he needs tune up fights and most of all he wants to be a lion and dont want to be a chicken in money sharing. I fhis opponent get knocked out by a lucky single shot, he will say that he hope that threat boxer will be ok, but paray that he will not recover fully. His statements , actions and even his prayers are all cowardess in nature. he is the greatest pretender and the greatest ducker of all time.

  25. exconv says:


  26. Cycluns says:

    The most reasonable offer is a guaranteed 40/40 for both Pacquiao and Mayweather plus a bonus for 20% for the winner. Whoever wins get 60% while the loser get 40%. Split the bonus in case of a draw. For the PPV share, both camps must submit the last 10 fights PPV records of each fighter and determine the share based on the average PPV results. If Floydie thinks he can surely beat Pacquiao then he has no problem with the split. Or have a neutral Court judge decide on their purse. Fair enough?

  27. EJTwice says:

    Who is this author? I never heard of this kid.

  28. chengrey says:

    The great Floyd Jr will not fight Manny ___ he don’t want to loss!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Offer from Mayweather? are you kidding me? not even in Mayweather’s dream he would offer Pacquiao a fight!!! Floyd know’s he can’t use his shoulder roll defense against a volume fighter southpaw…..

  30. robert ko boxing brown says:


  31. Ron says:

    Who has Pacquiao fought to be better than Floyd? Oscar, Hatton, Marquez, Mosley, Cotto? All dominated by Mayweather. And $40 million is more money than Pacquiao will ever make in one fight. Floyd made close to $100 million his last fight, so what can Manny offer him he hasn’t already made. Pacquiao needs Mayweather not the other way around. Pacquiao beat a bum in Rios and to hear everybody on here talk, you would’ve thought he beat the #1 p4p. Canelo would beat Rios with one hand tied behind his back. Now after being knocked out Pacquiao wants random drug testing and it’s funny how all of sudden Pacquiao power mysteriously disappeared and how smaller his head has gotten.