John Molina: “I think this time around Manny Pacquiao is ripe for the pickings, I think Bradley wins!”

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John Molina is a rugged light welterweight contender who has fought the likes of Adrien Broner, Lucas Matthysse and many other notable fighters. He is known for his aggressive, fan friendly style and has been getting prime time attention through the PBC boxing series. In part 2 of my interview with John Molina, I discuss with him the upcoming Pacquiao – Bradley rematch and get his views on who wins. Molina also talks about Thurman vs. Porter and breaks down the Chris Algieri – Errol Spence fight, giving his prediction for who wins. Here is what John Molina had to say.

Robert Brown: How do you see the third match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley going? Do you see eddy Atlas making any difference in the result of the match?

John Molina: Teddy Atlas is a hell of a trainer, he’s been in there with some great guys. He’s a hell of a motivator and sometimes that’s what Timothy Bradley needs to light a fire under his butt. I think this time around Manny is ripe for the pickings, I think Bradley has more of the momentum going his way given the fact that he’s a little bit younger.

Bradley’s been in some wars but at the same time I think Pacquiao is a little longer in the tooth, and I think that’s going to show on that night. Personally I don’t care for the fight too much but if I was picking a winner, I would definitely side with Bradley right now, given the fact that he’s a little more fresh in the legs as opposed to Pacquiao.

I don’t care to see this fight again but it’s the fight that’s out there. I think Top Rank knows that Pacquiao is a little bit past his prime and they are using his name right now, but Pacquiao had a hell of a career, he was a hell of a fighter and a definite Hall of Famer of our time, I give him all the credit in the world. I think this is kind of a going away party for himself.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter fight?

John Molina: That’s a great match up, both guys are in their primes. Keith Thurman has faced some adversity in the ring but he always comes out on top. Given Shawn Porter’s style and the momentum that he has going in his corner for him, I think it’s a great fight. Two of the best at this time right now and we’re going to see who the winner is.

They’re both good friends of mine, so may the best man win that night. But as far as intrigue goes, that’s a hell of a fight, you have one guy who brings it all the time, and believe it or not, I would say Thurman is more of the boxer in this fight given the styles.

Thurman is always dangerous with his punching power but with that being said, Shawn Porter is no slouch, that guy will always be in your face and he brings 110% every minute of every round. That’s an intriguing fight, both guys are going to go through some adversity, we’re gonna see who comes out on top. If you ask me to pick a winner, I can’t pick one right now, maybe as it gets closer. As of right now, that’s a great fight to watch, great for the fans and great for the sport.

Robert Brown: Chris Algieri landed himself a fight against Errol Spence, how do you see this fight playing out?

John Molina: Personally I think that Errol Spence is a little big for the division. I think he’s having trouble making 147lbs and I don’t foresee him fighting at 147 very much longer, I think he’s really a 154lb fighter. Chris Algieri has the width about him and the athleticism about him to give him problems, but at the end of the day you have a bigger man in Errol Spence.

I really think Spence is going to be making his move to 154 pretty soon, I think 147 will be hard for him to make. He’s a big guy, he’s not small by any stretch of the imagination and that’s not knocking his skill and technique, the guy is a hell of a fighter.

I gotta give credit to Chris Algieri for taking the fight against someone like Errol Spence. It’s a good test, it will be the biggest name on the resume of Errol Spence and I think it’s going to answer a lot of questions. I see Algieri giving him issues and problems but I just think Errol Spence will be too big, too strong and too young on that night for the fight.

Robert Brown: Do you see a stoppage in this fight?

John Molina: I think Algieri is smart enough to get out of there and survive. Algieri was very underrated until the Provodnikov fight, he did well against Amir Khan. I just think that Errol Spence is just a bigger man and I think the strength and size factor will play the difference in this fight.

I believe Algieri is smart enough to weather the storm for the duration of the fight, but when you’re coming after a guy with everything you’ve got and you’re not able to faze him, he’s not going to be able to gain the respect of Errol Spence to derail him. Can I see a stoppage in this fight? Yes I can, but I do think Algieri is a smart fighter and I believe he will be able to get out of harms way to be able to go the distance in this fight.

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