Ray Mancini: “The best fighter in the world pound-for-pound bar none is Gennady Golovkin!”

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The fight of the century that so many boxing fans waited for, also let most of those fans down. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was a tactical fight that lacked the action and moments of drama that fans had hoped for. While the fight itself did not call for a rematch, the news that Manny Pacquiao had an injury going into the bout has some people wondering if he could have done better and provided boxing fans with more of the fight they wanted, if he had been healthy.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini, I talk with him about Manny Pacquiao’s injury and if he thinks Pacquiao owed it to the fans to be fully fit¬†going into the fight. Mancini also talks about boxing’s rising stars, Canelo Alvarez and IBO Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Additionally ‘Boom Boom’ talks about how he wants to be remembered as a fighter, and passes along a message to his fans. Here is what Ray Mancini had to say.

Jenna J: Manny Pacquiao came into the fight with a torn rotator cuff, do you think he owed the fans more? Do you think he should have come in at one hundred percent?

Ray Mancini: First of all, he didn’t have a torn rotator cuff coming in, he hurt it during the fight or after. I’ve never had a torn rotator cuff but I know guys who have and you ain’t lifting your hands over your head like that pumping your fists like that. He had a shoulder injury, he had an injury coming into the fight but it wasn’t torn, it got torn during the fight.

I thought he fulfilled his obligation, he fought through the pain, he could have quit on the stool but he didn’t. He had more of a chance to quit than most guys, but he didn’t. The problem was, he couldn’t catch him. I thought he hit Mayweather with some good shots at times and he tried to flurry on the ropes but then Floyd moved away and he couldn’t catch him.

Pacquiao had an obligation to be the best he could be at that moment and that’s the best he was. If he would have pulled out of the fight, that’s a bigger disservice to the people. Every athlete wants to give themselves the best chance to win but every fighter goes in there with problems. People don’t understand, every fighter goes in there with something, you’re never one hundred percent.

I’ve gone into fights where I wasn’t one hundred percent but you have an obligation to the paying public to give them the best fight that you can at what you are that night. Pacquiao trained hard but sometimes you’re not one hundred percent, for whatever reason. All the stuff that was made about his shoulder, I think it’s a lot to do about nothing, to be honest with you.

Jenna J: Ray, after Mayweather-Pacquiao, the boxing fans that were feeling disappointed with that sort of fight got a nice treat in Canelo vs. Kirland. What did you think of that fight?

Ray Mancini: I taped it but I haven’t seen it yet but I am going to watch it. I heard it was a three round war, but what else would it be? There you know what you’re buying, that’s the perfect example.

When Floyd fought Canelo, I said, “If Canelo jumps on him right from the start and makes it a dog fight, he wins the fight. If he sits back and lets Floyd do what he does, he won’t beat him.” Sure enough, he sat back. Canelo needs a guy to come at him. The fights that Canelo has not looked impressive are with the guys that move, movement give him problems. Floyd, Erislandy Lara and Austin Trout, they all gave him problems.

Jenna J: I’m curious, what guys out there in boxing excite you?

Ray Mancini: The best fighter in the world pound-for-pound bar none is Gennady Golovkin. He’s dismantling people, he’s not just beating them, he’s destroying them. What I like about this kid is that he’s called everybody out, from Floyd to Andre Ward and nobody has stepped up, including Canelo and Miguel Cotto. Nobody has stepped up, that’s pretty impressive. All the elite guys, he’s called out and nobody has stepped up.

They’re saying the biggest fight out there is Canelo vs. Cotto, if Cotto beats Daniel Geale. In theory, yes because the Mexicans versus the Puerto Ricans is the biggest fight, money wise. But the biggest fight boxing wise is Canelo vs. Golovkin. People say, “What if Floyd fights Golovkin?” Floyd ain’t gonna get one hundred yards within Golovkin, are you kidding me? Floyd fighting Golovkin, get out of here, Floyd’s not delirious, that would be a stupid fight for him.

That’s the thing, Carl Froch who is a big, strong guy at 168lbs and Golovkin called him out and Froch said, “I ain’t getting fifteen feet from that guy.” He either said that because he meant it — which I don’t think he did because he thinks it will push up to make the fight — but that’s a bad fight for Golovkin. Not that Golovkin couldn’t beat him, but Froch is a big, strong guy. Style wise it’s not right.

Styles make fights, fighters don’t make fights. Froch is a bad style for Golovkin — not that he couldn’t beat him but it’s just one of those fights where you may win but you’re gonna leave a pound of flesh too. But Cotto, Freddie Roach won’t let him within the same area code as Golovkin. I understand that Canelo vs. Cotto is the biggest fight financially because the Latinos are the biggest fight fans, they’re the biggest pay-per-view buyers, but as far as fight wise, Canelo and Golovkin is the best fight. That would be the best fight for boxing.

Jenna J: When you think about your career, how do you want fans to remember you?

Ray Mancini: I think I’d like the people to remember me as a guy who gave people their money’s worth, gave his all, put on a good show and wasn’t a bad fighter.

