John Scully: “If Pacquiao wins against Bradley and is still in big debt, there is only Floyd Mayweather to wipe that slate clean”

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Recently I had the pleasure of speak with John Scully, who is one of the most respected trainers, boxing analysts and historians in the game. He is now running a stable out of Florida and working on a book based on his life in boxing called The Iceman Diaries, he also trained former light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson. A variety of topics were discussed in this interview, which include the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley rematch, the rise of Deontay Wilder, the likely hood of a future Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather mega bout, and much more.

Robert Brown: In your opinion does Deontay Wilder’s recent first round KO now confirm his legitimacy as a top contender, can he contend against the likes of Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne and even Wladamir Klitschko?

John Scully: I think each of Deontay’s fights have brought him more and more into public consciousness and even though this last one didn’t end without controversy it may have actually gotten his name mentioned even more afterwards. The fact is that with a record like his, even if people don’t believe in him, they are going to tune in to see what all the fuss is about.

With his size and record and power he’s someone to watch, definitely. From strictly the view of a trainer, I would like to see him actually go the distance with someone or be in a tough fight that he wins by late round stoppage before he gets thrown into a fight with the likes of those mentioned in the question.

Robert Brown: Did Danny Garcia just have a bad performance or was he exposed by Mauricio Herrera, who would you like to see Garcia fight next.?

John Scully: I think Danny had a tough fight and showed less than he normally does because not only is it almost impossible to be super sharp and to reach your potential in every fight but he was also in with a very capable guy who had a lot to say about the outcome that night.

Herrera hasn’t gotten enough credit for his showing that night, I think. I think Danny is obviously better than he showed in that fight but Mauricio was part of the reason for that and he deserves his credit.

Robert Brown: How do you see Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley playing out, what is your prediction for that fight?

John Scully: I think both guys looked very good last time out, especially Bradley because he really stepped up and showed much more in the way of excellent technical skills and ring generalship than he did in any of his previous fights. I think confidence wise he is on a real high right now and even though I think Pac showed in his last fight to be still be very formidable I also think the timing is right for Bradley to do much, much better than he did in their first fight against each other.

Robert Brown: Is there a strong possibility of more controversy because judges may give close rounds to Manny Pacquiao this time, as a result of the controversy over the decision in the first fight?

John Scully: Definitely there is. People need to realize that all judges are human, they are boxing fans and they are subject to the same biases and influences as anyone else. I would think that, realistically, it takes a particularly focused individual to score a match with absolutely zero percent bias.

Robert Brown: Why do you believe Floyd Mayweather chose Marcos Maidana over Amir Khan? Did he bow to public pressure over criticism surrounding the legitimacy of the Khan fight?

John Scully: I believe that is part of it, yes. I think with is recent win over Broner that Maidana really deserves the fight and finally the right thing was done. Khan will need to build himself back up to where he was before with at least one or two solid wins where he looks very sharp and fights up to his potential again. Marcos earned this fight the old fashioned way and I appreciate Floyd for seeing that and rewarding him with it.

Robert Brown: If Manny Pacquiao fails to get the Victory over Timothy Bradley should he then retire?

John Scully: Well, it’s not for anyone to tell a guy when he should retire but the fact of the matter is that should he lose to Bradley again it would likely kill much of the extreme desire some still have to see him face Floyd again.

The fact is that a fight between Floyd and Pac was at an extremely desirable point three years ago and they let that boat sail unfortunately. It would take a lot from both men to bring it back up to the fever pitch it was at in, say, 2009.

So if he’s not going to face Floyd or if he puts himself into a position where he’s not seen as even having the potential to win such a fight then he would be sort of stuck in the role of just being another guy who isn’t able to beat Floyd. At that point I guess it all depends if you’re happy competing at a level below the ones you are accustomed to being at.

Robert Brown: Can Miguel Cotto carry his power up to 160 and can Sergio Martinez recover from his recent heath issues and poor performance against Martin Murray? Who comes out on top?

John Scully: I don’t think Cotto will be a real puncher in the true sense of the word at 160. He won’t be a massive hitter but I’m sure he will carry enough pop to get a middleweights attention.

Either way, if Sergio is still as sharp and usual I believe his herky jerky movement and style will see him win a comfortable decision over Cotto.

Robert Brown: Paulie Malignaggi vs. Shawn Porter is also set? What is analysis and prediction on that fight?

