Kenny Porter: “If we go at Keith Thurman again we 1000% believe that we can beat him!”

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Trainer and father of former IBF welterweight champion, Shawn Porter, Kenny Porter is very much looking forward to his son’s next fight, as it will be this weekend against two time welterweight champion, Andre Berto. Kenny and Shawn are coming off of a close decision loss to Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman and are hoping a win over Berto could lead to a rematch of one of the best fights of 2016.

In my interview with Kenny Porter, I get his thoughts on the upcoming bout against Andre Berto and get his views on what kind of threat Berto brings against his son. I also talk to Kenny about how aggressive he thinks his son will be in this fight and if he thinks pressure if the key to victory. Additionally, I get Porter’s thoughts on Keith Thurman’s most recent bout and if he thinks his son can beat Thurman in a rematch. Here is what Kenny Porter had to say.

Robert Brown: Shawn Porter has a fight with Andre Berto this Saturday night, how do you feel about the fight?

Kenny Porter: We go this Saturday, I don’t know what time that will be in Australia, but you look out for the results of either a unanimous decision or a late round stoppage. This is what we want, this is what we are working really hard to put ourselves in a position to do.

Robert Brown: What do you and Shawn have to worry about with what Andre Berto brings to the table?

Kenny Porter: Well you know he’s a world class fighter, he’s a two time world champion and his attributes are the ones that a lot of people know about. He’s very fast, he’s very strong, he’s got great explosive power and he’s been in there with some of the best fighters in the world. So we have prepared ourselves tremendously in this camp and we’re ready.

Robert Brown: Do you feel Shawn will be coming out more aggressive than usual in this fight?

Kenny Porter: No, we are going to stick to our game plan and our game plan – without giving up too much – is definitely to pressure him, but we also want it to be effective pressure and box him with speed to set up power punches and also the body shots.

Robert Brown: Did you happen to catch Keith Thurman’s last fight against Danny Garcia and if you did what were your thoughts on it?

Kenny Porter: I did catch it, I didn’t think it was very close, I thought Keith put on a very good performance and I thought Keith got ahead early in the fight and I thought he kind of cruised to a win. He didn’t extend himself as much as you would have expected him to, but I thought he really had a unanimous decision in that fight, I didn’t really think it was close.

Robert Brown: Do you feel if Shawn got another shot at Thurman that he would get the win next time?

Kenny Porter: Well if we go at Keith again, we are going to tweak the game plan, we are going to sharpen it up more, were going to be more responsible on defense, and yes we believe 1000% that we can beat him.

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  1. boxing101 says:

    I think Porter beats Thurman in a rematch. Thurman is average.

  2. vanityfighter says:

    I don’t understand why people think Thurman is all the that. He barley beat Garcia and he should of got a loss against Porter. I think Porter can win that fight and will win that fight if he ads more D.

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