Naazim Richardson: “Pacquiao feels like a win over Mayweather can wipe out the Marquez loss”

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In a recent edition of “On The Ropes” Boxing Radio, I had a chance to catch up with highly respected boxing trainer, Brother Naazim Richardson. Naazim spoke on many of the hot topics going around the sport including Floyd Mayweather’s next fight and Pacquiao vs. Bradley II. Naazim gave his thoughts on Marcos Maidana being selected for Mayweather’s next fight, and who he is favoring to win the May 3rd match up. Richardson also broke down Pacquiao’s next bout, and gave his views on who he thinks will win and why. Additionally Naazim talked about the possibility of Mayweather and Pacquiao meeting in the ring if both win their next fights. Here is what Naazim Richardson had to say in part 1 of his interview.

Jenna J: Floyd Mayweather Jr. picked his next fight, it’s Marcos Maidana instead of Amir Khan. What did you think of that move?

Naazim Richardson: Floyd is to the point where anything that Floyd does is under a certain amount of scrutiny. Immediately when he says he’s not going to fight Khan, he’s going to fight Maidana, the world jumps up and down and says that Khan would have been more of a problem.

Okay here’s the thing, Maidana just put a win proved he is a little better then when lost to Khan by upsetting a young undefeated kid, in a higher fashion. I like Khan, but Maidana has earned it for Certain, and now it’s Mayweather’s choice.

Jenna: What kind of a threat do you think Maidana poses?

Richardson: Maidana is a little short roughen, punches hard as heck. He causes problems with anything he hits, and there are different guys when we talk about punching power, but Maidana is one of those guys that will hit you anywhere, GGG, a couple guys out there like that will hit you anywhere.

Maidana causes a problem for Floyd, and even though Floyd is getting up there in age, he is a phenomenal fighter. It gives Maidana a chance to be the biggest thing of this era if he can beat Broner and beat Floyd too, it would prove how special he is.

Jenna: There is a fight that people think would be the biggest challenge to Floyd, a fight with Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin said he would drop in weight to face Floyd. What do you think of that fight?

Richardson: Triple G, yeah he’s a problem. But we don’t know what will happen to Golovkin when he loses that much weight. He might not be as much of a problem anymore after a couple of rounds of missing in there with a guy that can make you miss, so we don’t know, that is why we fight these fights.

Chad Dawson was bigger than Ward and Ward wiped him out like he was 12 years old. Golovkin is extremely strong where he is now, but we don’t what happens if he takes off some more weight. That’s a big difference.

Jenna: Naazim, it’s hard to mention Mayweather without also mentioning Pacquiao. He has a rematch with Timothy Bradley, what do you think of them having a second fight?

Richardson: Timmy is a guy that finds a way to win. See, what I keep telling people; the best fighter is a fighter that no one is talking about. Tim Bradley and Danny Garcia–two guys that find a way to win. That’s the kind of fight that no one will win two rounds in a row until you get to about the 8th round.

Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao, I am a Pacquiao fan, I am a Timothy Bradley fan. The public has to be careful with what they build up, “I thought Pacquiao won, I thought Pacquiao won, I thought Pacquiao won” stuff like that fuels Timmy.

Tim’s now going to beat up Pacquiao in this fight. I would not be surprised if Timmy definitively beats Pacquiao in this fight, I would not be surprised at all. And I thought Pacquiao looked good against Brandon Rios, but I think Brandon Rios was absolute perfect for Manny Pacquiao.

Jenna: Do you think the roads that both Pacquiao and Bradley have taken since their first fight will play any factor in the rematch?

Richardson: I think for Timmy it’s more about the controversy that people put on him for beating Pacquiao. I didn’t see it to be that controversial. I think the public and the media beat him up so bad that people want to act like he did not win the fight against Pacquiao, so I think that is going to play a bigger part in Timmy’s preparation, than the Marquez fight.

The Marquez fight will be an added emotional spark, but I think he wants to go back and prove something to everybody. I saw the dude do an interview after beating Pacquiao and it looked like he was gonna cry. That’s how bad the public treated him. It should have been his greatest moment and he looked like he was about to cry.

It’s going to play into fuel for this guy against Pacquiao, and I’m hoping it doesn’t play into the kind of fuel and he runs out there and does something stupid, cause Pacquiao is still a dynamo. Don’t get me wrong, people don’t give Marquez the proper respect. Not anyone is going to lay Pacquiao out like that, and Pacquiao still realizes that a win over Bradley puts him back in the hunt for Mayweather.