John Scully: I really, really thought Shawn looked very good in his last fight, very professional and mature. Paulie stepped up very well against Zab, too, so it’s a good fight that I think will tell a lot about how far Shawn has come. Both guys have the potential to defeat the other, I really believe that, but I’ll hold off on an official prediction until we get closer to the match. It’s going to be a good watch for fans to watch, though.

Robert Brown: Why do so many fighters end up with income tax issues?

John Scully: Because most fighters who come into money are guys who never really had money like that until they hit it big as professional fighters. Many guys go their whole lives with no money, struggling to get by, boxing as amateurs for free then for little money early on as pros. So when they suddenly hit it big in the span of a year or so it’s like a shock to them. Spending and upgrading is a thought before taxes are a thought.

You’re 22 years old and suddenly you have 100 times more money than you’ve ever had before in your entire life combined, you’re first thought generally isn’t to put some away so you can give it to the government a few months down the line.

Fighters simply aren’t educated on such matters like, say, a college educated baseball, basketball or football player is in his college years.

Robert Brown: The fact that Manny Pacquiao has not yet resigned with Top Rank and is millions in debt, Does this mean if Manny gets past Timothy Bradley there is higher probability of the mega bout happening with Floyd Mayweather?

John Scully: Well, if he wins against Bradley and is still in big debt with no other way to get out of it, there is only one way to turn in order to wipe that slate clean in one fell swoop. Only a fool wouldn’t jump on that fight but, by the same token, both of these guys have left 40 million each on the table already so there’s no telling what’s going on in the minds of men who would do something like that.

Robert Brown: Tell us about what is going on in your life and is the book finished?

John Scully: I am currently living in Orlando, Florida and at this time I am working with a few prospects from this area, including undefeated middleweight “Phenomenal” Philip Penson and 2-0 light heavyweight Craig “Danger” Duncan.

I also have several other things in the works but I prefer to keep them quiet right now until if and when they do come to actually pass.

“The Iceman Diaries” has been in the making for over ten years now and I know many are very frustrated that I haven’t finished it yet but the fact of the matter is that I have so many things I want to tell in this book that I’m having some trouble editing it and deciding what not to tell. I initially wanted everything in it but that would constitute a book of over one thousand pages! I have a lot to tell and say and I just want to make sure it’s the best possible content that I can deliver.

So it’s not finished yet but I do believe it will be worth the wait to boxing fans and especially to the fighters out there.

Robert Brown: We have the age of Bernard Hopkins Vs the youth and inexperience of Beibut Shumenov, which of these factors is more likely to show itself on the night and as a result who is more likely to prevail?

John Scully: I believe that Hopkins will dictate the pace and the style of the fight as he did against Cloud and most of his other recent opponents. I see it as another distance fight with Bernard winning eight or nine of the rounds. I think his experience will obviously play a huge role

Robert Brown: What do you make of the Adrian Broner – Amir Khan back and forth? Should they fight each other to settle the argument?

John Scully: Honestly, I don’t feel that much interest in any words either of them has for each other. Twitter and Facebook beefs have become sort of foolish now and I don’t really put much stock in them. It’s a pretty transparent way of trying to get yourself into a big fight.

I’d be interested in seeing them fight each other but it would have absolutely nothing at all to do with any type of Internet war of words between them.

Robert Brown: Is there a possibility that Wladamir Klitschko may be distracted as a result of the political and humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine does this have the potential to affect his upcoming title defense against Alex Leapai?

John Scully: Oh, of course it’s a very real possibility. Being involved with politics is no joke, I’m sure. I am sure it takes quite a bit of focus and intensity, just like boxing does. I’m also sure the people who are looking for him to help them in the political arena would expect and want his full attention as do the people involved in his boxing career.

I am not in favour if boxers taking on such important jobs and interests outside of their chosen profession because it’s sort of disrespectful to the title of champion. Being a professional fighter, especially being a world champion, calls for full on focus and commitment. If I was his trainer I would be too happy with his dual career situation.

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16 Responses to "John Scully: “If Pacquiao wins against Bradley and is still in big debt, there is only Floyd Mayweather to wipe that slate clean”"
  1. GeargeG says:

    nah floyd needed that extra money for his next jail appointment after he beat up his former bodyguards for molesting justin bieber

  2. Do Punch says:

    This f***ckin’ Scully,knows nothin’ about Pacquiao….he was just listening to to Gayweather’s gossip…don’t talk somethin’ if your not quit sure….Pacquiao can even buy you hell,Scully, cause he’s one of the richest personality in Asia.

