Peter Fury: “The fight went exactly to plan. Nobody thought it could be done but Tyson Fury out boxed Klitschko!”

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Heavyweight, Tyson Fury has done what many felt was not possible, and that was unseating Wladimir Klitschko as heavyweight champion of the world. Fury used his height and reach advantages and out boxed the long time champion. His trainer Peter Fury orchestrated the game plan, one never tried on Klitschko before, as most fighters do not have the physical stature to attempt it. With the win, Peter Fury has put himself into contention for trainer of the year and deservingly so.

I recently was afforded the opportunity to speak to Peter Fury and discuss his greatest accomplishment as a trainer. Fury spoke in detail about the Fury – Klitschko bout and why he chose to box in a fight where many expected Fury to slug in. Peter also talked about a potential rematch and what he thinks will happen in the second bout. Additionally, Fury gives his thoughts on Pacquiao vs. Khan and talks about the journey he has been on as a trainer.

Robert Brown: You went over to Germany and took the belt from the reigning heavyweight champion. What were your thoughts on Tyson Fury vs. Wladimir Klitschko?

Peter Fury: The fight went exactly to plan. Wladimir is a very good champion and this was the only way we could get to beating him which would be pretty safe because to get past his defense, it’s not penetrable. We had to use Tyson’s advantages and Tyson used exactly his best attributes and he just out boxed Klitschko. Nobody thought it could be done but Tyson Fury out boxed Klitschko.

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Robert Brown: There was some drama with the gloves, with the surface of the ring and Klitschko’s handwraps. Were these all deliberate tactics to try to get in the head of your team?

Peter Fury: I have no idea. What I can say is that all of these things we got corrected and that was it. It had to be corrected because I’m not one of these people to let things go. Me and Tyson worked tirelessly for this championship, we worked Tyson to his world championship and I’m certainly not gonna give any ground which is wrong for my fighter not to have his best possible fair opportunity.

I think it all get rectified in the end. If we were going to Germany and asking for stuff that wasn’t perfect, there’s no doubt in the world we would have got it, but what we got presented was wrong and we got it corrected. We were very happy with it and it did not affect our plan, it didn’t get under our skin, it was just a matter of facts. The correct things had to be applied.

Robert Brown: What does it mean to win the championship off of a great champion like Wladimir Klitschko?

Peter Fury: Yeah he’s a great champion, he’s a great human being and his brother is as well. I hold him in high regard in boxing. They’ve done fantastic in the sport, they will go down in the history books as Hall of Fame fighters. They got the maximum respect from me. There will be a rematch that will be confirmed in January and we look forward to getting it on again. It’s a good trilogy of fights and to fight the best is a privilege as well.

Robert Brown: Would you have any problems going back to Germany for the rematch, should it fall that way?

Peter Fury: There’s no problem at all, we had massive respect from the German people, they treated us with upmost respect. Wherever the fight is viable is where we will go. If it’s got to be Germany, it’s no problem for us at all. We had a magnificent reception from the German people.

Robert Brown: If the rematch happens and you get past that, will Tyson’s next target be Deontay Wilder for the WBC belt?

Peter Fury: Yes that’s our plan. If we are successful in the rematch, we are looking for Deontay Wilder for the WBC to unify all the belts.

Robert Brown: I’d like to get your thoughts on a couple of other fights. Manny Pacquiao will likely be fighting either Terence Crawford or Amir Khan in his final fight. How do you see those fights going?

Peter Fury: I’d like to see Pacquiao face Amir Khan, I’d like to see that fight. I don’t know much about Terence Crawford, I’ve seen him fight a couple of times, but I’d like to see Manny fight Amir Khan. I think Amir Khan’s got a very good chance with Pacquiao, I’d like to see it.

Robert Brown: Would you be backing Amir Khan to win that fight?

Peter Fury: It’s hard to say, Pacquiao is a formidable champion but don’t underestimate Amir Khan either because he’s got a heart like a lion. Since Amir has been with Virgil Hunter, he’s come on tremendously with the footwork and the boxing skills. That would be a close fight and I would support Amir Khan because he’s from our area. We’d like to see him get that fight and win it and then be in super fights.

Robert Brown: Back to Tyson Fury. With all the pull outs and tragedies you’ve had over the past few years, has this victory made it all worth it?

Peter Fury: Yeah it’s been a long time coming. This victory we give to the blessed lord. This is God’s victory, that’s the way I see it. We’re very humbled and we’re very happy to be in the position that we are at.

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  3. Kidd KulaPooh-Pooh says:

    Smelly Paki Khan has a heart of a rodent and a chin made of granite.

    Wladimir’s inept boxing skill was exposed. The Rusky don’t even know how to jab properly.
    But he does have punching power if he’s able to land.

    Wlad’s asset is unleashing then ‘grabbing & holding’ before his opponent could fire back… He’s been doing that for years and incompetent refs. have been allowing it. Fury did a great job boxing and ref. Tony Weeks also did a fabulous job…. He has taken a point deduction from Wlad before in his prior fight for excessive holding.

  4. John Lots says:

    Khan has a heart of a “KITTEN”.

  5. Tyrone Wesley says:

    Khan and Pacquiao will be the most entertaining and thrilled fight we will see in year to come I guarantee u that. Khan ALWAYS comes to fight whether he will get knocked out or outbox the shit out of u the man Is a pure lion and puts everything on the line. This is a Mayweather fight setup u mark my words. We should be blessed as boxing fans we get to see Pacquiao Khan. I see Pacquiao tagging Khan like Maidana but Khan will get the decision. I can’t wait for this fight