Naazim Richardson: Timothy Bradley’s eyeball could fall out in the middle of the ring and he’ll kick it over to his coach and keep fighting”

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It was recently announced that Juan Manuel Marquez will meet Mike Alvarardo on May 17th, with the winner of the bout will earning a fight with the Pacquiao-Bradley winner. If Juan Manuel Marquez is the winner of the bout, he will meet Pacquiao for a 5th time, a rare feet in boxing history. With both fighters having created such action, controversy and shocking moments in the four fight rivalry so far, a final fight between the two warriors is something fans and people in the sport are already talking about.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” interview with trainer Naazim Richardson, I talk with him about the prospect of a 5th Marquez-Pacquiao fight, and who he thinks would win that fight and why. Richardson also discusses ageless warrior Bernard Hopkins and his upcoming bid to unify the light heavyweight titles. Additionally Naazim talks about the future of his fighters and what fights they have coming up. Here is what Naazim Richardson has to say.

Jenna J: Naazim, Bernard Hopkins is set to return to the ring April 19th, how are things looking with him since he started getting back in the gym?

Naazim Richardson: He never really gets out of the gym, he starts like a pre work out, so he’s been in the gym for a minute now just fine tuning some things. Engine on a car like that you got to keep it running, you can’t just let it sit in the garage, cause it might not start up. You got to crack it up and take it around the block many times, constantly.

Jenna J: What are your thoughts on Beibut Shumenov as a fighter?

Naazim: Beibut, I’ve had the privilege of working with Beibut a little bit. He is one of the characters in boxing you might say. He’s a lawyer, he’s rich, he’s like a prince over there in Russia, but he is a talented kid.

He was at the Olympics with my son, he is very similar like that kid Lomachenko, guys like that don’t really feel a need to wait around and take that long drawn out road, they feel like they can jump fight in there, and mix it up, and pretty much they can when you come up in that kind of program.

Jenna J: The fight with Beibut Shumenov is a unification fight, does that add anything for Bernard?

Naazim: It’s a unification, and he knows that. It’s not a new dance for Bernard. He has unified that title in the middleweight division, and can you believe it, the guy is coming up and doing the same thing in the Light heavyweight division, he is a bizarre guy.

Jenna J: Marquez has said that he wants to take on the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley 2. From what you saw of Marquez in his last bout, do you think he still poses problems for Pacquiao?

Naazim: I don’t think he can outshine–Pacquiao won’t let that happen again. Tim is too good and too big of a man for Marquez to get around. But Marquez is another one that you can’t underestimate, when guys set their minds to it, they can lift up buildings.

We’re in an era now where young guys will quit a fight–and I’m not doing like the older guys who say, “It ain’t like it used to be,” but in this sense, it really isn’t like it used to be. In this era, you still have guys that have that tone of the old days, Timothy Bradley is one of those guys.

You gotta protect Timmy from himself, he’s not gonna quit, he’s gonna fight. But these young boys out here now, they sit down on the stool and they look up at the big monitor and say, “Hey my barber didn’t line my haircut up right,” and they want the fight stopped. They’ll be like, “Yo I should have had blue shoe laces with these boots, we’re gonna have to stop the fight.”

It’s gotten that ridiculous with these young guys. Today they get a different type of water in their bottle and they want the fight stopped. We still got guys like Timothy out there, his eyeball could fall out in the middle of the ring and he’ll kick it over to his coach and keep fighting.

Jenna J: If Pacquiao and Marquez did fight for a 5th time, who would you favor?

Naazim: I feel Marquez knows how to beat Pacquiao, I’ve always said that and I still stand with that. Marquez knows how to beat Pacquiao. Pacquiao is a special fighter too so he’ll avoid the knockout, but I think Marquez just knows how to beat Pacquiao.

My biggest problem with that fight is, will he get the decision? It’s very similar to what Bernard does sometimes to himself. Bernard has performances that are so outstanding that in the next performance if a guy does better than that other guy did in the last fight, people tend to give the other guy the decision.

They know Bernard has a Trinidad , Tarver, Kelly Pavlik type of performance in him. So when he comes out and the guy does better than those guys, sometimes judges are like, “Wow, this is not as clean as the Tarver fight.” Then they have a tendency to give a guy rounds and Bernard ends up getting beaten or robbed.

I think that can happen to Marquez with a Pacquiao fight now. With the way he was flattened out, if Pacquiao’s just—that’s how I felt he won some of those other fights, his high activity, his hair shaking all over the place, him bouncing around and nothing is really happening. The commentators say, “Pacquiao lands again”….no he didn’t, but you look up and Pacquiao’s got a decision. In that sense, I wouldn’t like to see that happen to Marquez.

Jenna J: Steve Cunningham will be taking on Amir Mansour in April. Do you think this fight is do or die for Steve at heavyweight?

Naazim: I think the pressure is on him. The pressure is on by the powers that be. It’s the sport we’re in and he has to answer it. If you can’t handle pressure then you can’t be in this sport. This sport is about pressure, it breaks some other guys, it molds some other guys into something special. I know Steve is a warrior, he’ll fight anybody.

I like Mansour, I know Mansour personally. As a fighter, I’m real impressed with Mansour, he’s one of those guys that gets it done on the jab, I applaud him on that. He’s well schooled; I know his team, top level team. He’s got a phenomenal team set around him in place, and he can fight. Mansour can sure fight, it’s a great match up.

