Manny Pacquiao named the 2014 Fighter of the year! “On The Ropes” boxing awards – PART TWO

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With the 2014 year coming to close, it’s time to close things off with part two of our year end awards. The 6th annual boxing awards were held during the 227th edition of “On The Ropes” boxing radio, and the very best performers of the year where acknowledged for their achievements. In part one of our awards article, the best trainer, prospect, comeback and upset were all named, saving the most prestigious awards for last including, fighter of the year, knockout of the year, round of the year and fight of the year.

Knockout of the year – Carl Froch vs George Groves II

There were many knockouts that stood out in 2014, such as Danny Garcia’s second round stoppage of Rod Salka, or Alexander Povetkin’s KO7 win over Manuel Charr. But the one that stood higher than the rest was the knockout that ended the grudge match between Carl Froch and George Groves.

Following their first bout which ended in a controversial stoppage, Groves and Froch met once more on May 31st in front of a packed Wembley Stadium to settle the score. Unlike the first fight, Carl Froch was able to avoid any early damage and was able to control the pace of the fight, forcing Groves to fight a high paced battle.

As the fight wore on, Groves was visibly tiring under the pressure and in the eight round, Froch unleashed a picture perfect right hand which knocked George Groves unconscious. Carl Froch ended any doubt of who the superior fighter was with a spectacular one punch knockout and added another highlight to his Hall Of Fame career.

Round of the year – David Lemieux vs. Gabriel Rosado (Round four)

Canada ‘s David Lemieux made his US debut in style as he stopped tough Philadelphia native, Gabriel Rosado in the tenth round. The fight proved to be no walk in the park for Lemieux though, as he engaged Rosado in a toe-to-toe battle. The fourth round proved to be the most action packed in the fight, as Lemieux came out charging at Rosado and appeared to be on the verge of getting a stoppage, but Rosado had other plans in mind.

A back and forth battle ensued, as Gabe Rosado managed to drive Lemieux back and land some shots of his own on the Canadian slugger. The tide seemed to sway in Rosado’s favor for a moment until Lemieux landed a hard left hook that stunned Rosado in the closing stages of the round. The round concluded with Gabriel Rosado waiving Lemieux forward, daring him to come at him.

Notable mention: Crawford vs. Gamboa round nine

Fight of the year – Lucas Matthysse vs. John Molina

The Stubhub Center in Carson, California featured 2014’s fight of the year. Lucas ‘La Maquina’ Matthysse is known as one of the most vicious punchers in the sport and many penned him to get an early stoppage over John Molina who had fought for the most part in the lightweight division. The fight quickly took a turn when Molina knocked the Argentinean down in round two. A war quickly ensued between both of the heavy fisted fighters.

Molina would go on to floor Matthysse once more in the fifth round but he began to wear out as the fight dragged on. Eventually it was Lucas Matthysse’s superior stamina which prevailed and helped him overwhelm Molina in the later rounds. After being knocked down in the eight round, Molina was beginning to quickly deteriorate under the pressure of ‘La Maquina’ and in the eleventh round, the referee deemed that John Molina was taking far too much punishment and stopped the fight.

This fight was a true display of the unpredictable nature of the sport of boxing. Watching come from behind victories and sudden fight changing moments are what draws so many people to the sport. Lucas Matthysse vs. John Molina fight of the year.

Notable mentions: Crawford vs. Gamboa, Salido vs. Kokietgym

Fighter of the year – Manny Pacquiao

Following a tumultuous year in 2012 which saw the eight division world champion lose two consecutive fights, breaking a fifteen fight unbeaten run, many questioned whether Pacquiao would ever regain his status in the sport. First a controversial decision loss to Timothy Bradley, followed by a devastating KO loss at the hands of long time rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, sent ‘Pacman’ tumbling down from the top of the sport.

While Pacquiao rebounded from the losses with a decision win over Brandon Rios in 2013 the “comeback” was fully completed in 2014, as Manny Pacquiao set the record straight with Timothy Bradley in April to put the controversial loss in the rear view mirror. Pacquiao ended his 2014 with a outstanding, dominate win in a November bout with unbeaten light welterweight, Chris Algieri in which Pacquiao managed to send Algieri to the canvas six times.

