Nicholas Walters: “Mayweather knows that Pacquiao is gonna come to fight and he’s gonna come to try and hurt him!”

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In this interview special from “On The Ropes” boxing radio, I speak with one of the break out stars of 2014, Super WBA featherweight champion, Nicholas Walters. Walters is coming off his dominant victory over multi division world champion, Nonito Donaire.  Nicholas talks to me about his performance and what he would like to do next in his career. ‘The Axeman’ also gives his views on the current boxing landscape, talking about boxing stars Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Additionally Walters shares his thoughts on what kind of a fight Mayweather-Pacquiao would be. Here is what Nicholas Walters had to say.

Jenna J: You recently broke out into the boxing scene, you knocked out Nonito Donaire last month. What were your thoughts on that fight?

Nicholas Walters: Sometimes in life if you’re on the top of your sport, you know you’re gonna get recognition. It’s just my time, it couldn’t be a better time to display my talent on HBO against a quality boxer like Nonito. The timing was perfect, I’ve been waiting a long time for the opportunity and he gave the opportunity and as I said, I made use of the opportunities. Whenever I get the chance to shine that’s what I do, I shine.

Jenna J: In the second round of that bout you got hurt. How hurt were you in that fight by Donaire?

Nicholas Walters: We did six rounds and he only caught me once and he’s a super top class fighter and he only caught me once during the fight in the second round. What happened is that I got a little bit careless by the end of the second round. I was scoring a lot of shots and he wasn’t responding so I clearly thought that I could have had my way but he’s a very good fighter and you have to be careful because the fight is not ended until the referee stops the fight.

In reality I was getting a little bit careless and he caught me at the end of the second round. Even though I was hurt for a minute, but in walking over to my corner I recuperated fully when I reached back over to my team.

Jenna J: Now that you’ve accomplished what you have, people want to see you back in the ring. When do you see yourself getting back into the ring?

Nicholas Walters: I’m just waiting on my managers and my handlers to give me the information. I’ll get ready whenever they have a card for. Whenever they have a show, I’ll be ready. I’m already in the gym working out, maintaining my weight and everything. I love boxing, I never cheat the sport, I’m always in diligent training working out.

I enjoy the sport and it is my career so I definitely take it seriously, that’s what I do. I’m always in the gym working out and always training hard. I don’t know who my next opponent is but whoever it is, I’m always getting ready for the next opponent.

Jenna J: I want to get your views on the boxing landscape a little bit. What are your thoughts on boxing’s biggest star, Floyd Mayweather Jr?

Nicholas Walters: He’s a very intelligent guy. He’s not really fighting in wars anymore. He has done enough in his prime, so he’s not fighting in wars, he’s fighting in a more intelligent manner now. He’s using his craft and his experience to win fights.

People like to see wars, people like to see guys get knocked out, they like to see blood. He’s more fighting with his abilities now, fighting with his skills and intelligence. Apart from that, Floyd Mayweather is a very crafty and very intelligent fighter and I respect him for that, he has given a lot to boxing. Those are my views on Floyd Mayweather, he’s a superstar in boxing just now.

Jenna J: I want to get your views on Manny Pacquiao, he used to be known for getting knockouts but he hasn’t done it for a few years. Do you think we will ever see the Manny Pacquiao we used to see that was knocking people out?

Nicholas Walters: I will say that Manny Pacquiao is a different fighter from Mayweather. I think Mayweather is a more intelligent and more crafty guy but Pacquiao is definitely a warrior. The sport of boxing likes to have guys like Pacquiao. Pacquiao, it doesn’t matter who you put him against, you’re always gonna see a fight with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s true to the sport, he’s a true fighter, a true warrior and he’s always gonna give entertaining fights. He’s never gonna give a boring show. Whether win, lose or draw, it’s always gonna be an entertaining fight and that’s what boxing needs because boxing is a sport that’s coming from the gladiators and the gladiators they are not runners, they are fighters.

Pacquiao is a true gladiator, he’s a true warrior and he’s not gonna give you a boring fight, he’s always gonna give a fight whether win, lose or draw. That’s as much as I can say for Pacquiao. I like Pacquiao’s style, he’s a fighter like me. I’m a fighter, I like fighting, I like to make it physical and he’s like that, and I commend him for that.

Jenna J: I must ask you, if Mayweather and Pacquiao ever fought in the ring, what do you think would happen?

Nicholas Walters: It’s an interesting fight. A lot of people think that Pacquiao is as fast as Mayweather is now and that Mayweather is not at his best. It’s a fight that we’ll have to see. I think Pacquiao would give Mayweather one of the better fights. Mayweather, they’re not giving him the level of competition but I think Pacquiao would definitely give him a fight, even if he wins the fight, Mayweather will have a fight on his hands.

Mayweather knows he really needs to work hard and he knows that he’s not gonna be in there with someone that’s not gonna fight, he knows that Pacquiao is gonna come to fight, he’s gonna come to try and hurt him and he’s gonna throw all the tricks in the book. It’s a fight that not only me but boxing fans would like to see. I would definitely like to see a fight like that.

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32 Responses to "Nicholas Walters: “Mayweather knows that Pacquiao is gonna come to fight and he’s gonna come to try and hurt him!”"
  1. jay says:


  2. Floyd says:

    You have to be paid well by Money Mayweather to take his side on the ducking issue.