Jenna J: What are your final thoughts on Bernard Hopkins fight upcoming fight with Beibut Shumenov?

Naazim: I think he is biting off a little more then he can chew with a crafty veteran like Bernard Hopkins. But he does not really lose anything cause afterwards how much longer can Bernard stay around? Eventually after Bernard collects all these toys, he’s going to throw them down and you can go pick them up. You put that bike down, and you go play with something else or you just keep riding.

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16 Responses to "Naazim Richardson: Timothy Bradley’s eyeball could fall out in the middle of the ring and he’ll kick it over to his coach and keep fighting”"
  1. I notice this amateur reporter uses Pacquiao’s name in almost all her reports. Her interviews mostly are not interesting. She just uses Pac’s name to get hits.

  2. Barok says:

    I totally disagree with Naazim. The first fight, the judge admitted he made a mistake, so a win for Pac with three knockdowns. The second fight, a close fight but with a knockdown again, so a win for Pac. The third fight, where JMM started with Memo Heredia, there was no knockdown but Pac landed more than 100 more according to Compubox, so a win for Pac. The 4th fight, where JMM was visibly in PEDS and Roach protesting about HULKQUEZ physique, with JMM teetering, Pac got careless he got KO’d. Had Manny waited for one second, he would get the KO in the ensuing rounds. Floyd Sr. even commented that Pac has got different moves that confused JMM. So it should have been really 4-0 had Pac not been careless. The 5th fight, Pac will demand the VADA testing and he will batter or KO JMM without the PEDS. Can’t wait to see the 5th fight and Manny will prove to Naazim that he was wrong.

  3. adan says:

    naazim, brother you had it again. get real please.

  4. balagtas says:

    Here we are again, Naazim always discredit Pacquiao. Now he said that if a 5th fight will ever happen between Pacman and Hulkmarquez, then a gift decision will be given in favor of Pacquiao. His attittude toward Pacquiao is full of hate. And I really dont see why. Please next time ask Naazim “why”.

  5. PACMANUSA says:

    Fuckin hood eat Muslim blind nigga that’s all he is . Of course he’ll back the other nigga and the wet back over Pacman .

  6. Eths says:

    I always knew that when Pacquiao underestimates his opponent, that’s when he doesnt look good in his fights. Pacquiao getting knocked out by Marquez was a humbling experience for him and it made him smarter and better as far as his boxing skills is concerned. So PAC vs Marquez 5 is very intriguing to me (tho their respective fights don’t guarantee a win for them, especially with Marquez as Alvarado is not just a good boxer but very big for him). But for Pacquiao’s sake I would love him to retire while he is still healthy so as to avoid any possibilities of him getting knocked out again. I do not have so much confidence in him, as far as his “chin” is concerned. So i feel that the Bradley fight will be difficult add to that Bradley’s resilience and improved power, his ring intelligence and most especially his trying to prove a point. But who knows. I would love Pacquiao to surprise me and outshine Bradley.

    I do not always agree with Naazim cuz I think he is a bit swayed by fanboy-ism so he has a tendency to exaggerate things at times. That said, he has a right to his opinion.

  7. i dont agree with naazim.paquiao will beat marquez again.remember he is leading in all score cards when the ko happened. he got careless thats all.

  8. Kabul Bulan says:

    Did they figure out who did Naazim’s nose job? Man, they botched his nose really bad.
    It’s affecting him emotionally & mentally. It’s obvious he wants to undress Tim ‘The Noogie’ Bradley and he wants to caress Tim’s manhood.
    Other than noticing Margarito’s cement blocks in the dressing room prior to fighting Shame Mosley, Naazim hasn’t done squat

  9. Bert Sugar says:

    If BRADLEY tries to exchange with PACQUIAO…..He will be placed back in the Wheelchair afterwards, but this time it will be PERMANENT.

    Bradley’s best chance is to replicate the same strategy he used to beat JMM, use Youth, Speed and Quickness to potshot and run…IF he tries to trade with PAC he’ll learn the Hard Way, the Lesson that Sugar Ray Leonard learned in his first match against Roberto Duran.

  10. jess says:

    The story of the 4th fight between Pacquaio & Marquez is all about the lucky punch.. That punch was not created by a set up or combination but a lucky one happening on the very last second of the round. Indeed, Marquez was lucky as he was beaten black and blue & about to fall.

  11. jess says:

    The fight between Pacquiao and Bradley will be similar to the last one except Bradley will be KO’d. within the last four rounds.

  12. Ron Farrar says:

    Richardson is envious of Roach accomplishments.

  13. Gochie says:

    Naazim who?

  14. Eths says:

    Filipinos, please.. If you high respect and love for Pacquiao, please just pray for him in his fights. No need to trashtalk other people or be so overconfident like Roach does whenever PAC has a coming fight. God will bless Pacquiao more if you humble down. Let PAC do the talking “inside” the ring.

  15. JAMAAL says:

    nazzim is a great trainer and marquez beat pac every fight despite being knocked down. look at those fights again !!you guys are the real fan boys face it pac isnt the greatest boxer hes a good fighter who is questionable i think he was using steriods myself

  16. mexico city says:

    did pacman ever wake up?