Jenna: What can Bradley do in the rematch that he did not do in the first fight to take away any controversy?

Richardson: I’m just looking for Timmy to take a certain kind of angle with Pacquiao, I think Timmy is going to spot it earlier and be busier behind it. He did it in the first fight to a degree, and I think he’s going to do it more in this fight.

Pacquiao has stuff to prove too, Pacquiao feels like a win over Mayweather can wipe out the Marquez loss, and the public will pretty much say that. Now me, I thought Marquez beat him every time they fought. I thought Marquez won each one of those fights, and I’m a Pacquiao fan, I dig that little dude.

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24 Responses to "Naazim Richardson: “Pacquiao feels like a win over Mayweather can wipe out the Marquez loss”"
  1. erap says:

    Sorry ‘zim. Your guy Timmy going down or he’s gonna use chicken legs to make the right 90% boring.

  2. Jerry Lynch (not related to the writer) says:

    I know Pacquiao beat Bradley the first time around. I think Pacquiao beat Marquez 2 of the first 3 times they fought and was winning the 4th fight until he walked into a perfect punch. I think Bradley beat Marquez. I believe Pacquio will beat Bradley in handy fashion in March, but I will not predict if it will be a KO or not. I will say that I think Pacman will, in fact, inflict a KO on a great fighter in Bradley.

  3. I love 4th fight and marquez win.but I honestly feel bad if pacquiao won that fight bcoz marquez was badly hurt before he landed one shot.I dont know what happen to marquez wether its hospitalize or trumatic injury.I feellrichadson is allways contradict bcoz paquiao 8 world title in a 5’6 ft.that no one blak fighter ever did he was veey jealous.remeber mosley quiting ing rd 9?all opponent pacquiao,ricahrdson was very pathetic

  4. Eths says:

    I agree with Naazim’s statements in the earlier part even as a Pacquiao fan. However, saying that Pacquiao wants a win over Mayweather to wipe out the Marquez loss is a completely wrong judgment. Pacquiao has moved on from that loss for already a year. It had been quite easy for him, thanks to the Almight God he serves. You don’t know people that Pac’s faith now is FOR REAL, unlike before that he was just being “religious” without real “relationship” with his God. And last, he only wants to fight Mayweather in order to give to the people the fight they want. Truth be told, as a fighter, he doesn’t fancy Mayweather’s style. He likes fighters who share the same style as his.

    • Ding says:

      Naazim is always saying” i’m a Pacquiao fan”..but always giving negative thoughts about Pacquiao. He continue to downgrade Pacquiao’s accomplishment. Change your tactics man, declare your not a fan of Pacquiao and recognize his accomplishment not just to himself but to sport of boxing as well.. or “keep your mouth shut”.

  5. Eths says:

    I personally believe that the 2nd Bradley fight is a dangerous fight for Pacquiao just because Timmy looks to be a lot stronger now than they first fought, and that Pacquiao has been knocked out already, that is, his chin is no longer “the same”. Still I hope, Pacquiao will pleasantly surprise me with the outcome. God bless him in his fight and i hope that both fighters will not be badly hurt.

  6. ton says:

    Naazim is not thinking right. Pacquiao has been KO’d twice in the past and the third KO at the hands of Marquez is no different from the first 2. Marquez deserves a bronze medal for that, but the silver and gold belongs to the first 2 who toppled Pacquiao at a time when Pacquiao was being hailed as a rising terror of the little weights. Effect of those 2 KO’s? Pacquiao rebounded and achieved a higher pinnacle later in his career, with victories and setbacks along the way. It just goes to prove that Marquez’s KO, in the mind of Pacquiao, is just part of the game, which he has always stressed. And that’s what differntiates Pacquiao from the vast majority of elite fighters.

  7. Barry Gil R. Pilar says:

    …i do think this niggA is not a fAn of pAcquiao, well, no blAck man will ever like the pAcman knowing that for the past years the sport of boxing has been dominated by black people until suddenly a perfect storm from Asia begun to knock them out cold. Marquez needs to prove himself agaisnt the Pacman becAuse before he caught pacquiao with that lucky punch he has been brutalized by mAnny from their previous encounters. Marquez does not know the morals of boxing because he’s arrogant and does not like losing. Timmy clearly outpointed him but this fellow went on saying he was robbed, what a motherfucker! as for floyd i think there’s a huge difference between him and manny since the filippino fights for honor while floyd is only doing it for business, i dont think floyd could defend himself agaisnt pacquiao’s different angels coupled with speed and power, manny loves boxing that is why he is called the fighter of the decade!