    • Russ says:

      You do realize that during the last negotiation between Arum and Ellerbe Mayweather agreed to all of Pacquiao’s terms except the manner of PED testing and Manny’s team said they wouldn’t do the testing, right? Prior to that, Mayweather definitively did some ducking but he ultimately caved on 99% of what he wanted to make the fight and Pac’s people would have on anything. That’s not ducking, that’s Manny’s team negotiating him or of the best fight of the century.

      • redentor says:

        manny agree on the drug testing even on the first time in the negotiations,…just not the day before the fight… and now the drug testing is not not an issue…mayweather is still thinking of an idea to chicken out…get your facts straight

        • james says:

          You are the one messed up on the facts. All of Floyd Mayweather ‘s fights have the same drug testing rules. And they are the same as all Olympic boxers use. So if Pacquiao has something to hide fine he can continue to blame Floyd. But you can look up on Wikipedia both times they had contracts. It was Pacquiao who backed out 2010 and 2012. So get the facts straight and after manner lost 2 fights Floyd got upset. And has not bothered with negotiations again.

      • BoxMan22 says:

        That is the oldest crap said, so now lets just drop it ever happening? Get over that shit. Realist fighters come back to the table to make a fight happen not continue to ponder that they had a chance and blew it. Thats called DUCKING!

        Oh by the way, in case they dont fight each other..

  3. Gregg p. Bautista says:

    Mayweather a hit and run boring boxer to watch, Pacquiao a warrior and gladiator exciting boxer. How to compare it’s a interesting fight?

    • Tabl10s says:

      Freddie told Manny to change his style or end up like he is. What good is bravery if you end up being punch drunk? Jerry Quarry and his brother were Warriors and now both are deceased.

  4. PACMANUSA says:

    Pacquiao a true fighter/boxer !

    Mayweather is not !

    Enough said !

  5. Bon Jovi says:

    Gay_may-Tweeter. . . . .

  6. Lee says:

    Mayweather fights like amateur hit to earn points, Pacquiao is a true professional boxer hitting hard

  7. David white says:

    i just want to see the damn fight

    • fhren says:

      I think if the time that will clashing together they are both boring to watch only Money rules in their mind !

  8. fhren says:

    Maywheather is dick sucker and pacquiao is the dick to suck:-)

    • TBE says:

      He not ducking No one, he simply fighting him at the best time and for the biggest reward, and pacman is going to get the most money he will ever make even if you total all the earnings from his previous fights. How many times has pacman lost. See the king will stay the king. Mayweather will final shut all you haters up and retire the best ever.TBE

  9. David white says:

    Mayweather stop ducking the beatdown

  10. Big Sam Bang says:

    Mayweather ain’t scared of Pacquiao. He just ain’t so sure he can win so he ducks/chickens. Simple.

  11. Bardagul says:

    I am giving up on maynever to ever fight pacquiao. He calls himself “money”, but it seems like he is not interested in the kind of money that could possibly be generated if the fight happens. There is a very good chance he could even beat pacquiao, thats why i believe the oddmakers would put him up as the favorite to win. If he retires from boxing without facing pacquiao, he will be remembered more as the only boxer who ducked pacquiao not his accompishments nor his 0 loss record.

  12. Mike says:

    Nicholas walters is good fighter saying true fighter can fight good fighter as long as he say THE BEST EVER , but is a boring fight, if is the best and fight the very best

  13. Bruce Russey says:

    I think Floyd should tell everyone this little secret Ariza has. in my opinion that may shed light on this ped testing

  14. bob hannah says:

    Mayweather will beat his azzzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes beat him to a pulp.These guys think warrior fighting is true.Money has shown his warrior status.Those big mouth know nothings should watch MMA.This is the sport and the best will beat Manny to pieces.

  15. J.Soul says:

    Mayweather i must admit is a smart boxer and buisnessman..For anyone to say he is dodging someone or scared is a true hater…The man has several knock outs….The man has never been knocked out…The man controls pay per view. ..He has fought some elite fighters…People just hate on him over a Pacquio fight?….The same Pacquio who got knocked out?….Numbers dont lie…Dont hate on the man who got a perfect record…Hate on the fact u desperately wanna see that fight and it’s just not happening so far….That man controls his own destiny….I respect it…He’s pimping boxing…Not boxing pimping him

  16. babymama says:

    floyd is a nigga and his head is bloated

  17. Floyd Mayweather says:

    What does the duck say.. quack quack quack quack quack quack…
    What does the chicken say.. bok bok bok bok bok bok…

  18. Anonymous says:

    the truth is FLOYD MAYWEATHER, is the guy that destroys the name of AMERICA, Americans are warrior, in every corner they go and fight, Floyd keep on hiding, FLOYD SAID I CARE FOR MYSELF Floyd look at your self stare you face, you care that face an APE LOOK ALIKE FACE, your not a chicken Floyd but a family of ape brave when many coward when

  19. Anonymous says:

    Julio Cesar Chavez had 91 fights before he lost his first fight they never considered him the best ever and never duck anybody …..

  20. Dolf says:

    CREAM….cash rules everything around me CREAM……$ $ bill ya’ll. That’s what these two are really looking for. It’s bullshit about the promoters and who gets to showcase the bout. If they fight at a pacted 147 or 152-PacMan wins easily. Anything heavier neither will be at an advantage since they both lack KO power at heavier weights. I’d rather see them fight at 147 to see raw punching power and perhaps a KO around the 8-10 th round. It’s up to Mayweather to seal the deal a he gets to handpick his opponets.