Renold Quinlan: “Chris Eubank sees this as an easy way get the IBO belt. They’re going to get a big shock!”

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IBO super middleweight champion Renold Quinlan is approaching the biggest fight of his career as he is set to face former Interim WBA middleweight champion Chris Eubank Jr. Quinlan is riding high after his upset win over Daniel Geale and hopes to continue defying the odds when he takes on Eubank Jr this Saturday night.

In my interview with Renold Quinlan, I discuss with him the upcoming fight with Eubank Jr and get his views on what strengths both he and his opponent have. I also get Quinlan’s thoughts on the possibility that Eubank might be underestimating him and what plan of attack he thinks Eubank will use against him. Additionally, Renold talks about winning the IBO belt and gives his prediction for the fight this weekend. Here is what Renold Quinlan had to say.

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Robert Brown: You will be fighting Chris Eubank Jr. next, how has the preparation for the fight been going?

Renold Quinlan: It’s been good, I’ve been trying to stay focused. I’m looking forward to February 4th, I can’t wait. Preparation has been real good.

Robert Brown: What do you feel your strengths will be against Eubank Jr? What do you think are some of his weaknesses that you feel you can exploit?

Renold Quinlan: I’ll just get in there and work and adapt. He’s got a few weaknesses that everyone will see on fight night. I think they are underestimating me a bit, and that’s good. A lot of people are saying that he’s training real hard and doesn’t have a trainer, but that’s just all a show, he’s just trying to get me thinking that he doesn’t have a trainer. It’s part of the game, mind games, but when February 4th comes, everyone will see.

Robert Brown: Do you feel that he thinks you’re an easy touch?

Renold Quinlan: Yeah he does. I was happy that I got the opportunity to fight Daniel Geale and he thought I’d be an easy walk in the park for him but as you saw, we’re really focused and determined on what we’re going to do. The same thing is for this fight, going in focused on what I’m going to do. Once he makes a mistake, it’s good night.

Robert Brown: What plan of attack do you expect him to try and use against you?

Renold Quinlan: Whatever he brings to me, I’ll adapt. I’ll check him when he needs to be checked. I’ve seen the way that even his dad is two different people. I guess that’s where he gets all his credibility from, from his old man. He’s trying to make a name for himself but has had plenty of options to make a name for himself when he could have had the opportunity to fight Gennady Golovkin — I don’t know what happened there but if I had the opportunity, I’d taken it with both hands. He sees this as an easy fight for him, easy to get the IBO belt, but when fight night comes, they’re going to get a big shock.

Robert Brown: What did it feel like to knock out a veteran world class fighter like Daniel Geale in two rounds and get the IBO title around your wait?

Renold Quinlan: Words can’t explain or describe the feeling that I got inside of me when I got that IBO world title, and especially to step up to fight one of Australia’s great boxer. To step up and do what I did with my mind focus, and show everyone what I can do, it’s a blessing. Regardless of whether I get to fight for other world titles, nothing will ever take away that moment in life.

Robert Brown: What is your prediction for your fight with Chris Eubank Jr?

Renold Quinlan: If the shot comes, I’ll take it very fast. I’ll just time myself, it can happen from anywhere, from one to twelve. If I see that right shot, I’ll take it.

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  1. platypussy says:

    Renold Quinlan is an idiot. Who cares about ABC belts? There are already four major versions of the championship belt and they all suck so why brag about a minor one? This is why boxing sucks.

  2. Defensiveboxing says:

    There are 6 MAJOR belts. RING, WBC, IBO, IBF, WBA, WBO. The IBO belt has more integrity than all those belts, as they don’t have interim versions, regular belts and name their fighter the Middleweight champion when they never fight at middleweight. So out of all the belts I respect the IBO the most, Champions like Golovkin, Lara, Huck and soon the winner of Klitschko vs. Joshua will all hold it and when the best hold it, it says a lot about where that belt stands.

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