Jenna J: Is there a message you want to pass to the fans that supported you throughout your career?

Ray Mancini: I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve given me over the years. I certainly appreciate it and I hope I gave you your money’s worth.

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14 Responses to "Ray Mancini: “The best fighter in the world pound-for-pound bar none is Gennady Golovkin!”"
  1. Kidd KulaPooh-Pooh GirlGago says:

    GGG is very “hitable.” However, his power punches are impressive.
    In his fight vs Murray, he showed how to avoid getting clinched. If he goes down to 154 to fight ScumWeather, which he is willing to do, he’l just need to figure out how to handle Floyd’s sprinting game.
    GGG will pummel Cotto like a punching bag. Cotto is shot after the Margarito then Pacquiao fight. All his Ws after that were against tomato cans.

  2. anonymous says:

    I might have to agree with Mancini because Rigondeaux is inactive.

  3. Atlanta says:

    Didn’t Ray say that Pacquiao’s style was all wrong for Mayweather prior to the fight?

    • anonymous says:

      True. But Pacquiao was injured, Floyd was very strong that night, and Floyd didn’t have a hard time. He already knew how Pacquiao moves and what the strategies will be, thanks to the “paid spies” they planted in Pacquiao’s training camp.

      • Kidd Kulangot GirlGago says:

        Bottom Line It = Roach & Pacquiao had no answer to Fraud Jr’s RUNNING & HUGGING tactics…. especially with ref. Kenny BrainLess allowing it.
        A) Cutting off the ring is useless = When trapped in a pocket, Jail Jr. will just Sprint or Clinch;
        B) If Manny was 1000% healthy, he would’ throw more punches which means more running or holding from Floydie.
        C) Roach & Manny easily got outsmarted.

      • will says:

        Floyd had ducked Manny for about 6 years ago when Manny was in his prime especially after he knocked-out Hatton and Floyd was making many excuses to avoid the fight and just now Floyd had agreed to fight Manny but not prime Manny 6 years ago, but fought Manny with injured right shoulder, however, many peoples who watched the fight had convinced, that, Manny should have won vs Floyd, why Floyd recieved boo from the audience.

      • Anonymous says:

        What about the spies Roach bragged about??

  4. anonymous says:

    But what i don’t agree with is opinion about Pacquiao’s injury. He really has a tear on his rotator cuff going into the fight and an MRI proves that. But im not sure they’ll put it out in public for fear of losing their lawsuits. Pacquiao is not using his right hand which has the tear in the rotator cuff. He uses only the left in sparring. He planned to use the right only during the fight when the agreed anti-inflammatory shot will be given because he cannot use the right hand without it. Although NSAC denied at the last minute, even when the doctors were already there. He would not have agreed to fight without this assurance. That is why he really took it against NSAC. He further injured it not only because he had to use his right hand without the anti-inflammatory medicines but Floyd punched his injury and tried to pull his right arm several times in the fight. Sad thing is, NSAC allows Xylocaine shot on Floyd’s hands even without indicating on his pre-fight medical questionnaire. They should have just cancelled the fight and forbade Pacquiao to fight for his injury. This was so unjust for Pacquiao. Pacquiao must hang ’em up, there is no reason to give Las Vegas anymore revenues from his rights, especially NSAC.

    • anonymous says:

      *from his fights

    • digna says:

      Yes,I agree 100%.Floyd is the one to be blamed for his lousy style;running,hugging and clinching.what a heck.is that what he considered himself the best ever? Lol.I don’t think so, he doesn’t even want to give Manny the kind of fight, that people wants and it was the most expensive fight in history and eople were so excited not to watch Floyd but to watch Manny and given the fact that Floyd was n control of the whole business only went to show how they used their power including the NSAC to make sure Manny was powerless plus against the whole judging and referee.Shame on Floyd and the NSAC for being bias.Yes it was a boring fight and underwhelming.MAnny did everything he could with one arm, but Floyd, was a hoax,lousy and coward.He only wanted his money and there you go.

    • Anonymous says:

      No that’s absolutely incorrect you can use xylocaine up to 2 weeks before a fight not during a fight. Second Pacquiao could’ve have taken a local anesthetic. He wanted Toradol. Which without a documented injury wasn’t allowed.

  5. glen says:

    If Golovkin KO Alvarez and Cotto, then yeah…. I would rate him above Floyd and Manny. But we all knew it wont happen in a near future cause he got a lousy promoter. I’ve seen a lot of small time fighter get’s to the top because they got promoted by Big guys. Golovkin however is a big time fighter being promoted by smalltime promoter. he is not going anywhere… Just sad.

  6. Alex says:

    For as long as Ring Magazine is controlled by Haymon, Floyd will be number one even if he lost 20 times. They create their own fantasy where a boxer who runs and does not engage can win courtesy of paid refs, judges, USADA and NSAC who collectively rig the fight to ensure Floyd wins.

    • Brad says:

      Yeh but Floyd has never lost so your comment is irrelevant, he has beaten everyone and is the deserved no.1 p4p