  3. Win or losse.debt is not issue..5 yrs ago after dela hoya surrender and hatton 2nd KO he was so scared followed brutal stop cotto.!he was focusing on alibi.!more excuse until manny loose..and debt issue .floyd they can’t trade paquiao power.he has no power all he’s winning is 12 rounds.manny throws more punches than him.this analogy will give floyd low confident.that’s why until now..he was runingggg.

  4. bigfoot says:

    the fag tell the lie

  5. noel says:

    this writer knows nothing about boxing!! do your homework DUMBASS!!

  6. aldridge says:

    This man Schully is a loser, how come Manny Pacquiao needs that money from a Mayweather fight to pay his taxes, when Pacman challenges Gayweather to donate their income of their fight to a charity. You have no idea how rich Pacquiao is. So you better shut your mouth and hide behind your mother____.

  7. Patrick says:

    get your fact straight another gayweather payroll for sure.. If Pacquiao is fighting for money how come he even challenge Gayweather to fight for charity.. all money will be given to lucky chosen charity… and what did Gayweather did? nothing scared of losing that ZERO… money is not the issue the problem is gayweather ego… to big to to handle to much to loose pride…

  8. El_Critika says:

    who’s john scully?

  9. Barry Gil R. Pilar says:

    …pAcquiao is in debt? scully doesnt know a shit, its all floyd show because this arrogAnt coward has always wanted to discredit pac by sAying stupid unbelievAble things, pac challenged him to fight for charity but floyd has no balls to do it, if he trully believes that he’s great then he should demonstrate it in fists and not by his loud mouth, john scully go to hell!

  10. Morons says:

    Y’all are some damn fool. Scully is a former pro boxer, and current trainer for many pro boxers. Former trainer if Chad Dawson. Saying he doesn’t know anything about boxing, yet not knowing who he is, makes you look idiotic.

    Not only does he not have to ‘hide’ behind anything, he would slap the taste right out of your mouths with little effort.

  11. Nick says:

    You should just concern yourself with boxing and not meddle in people’s debt and personal affairs. Boxing is becoming more like showbusiness because of Floyd and people like Scully. Gossips and rumors.

  12. ICE says:

    RELAX people lol. The reporter asked me questions and I answered them. They say Pac is in big debt and I answered as if he was. That’s the word from many media outlets . Do YOU know for sure he isn’t ? I like Pac. I’m just calling it as I see it.


  13. Eddie King says:

    All this talk about Pacquiao’s need of a big money and is bankcruft are all false items by mis-informed media, haters and co-horts of the gayweathers. Pacquiao is the biggest landowner in southern Philippines right now. A respected congressman of southern Philippines loved by his own people, floyd gayweather must be oozzzing with envy once he found this oust as his own american people despised him for his ganglike character, cockyness and cherry picking of his opponent. This floyd gayweather will go down in history as the best boxer of his time according to him and his father, who created a lot of hurdles so as not to fight that midget asian named ‘Pacquiao’ for fear of losing.
    If Pacquiao have problems with the IRS, I am sure its not a big amount and his promoted and manager can solve it as it is their fault or whatever if this come out. But if its going to be a big money then I am sure, Pacquiao who is not an american citizen is ready to give away whatever properties he have in america as it is not that important to him which I presumed if I am in his shoe. Floyd gayweather cannot do that as he is living here and born american and a citizen of the US.
    Pacquiao’s problem with the Philippine taxation is easy to solve, remember he is a congressman there with connections and influence.
    So all this talk about Pacquiao’s money problem are all baloney and have no bearing on his need to fight gayweather.
    SO WHO NEEDS WHO….Pacquao is not aiming for money now to pay his non-existent problem, Pacquiao fights for legacy, and if legacy is so far-fetched with his fight against gayweather and so be it, Pacquiao will not insist as he is already happy with what he did in his career. Floyd Gayweather fights for two things, 1. big money and 2. Assurance that he will not be beaten by fighting whom he can easily defeat.
    FLOYD GAYWEATHER NEEDS PACQUIAO, but he will not do it because of my number two reason.

    SO WHO NEEDS WHO WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY….. so Mr. John Scully, next time you write an article, use a little bit of imagination and go from side to side, see all angles and do not be a stupid idiot.

  14. UcanthandleDtruth says:

    am guessing on or about 90 days after the bout IRS will be knocking at pac’s chamber doors saying “WHERE’S THE REST OF MY MONEY?” hope am wrong.

  15. ICE says:

    I didn’t write this article you “stupid idiot” lol…and I find it funny that the big thing each of you is upset about is the reference to his money situation. WHO cares?? I was asked a questions do answered it. Period. Calm yourselves.

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