  8. PACMANUSA says:

    I hope paquiao kills hood rat Bradley !

  9. Warren MacArthur says:

    Richardson is always a Pacman hater. His statements in interviews that involve Pacquiao are always against the Pacaman.

    • gabriel yangtyang says:

      Right bro.
      Naazim is maasim (sour) toward Pacman.
      Naazim Pac-hater like the Mayweathers
      They don’t give what is due to a guy
      They do what others do to them
      Racist through and through.

  10. shawn rey says:

    Naazim is another typical nigga jealous guy, making inconsistent statement. He said he’s a Pacquiao fan but saying Marquez is the winner in all fights against Pacquiao and Bradley too is the legitimate winner. How dumb this person Naazim talking like that, how could people believe such a moronic view. This man is a laughing stock!

  11. shawn rey says:

    I believe Mayweather will never fight Bradley and Danny Garcia until he retires. Mayweather will lose to Bradley round by round..Mayweather should fight Bradley and Garcia and Manny to get the respect of all the boxing fans..If not he will never get the respect by boxing afficionados around the world..As for now, only his fellows believe so much on him.

  12. jess says:

    It looks like Fraud Jr. will be one serious case of attempted murder away from fighting Pacquiao. In his presence, Fraud Jr’s posse beat and broke some bones of his former employees whom he accused of stealing his blings. Fraud will never run out of reason not to face Pacquiao. In this latest one, some people in the know say this is more serious and may take a longer jail time than in his previous case of domestic violence.

    The case of Fraud Jr tells us that having millions of dollar is not enough for you to lead a very good life.

  13. baalagtas says:

    Naazim is just big pretender, He used to say that he is big fan of Pacquiao but he said the opposite to discredit Pacquiao. Anyhow let see and watch how Pacman will destroy Bradley and I will see what Naazim will say again.

  14. adan says:

    this guy is crazy like a f*uck. now he believes everything he is been telling is true. look in the mirror naazim, you might just find out that you were not the truth brother.

  15. Naazim you’re growing horns and a spike tail with the lies you’re spewing. also good that Naasim is predicting a Bradley win, it’s usually opposite of what he says

  16. Kabul Bulan says:

    A) Naazim is an angry man for receiving a botched nose job… probably from an Asian doctor;
    B) If Pac beats JailWeather Jr., they’ll be a rematch and assuming Floydie wins, then there’ll be a 3rd fight and everyone will be rich & happy.
    C) However, Quack Quack Jr. don’t have the testicular manhood to fight GGG or Pacquiao.
    D) Pee Wee Marquez won the 4th fight via a LUCKY punch powered by Memorrhoids;
    E) The Pee Drinker lost to Bradley coz they had random drug testing before the fight;
    F) JMM wants to fight Bradley 3 more times hoping to get LUCKY in the 4th fight

  17. Cotto fighting Sergio, now that man has testicular manhood

  18. Mateng says:

    PAC is not hoping to erase any lose, he’s accepted all his defeats including the hi way robbery against Bradley.. I think nazeem is trying too hard to look smart that he’s starting to look stupid. The fighter’s that are not being talked about are fighters that doesn’t have charisma, that’s why it takes a lot of wins before they get recognized. And seeing the desert storm defeating the typhoon from across the pacific (pacman), man I’m telling you nazeem what you are seeing is just a mirage. My advice for you is,Take some rest, try winning the trainer of the year award a couple of times, then maybe you’ll be recognized.

  19. nognog says:

    Koncz what have you done to pacman finances… why does he owe millions of taxes,,,,,you also received gift and salary from pacman.. this are all taxable .. you need to be audited by philippine and canadian revenue offices. KIM HENARES PLEASE PUT THIS MAN IN YOUR WATCH DOG

  20. Patrick Flores says:

    Naazim Richardson, actually you are not a Pacquiao fan ,you are a Pacman hater and you are just sour graping! Hypocrite!!! You are just jealous because your boxers were beaten by Pacman before!! get lost!

  21. Pacquiao points.

    Ill go an MD. Probs 3 rounds up on cards.

    I hope its a good performance from the legendary slugger.
    I like Bradley, just something about him, well a few things about him. I’m a fan of both guys.

    You should support all fighters if you are a fan of the sport, not just one fighter or fighters from the country of your birth.
    These men put it all on the line every time they step through the ropes. That alone deserves respect.

    Gracias Jenna.