Jessie Vargas: “I’m being prepared to be in a big fight with Manny Pacquiao, the best southpaw out there”

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Jessie Vargas is currently the WBA regular light welterweight champion and fighter whose stock in the boxing world has been on the rise in 2014. Besides beating two undefeated fighters, winning a title and having his biggest win to date against Antonio Demarco, he has also acquired a new trainer who’s no stranger to the spotlight the sport can bring.

In part 1 of my interview with Jessie Vargas, I discuss with him his recent impressive win over Antonio Demarco and if he thinks he is now ready for the main event spotlight. I also talk to Jessie about his new trainer, Roy Jones Jr, and how he thinks Jones has changed him as a fighter. Additionally Vargas shared his thoughts on the possibility of fighting Manny Pacquiao and gave his views on Pacquiao’s most recent win. Here is what Jessie Vargas had to say.

Jenna J: Let’s talk about your last victory. You were in the ring with Antonio Demarco in Macao, China. How do you evaluate your performance?

Jessie Vargas: I think we had a great performance and most importantly the fans enjoyed the fight from what we could see and the feedback that we’re getting. They enjoyed the fight, they were very happy with it and that’s what comes first, we want to please the fans. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do, is always give a fight for the fans to enjoy and we did.

Antonio Demarco did his part by coming prepared one hundred percent — you could tell that the guy was in great shape, it was a great opportunity for him but we were always a step ahead. We had a great preparation and I have a great team, including Roy Jones Jr. and Angel Heredia, Rafael Garcia also my cutman, Russ Anber. I have a phenomenal team and I’m very happy to be able to put this team together, it’s a dream team. The sky is the limit and we’re looking forward to 2015.

Jenna J: Roy Jones Jr. is a new addition to your corner, what’s it like working with him?

Jessie Vargas: He was a major factor in this fight. Roy Jones has a lot of knowledge on the game, he says it himself that he’s a boxing encyclopedia. The man has a lot of information to give, a lot of knowledge and he explains it so well and to perfection with a lot of detail, which makes it easier for me to get the hang of it and to catch on very quickly.

Jenna J: One thing Roy was known for was for adding flash into his performances. Do you think that’s something he might add to your game?

Jessie Vargas: Yeah he’s adding plenty of things that he does or the way he sees the game. He gives me the information and knowledge and it just helps me develop as a fighter. You saw on November 22nd a different Jessie Vargas, much more experienced.

I think with each fight I get a lot of experience and now having Roy Jones, the experience that he’s given me, the knowledge that he has and is passing on to me, it’s very helpful and I think that you’re gonna see a better Jessie Vargas the next fight. That’s the thing we want to improve, to always give you the best Jessie Vargas in each fight.

I’m young, I’m twenty five years old and I believe that I’m destined for big things. That’s my dream and I truly believe that I can accomplish it and I truly believe I can make it happen. All the sacrifice, all the hard work, it will come. God willing, it will come.

Jenna J: You’ve been on the under card of Manny Pacquiao fights on a few occasions. Do you think with your recent win and with Roy in your corner that you can headline your own card?

Jessie Vargas: Definitely, without a doubt. I think we’re in that position but I’ll leave that up to my promoter, Bob Arum and my manager Cameron Dunkin. I believe they know exactly what they’re doing and whatever they say is best for the next move, that’s what we’re gonna take.

Speaking of Manny Pacquiao, we do know it’s a fight that could possibly happen in the near future. Not only that but I fought three southpaws already in a row, so I believe that’s a clue. Maybe I’m being prepared to be in a big fight with Manny Pacquiao. He’s a southpaw himself and he’s the best southpaw out there.

I’ve done very good with the last three opponents and I’m looking forward to a bigger opportunity and to really show the people who Jessie Vargas is and what I’m capable of doing. I know that I will elevate my game as the competition rises.

Jenna J: I’m curious, seeing as you’re talking about potentially fighting Manny Pacquiao, what did you think of his last performance with Chris Algieri?

Jessie Vargas: I think he fought a good fight. He’s a great fighter, everyone knows that and you have to give him that credit. He’s not invincible but he put up a great fight. He showed that Algieri didn’t have the experience to beat him and I think that was Algieri’s downfall, his inexperience and Manny Pacquiao has that. He picked his weak spots.

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  1. berto says:

    Shut up boy we want floyduck next

  2. floydcott says:

    don’t be in a hurry boy your too green for manny. If you want to have a long boxing career you must avoid manny or else…

  3. Billabong says:

    No way will this happen this dude has no fans is boring to watch has no power and really would get smashed by broner . pod, khan, maidana , thurman, zab judah, algeri, bradley, chavez junior, brandon rios, alexander, mikey garcia, deigo chavez, crawford, .. hes fought no one ! this would be the biggest bullshit fight ever.. how could you even sell this.. he even acts like a girl . .

  4. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Vargas ‘ style is no threath to Manny. This kid doesnt know how to place his punches. De Marco almost defeated him. Roy Jones must work harder to make this kid a worthy opponent for Pacquiao. Manny will annihilate this guy even at 40 years old!

  5. mika says:

    whew! another wanna be?hahaha

  6. LOL says:

    I already have a bad feeling that it will be Vargas. I mean come on now. This kid offers nothing that could possibly bother Pacquaio in the ring. Doesn’t place his shots, poor defense, slow fighter. easy to tag. Pacquaio would knock this kid out unless he’s lucky to be standing by the 12th. Who even wants to see a possible one sided fight like this? I mean yes we would see Jessie being, outworked and outclassed and beaten up badly. Nothing else.

  7. glen says:

    If Arum and Manny made this fight, I will never watch boxing ever again. This is worst than Algieri.

  8. ed says:

    No one is intrested to bums like you mr. Vargas. The world wants to see Floyd vs. Manny and not just some wannabe such as you.

  9. PACMANUSA says:

    Who the fuck is this guy ?

    And what reason does Pacquiao have to fight him other then a paycheck ?

    Only two fights with any meaning for Pacquiao are Gayfeather and MarRoids . And we all know Mayfag will make ridiculous stipulations so the fight never happens . And Marquez will just turn the fight down .

    Bottom line is they are both SCARED to fight Pacquiao on an even playing field .

  10. datu says:

    You’ll be slaughtered like chicken….

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