Phil Austin: “You cannot hang the referee out to dry every time there is a problem in a contest”

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Phil Austin is one of the world’s best and most respected officials in the sport of boxing; Phil is a world class referee and Vice President of the International Boxing Organization(IBO). A variety of topic were discussed in this interview which included the recent refereeing controversies in the Rances Barthelemy vs Argenis Mendez fight and Carl Froch vs George Groves stoppage. Also discussed was Australia’s heavyweight rebirth with the emergence of Alex Leapai and Lucas Browne, as well as Michael Katsidis’ comeback. All that plus much more, so please tune in and listen to what IBO Vice President Phil Austin had to say.


Barthelemy vs Mendez controversy.

Carl Froch vs George Groves controversial stoppage.

The infamous brown bottle in Danny Green’s corner.

Michael Katsidis’ comeback.

Alex Leapai

Lucas Browne


“I cannot say you should sanction the referee for being in the wrong spot for a split second decision.”

“You cannot hang the referee out to dry every time there is a problem in a contest, if there is an established pattern then maybe it’s time to call the referee in.”

“The important thing to remember is, Groves gave his back to Froch, quite simply when an opponent does that, he’s out of there.”

“In no stage what so ever during that follow up did Froch get himself in a situation where he was looking like was gonna go down again, he rode out the storm.”

“Froch is a vicious finisher, he got Groves badly hurt Groves didn’t know where he was quite simply, if you look at the footage twice, Groves tried to protest to Howard that he was okay to continue, twice he fell back into the ropes, that was a fighter that was done.”

“Yes I would have made the same call that Howard Foster made on the night.”

“Does Alex Leapai have a chance against Wladamir Klitschko? Absolutely yes he does.”

“Is Lucas Browne biting of more than he can chew with Tyson Fury? Absolutely not, I think Tyson is product of some wonderful marketing and that mouth of his, but I think Lucas Browne has all the tools to beat Tyson Fury and beat him convincingly.”

“I seem to be in minority here, but I’m not impressed with Tyson Fury and I won’t be either.”

“The only way we are going to find out whether Michael Katsidis’ comeback is a good idea is for him to have a couple of fights, hopefully against lower tier opponents.”

“When you get a controversial decision like Rances Barthelemy vs Argenis Mendes there absolutely should be a rematch.”

“Alex Leapai is not going to be overridden by the occasion, he’s just gonna try and deposit Wladimir Klitschko’s head into the 5th row.”

“This mystery brown drink was Gatorade”

It was a great pleasure catching up with Phil Austin once again, I wish him future success and good health. I would also like to thank the IBO, the championship of integrity for their continued support for ‘On The Ropes’ Boxing Radio.

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