The real deciding factor in naming Manny Pacquiao our “Fighter of the year” was he accomplished what no one else did during the calender year, as Pacquiao secured a win over a top 5 p4p fighter, with his win over Timothy Bradley. Bradley was not only coming off a terrific win over the dangerous Ruslan Provodnikov, but he also definitively beat Juan Manuel Marquez who had just come off a knockout win over Pacquiao. This factor separated Pacquiao from a close field that included Terence Crawford and Gennady Golovkin.

Besides defeating two unbeaten fighters in 2014, Pacquiao also brought back the Mayweather-Pacquiao talks, a fight that many felt had passed it’s relevancy, is now once again the most anticipated fight in boxing, with people believing that Pacquiao can be the person that can take Floyd Mayweather’s “0” away. In 2013 Manny Pacquiao was named our “Comeback fighter of the year”, and we said that we expected him to have big year in 2014, but the Filipino great even surpassed our expectations, and is without a doubt, our “Fighter of the year.”

Notable mentions: Terence Crawford, Gennady Golovkin

Also see Part 1 of our “On The Ropes” awards in which we named Freddie Roach trainer of the year.


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  1. okir rama says:

    oooww!! gayweather is gonna be jealous again!!

  2. Well deserved fighter of the year: nobody has rebounded from a knockout and this only shows what the man is made of worthy of being considered one of the greats in the history of boxing. Unlike someone I know who keeps on dodging a fight and calls himself TBE. What a shame!!!

  3. dragz says:

    Oh! they forget to include GAY WEATHER as the BEST COWARD, BEST SCARED, BEST DUCKER FIGHTER OF THE YEAR! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. egrocs40 says:

    gayweather should transfer his residence somewhere else outside america, b’coz america is widely recognized as the land of the brave

  5. Anonymous says:

    All the more mayweather won’t fight Manny after this award. And who’s the A side now. The ball will drop soon to usher the new year, but there’s another pair of balls that’s goona drop too and starts rollin fast and fast as scared as hell goin nowhere to hide.

  6. Bongskie says:

    Floyd has no award this year. His life is countdown until may 2 and he will be murdered by pacman

  7. eths says:

    Manny, you beat Golovkin, Mayweather and Kovalev? Haha! CONGRATULATIONS to Manny! Have time to watch boxing fights cuz it’s where you learn more strategies and tricks. Please cut off your basketball stuff, you can’t be jack-of-all-trades cuz it’s “Master of none”.

  8. ed c says:

    floyd mayevader of the year will be jealous again because of pac s many accomplishments including fighter of the decade and the only 8 division champion.the real a side is pacman,sorry for the rich coward.

  9. nemezis says:

    Have pity on MoneyMay… He needs help…
    Yes he has the money but never the respect.
    Thinking he’d always get his way… Trapped in his own bubble…
    Not signing the dotted line…knowing he’d be in trouble…

    Happy New Year!!!

  10. Norberto Manuel says:

    Mayweather is no longer credible if we will weigh all the blogs where majority disfavor him as a boxer. I cannot find a sport column nor blogs which are dear to him. The only way to resurrect himself is to sign on the dotted lines. “Money” cannot certainly offset the feeling of lot of insults and disrespect for Mayweather. The way we look at things, he is a man walking without a shadow, and to receive a Hall of Fame award when he retires is seemed unworthy for him. Time is running out and the best way is to sign the deal with the Pacman, anyway Pacman is acceding to all his demands.

  11. alberto manalon madrilejos says:

    Mayweather Jr is now fast becoming irrelevant in the world of boxing for his continued ducking of the pacman. He already admitted, he is a proud RICH COWARD. In short, he does not care anymore of being regarded as coward, anyway he is already ultrarich.

  12. jess says:

    cowardice plays a very very big role in the fight between Pacquiao and Floydie Jr. not to get off the ground until the coward retires in infamy.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Floydie is not black…he’s yellow!

  14. doc jr says:

    How prestigious is a “on the ropes” fighter of the year compared to the Ring?

  15. sal says:

    How can Floyd be the A side when Manny has accomplished more than him… as fighter of the year, fighter of the decade, Knocking down more opponents than Floyd, etc..Plus Manny gets all the accolades and respect then Floyd.

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