Peter Fury: “Hughie Fury is going to have to be completely nailed to the canvas to lose the Parker fight!”

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Highly regarded boxing trainer Peter Fury has already taken a fighter to a world title, when he guided his nephew Tyson Fury to a upset win over Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015. Now Peter has the unique opportunity to also take his own son to a world title, when Hughie Fury faces Joseph Parker on September 23rd.

I recently spoke to Peter Fury to discuss his sons’s upcoming challenge and get his views if he thinks his son is ready for the moment. Peter talks about the strengths of Parker and what he thinks Hughie needs to do to win the title. Additionally, Peter shares his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Jeff Horn and gives his thoughts on Mayweather vs. McGregor. Here is what Peter Fury had to say.

Robert Brown: We got a fight between Hughie Fury and Joseph Parker coming up, how do you feel about the match up?

Peter Fury: I’m very excited about the fight coming up. It’s Hughie’s time to show the world that he belongs in the world heavyweight division. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show the world exactly what Hughie Fury is all about. What you need to understand is, this family is bred to fight, it’s not somebody having a boxing match, and that’s what Parker’s team needs to understand.

This is a whole new arena, this is somebody that will lay his life down, so it’s going to be a tremendous event. It’s a tremendous challenge as well because I rate Joseph Parker as a very good young fighter and it’s going to be an excellent fight, it’s definitely one not to miss.

Robert Brown: Are you worried about inactivity affecting Hughie at all? When he gets in the ring it will have been about sixteen months since he last fight.

Peter Fury: No I’m not. He had a six round warm up fight about a month ago and his timing was there, I was happy with that. Any rust at all would have been shook off in that six rounds he did. We’re quite happy with everything and training and preparations are going fantastic.

Robert Brown: What do you believe are some of Joseph Parker’s weaknesses that you think Hughie will be able to exploit? What worries you in Parker’s arsenal?

Peter Fury: I think Joseph Parker is a very good fighter and anything can happen in boxing. We have to look at it but we are very confident and we are happy with the fight. I think this is Hughie’s time to announce himself on the world stage.

Robert Brown: Do you think Hughie has the capabilities to knock Parker out?

Peter Fury: We just can’t say, anybody can be hit, anybody can be hurt. It’s all about who makes the most mistakes, or mistake, because one punch could end the fight. It’s not a strong man competition, if it was all about strength and power, then boxing would be about weight lifting. Boxing is the sweet science, it’s not about one hit power.

Robert Brown: What do you see as the options for Hughie should he win the belt and get past Parker on the 23rd?

Peter Fury: I can quite assure you we’re not looking past the 23rd. I’ve not even thought about it, that’s the last thing on my mind. I’m training Hughie three times a day and that’s all I’m focused on right now.

Robert Brown: If Tyson Fury does not get back into the ring and decides to stay retired, how would you assess Tyson’s career? Would his career be a case of what could have been?

Peter Fury: I’m going to keep it very short in regards to Tyson. Tyson will box again, I’m not interested in the media or public rubbish. I’ve heard all of this before, he will box again and that’s all I’m gonna say, so lets move on from it.

Robert Brown: Jeff Horn won against Manny Pacquiao, but there was some controversy over the decision. What were your thoughts on the fight?

Peter Fury: I saw the fight and I don’t know what they were looking at, it was not controversial at all. Jeff Horn fought brilliantly and shocked the whole world because I didn’t expect him to win, nobody did. What he did was absolutely fantastic, it’s got to go down as one of the greatest upsets ever. I thought Jeff won eight to ten rounds of that fight, he bullied Pacquiao all around the ring. He took Pacquiao out of his comfort zone and did what he had to do. Full respect to Jeff Horn, he did an amazing job.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the rematch and what do you expect to happen?

Peter Fury: These guys can go on too long and they can go past the “sell by” date. This is a young mans sport. Pacquiao has achieved great things, but I think this time it’s going to be an interesting fight because Pacquiao was a little bit shocked the first time. I think now he knows what he’s dealing with and I think we’ll see a different Pacquiao. It would not surprise me if Jeff Horn did it again.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the Mayweather-McGregor event and what do you think it does for the two sports?

Peter Fury: Apart from making shit loads of money, it achieves nothing.

Robert Brown: Do you think it’s a clown fight?

Peter Fury: Yeah that’s the only way I can look at it because like I’ve always said, if you put Mayweather in the octagon cage and then I would say McGregor. Put McGregor in a boxing ring and it’s even worse the other way around. I don’t give him a chance.

Robert Brown: In closing Peter, can I get your prediction for Fury vs. Parker?

Peter Fury: The prediction is, Hughie is going to have to be completely nailed to the canvas to lose it.

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