Luis Arias: “Andre Ward wasn’t 100% on point in the first fight, I think he will be a lot smarter in the rematch”

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The sport of boxing has been on a roll in 2017, as the fights the fans want to see are either getting made or have already happened. We have seen fights like Garcia-Thurman, Joshua vs. Klitschko, Brook-Spence and have upcoming fights like Ward vs. Kovalev 2 and the biggest fight, Alvarez vs. Golovkin.

In part 2 of my interview with Luis Arias, I discuss with him some of the big fights set to happen this year and get his prediction for Kovalev vs. Ward 2. Arias also talks about the rumored Mayweather vs. McGregor bout and what he thinks that fight could do to the sport. Additionally, Luis shares his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, on Pacquiao’s future and gives a prediction for his own fight. Here is what Luis Arias had to say.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the upcoming rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward and who do you think will win the fight?

Luis Arias: I think it’s an excellent rematch. The fact that these guys were able to get the rematch done right away is good for the sport. I think it was a controversial decision, I felt like there should have been a rematch. This time going around, I feel that Ward will be a lot more confident. I think Ward picked it up in the fight a little too late, maybe he was a little timid and wanted to feel out Sergey early and it made the fight a little more difficult for him. I feel he will be a lot smarter, he’s already felt the power, he’s already felt what Sergey has and I think he’s going to have the better fight this go around.

Robert Brown: Do you feel it will be an easier fight for Ward in the rematch?

Luis Arias: Yeah, I feel he will have a much smarter fight. He wasn’t one hundred percent on point in the first fight, which is why he paid the consequences and got dropped early in the fight, which made him have to come back in the score cards. I think he will be a lot smarter this go around and it will be a great fight for the boxing fans, and I can’t wait to see it.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the Mayweather-McGregor fight? If this fight happens, do you think it will cause damage to the sport?

Luis Arias: I think everyone pretty much knows that it’s a circus act and they’re trying to make a lot of money. From a fighter’s perspective and a boxing fan perspective, I have no problem paying for fights, I have no problem putting the money up, I just like to get my money’s worth. Floyd Mayweather is 49-0, and Conor McGregor will be making his professional debut, it’s completely lopsided, the fight won’t be competitive at all.

From their side and the business side of it, I understand why they’re pushing for it and trying to go toward the fight. The fight is going to do big numbers, it’s going to be a big event, it will make McGregor a bigger star. Floyd will get his $100 million back, which I’m sure he put a dent in his last $100 million. He’s just getting his money back.

The fight is not going to be competitive, I feel that they could do a few things to make it more competitive and a little more interesting, I think they should fight in MMA gloves. If they fought in 6 ounce MMA gloves. You’re giving Floyd the edge by fighting in a boxing ring but you’re giving McGregor a little more by giving him smaller gloves.

We fight in 8 ounce gloves and UFC usually uses 4 ounce gloves, make some custom 6 ounce MMA gloves for this go around. I feel that this is the only way to even it out and that would make it a little more interesting. To make it a flat out boxing fight against someone who has never had a professional boxing fight, and you’re 49-0, I don’t think Vegas should even out the odds up. The odds for McGregor to win are slim to none.

Robert Brown: What do you think about Manny Pacquiao coming to Australia to fight Jeff Horn? Why do you think he’s taking a fight like this?

Luis Arias: I have a couple of reasons why I think he’s doing it. For one, he is a congressman, so it costs money to be a politician and run for office, it’s not cheap. Pacquiao is making money to help his cause outside of the ring. But at the same time, I’ve seen other champions who are on their way out the door, they usually go on a world tour and fight in other places around the world. Maybe Pacquiao is doing a two for one kind of a thing.

Pacquiao knows his time is up soon, so he might as well bless the fans with a couple of events in different places around the world. I heard that it’s a fifty five thousand seat arena, which I’m sure is going to sell out, so I’m sure it’s going to be a nice event. Is it going to be a competitive fight? I’ve never even heard of Jeff Horn, so I can’t say it will be a competitive fight, but it will be a great event for Australian boxing and Australian fans, I’m not sure a pound for pound fighter has ever fought out there.

Robert Brown: What is your official prediction for your fight against Arif Magomedov?

Luis Arias: I’m coming to knock him out. I want to win but Magomedov, he’s a robot, so I’m sure I’ll be able to break him down and get him out of there.

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    Pacquiao is a senator…

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    Good Title! Mayweather sidelined.

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      Mayweather is a total low life, he don’t deserve the title. pacman does! Luis is a cool dude. Congressman, Senator, does it matter? We all know one day he will be president!

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    Owwww? really? Larias,larias,larias! Pacquiao is a boxing messiah and are you his prophet?
    World tour is not his idea but Arum…cause Pacquiao is the most legitimate to do the honor.
    Fuck this Larias! 8 World Division Champion the world ever had…no one in boxing history has that record ever. ..He will be in boxing even 20 years more….

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