Peter Fury: “Hughie Fury is a lot stronger than what he was and I think the more Parker presses, the better it is for Hughie!”

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Boxing trainer, Peter Fury, is hoping to turn his second fighter into a world champion when his son Hughie Fury faces Joseph Parker for the WBO heavyweight title on May 6th. Peter Fury, who is a former fighter himself, had troubles obtaining a visa to train his son in New Zealand, but was granted a special visa and is now set to train and bring a world title back into the family.

In my interview with Peter Fury, I discuss his son’s opportunity against Joseph Parker and how preparations have gone to far. Peter also talks about Hughie’s chances to win the fight and if inactivity will play a factor. Additionally, Fury shares his thoughts on Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence and Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko. Here is what Peter Fury had to say.

Robert Brown: Hughie Fury will be facing Joseph Parker in May in Auckland, New Zealand. How do you feel about that fight?

Peter Fury: I’m very excited, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to see and what better time to see it then coming to challenge for a world title at the same time? I’m looking forward to meeting the New Zealand people, I’ve heard so many good things about the country and the people and everything else, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Robert Brown: What do you think of Joseph Parker as a fighter?

Peter Fury: I think he’s a very good fighter. I think he’s a very serious young heavyweight. I think he has earned his position, he’s a worthy world champion and I think it’s going to be a tough fight. It’s definitely going to be one to watch.

Robert Brown: Are you worried about getting a decision in New Zealand?

Peter Fury: I think if it’s close, we’re always going to lose a decision because we’re up against the home fighter. This is just the way life is. I thought Parker-Ruiz was a very good fight, Ruiz is a very good heavyweight as well. These types of fights are always going to be close fights because when you’re fighting good people on a similar level to yourself, there’s never going to be one way traffic. When you’re fighting good opposition, you’re always in for a tough fight.

Robert Brown: How have preparations been for Hughie so far? Will he be fully fit when he gets into the ring?

Peter Fury: Yes he will, he will be one hundred percent. He will be a different person than we’ve seen before. You can expect Hughie to shine when it matters.

Robert Brown: Are you worried about the fact that Hughie has been out of the ring for so long?

Peter Fury: I’m not concerned. He might have been out of the ring but he’s not been out of the gym. He’s been regularly sparring all the time, he lives in the gym daily. I don’t think it’s going to make a difference at all, he’s not a guy who’s had eight or nine fights, he’s had twenty fights. He’s been boxing since he was six years of age. This is basically second nature to Hughie.

Robert Brown: What are some of Joseph Parker’s weaknesses that you think Hughie will be able to exploit? What things worry you about Joseph Parker?

Peter Fury: Joseph Parker has a good left hook, he’s got a good right hand, he’s a complete package for heavyweight. He moves well. It’s not to me to pick holes in Parker, I think he’s a very good fighter. I think he’s one of the best up and coming young heavyweights out there, so it’s a serious fight for Hughie and this is a fight where Hughie can prove where he’s at himself. We’re happy with the fight, and may the best man win.

Robert Brown: Do you think Hughie has the power to knock Parker out or do you think he will more likely win on points?

Peter Fury: You can never tell, Hughie is hitting with good power himself these days. He will be coming in at his career heaviest, so he’s a lot stronger than what he was. It’s hard to say, it depends on what type of fight we’re dealing with. I think the more Parker presses, the better it is for Hughie. It just depends on what type of fight we’re looking at here.

Robert Brown: When Tyson Fury gets back in the ring, what type of opponent will you be looking at for Tyson?

Peter Fury: To be honest, I haven’t discussed anything with Tyson, so I have no comment on it. Me and Tyson haven’t sat down and discussed anything yet, so there’s nothing to report. That’s a conversation we have yet to have.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the upcoming bout between Kell Brook and Errol Spence?

Peter Fury: I think Errol Spence is a special kind of fighter. I think he’s one of these fighters that’s going to do great things. I think Kell Brook is severely up against it.

Robert Brown: You think Spence will beat Kell Brook in that fight?

Peter Fury: I think Errol Spence is going to beat everybody, I think he’s a unique type of fighter. I think you could be looking at another Golovkin in Errol Spence. Kell Brook is a world class operator, he can fight, he’s a very good fighter and I just think that you come across these guys every once in a while who are very elite guys and this is what you’re looking at. I believe that’s what we’re looking at in Errol Spence, though I could be wrong. That’s just what I see and that’s what I feel.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko?

Peter Fury: I think Joshua has a good chance, he’s got a very astute trainer in Robert McCracken, a very clever guy. I think it’s going to be a good fight, I think if Klitschko comes and wants it, I just think Klitschko’s got too much experience. If Joshua can get it on him, then it will be good night for Klitschko, and vice versa as well. I have to edge towards Klitschko in this fight.

Robert Brown: You feel that either Klitschko’s motivation will be a bit off and it will be an early night for him, or he will win over twelve rounds?

Peter Fury: It just depends what Klitschko turning up. A hungry Klitschko who is determined for his belts, I see him winning it. Joshua is younger and he should be hungrier and we know he has a lot of power. I’m sure Robert McCracken will get the best out of Joshua on the night. I’m edging towards Klitschko in that fight.

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