Robert Garcia: “Mikey Garcia is too strong and beats Mayweather at Floyd’s old age”

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Former world champion and current boxing trainer Robert Garcia has one of the biggest stars in the sport in his stable, his younger brother, Mikey Garcia. Robert has helped lead his brother to world titles in 3 different weight classes and most recently, guided him to a picture perfect performance after former champion Adrien Broner.

In part 2 of my interview with Robert Garcia, I get his thoughts on the current boxing landscape, getting his thoughts on the upcoming Golovkin vs. Canelo super fight. Garcia also talks about Mayweather-Canelo and why he thinks people want to see it. Additionally, Robert shares his views on Mikey Garcia vs. Floy Mayweather and talks about Manny Pacquiao’s more recent fight. Here is what Robert Garcia had to say.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on Canelo vs Golovkin and who do you think will win that fight?

Robert Garcia: I think Canelo has the skills and talent to beat Golovkin. He’s very fast, very strong, and he’s a hell of a fighter. ‘GGG’ hits very hard but I think Canelo has the tools to beat him.

Robert Brown: What do you think of the Mayweather-McGregor event?

Robert Garcia: The only ones making a lot of money are obviously Mayweather, McGregor and Dana White with the UFC. They’re going to make a lot of money, but besides that, I don’t think that’s a fight that should be sanctioned. This is the smartest move for both of them, they’re going to make hundreds of millions of dollars and they could do that twice. Business wise, they are doing what’s best for their pockets, but I don’t think it really benefits the boxing world.

Robert Brown: How could that fight be done twice?

Robert Garcia: Floyd’s going to win this fight pretty easily and after that we will hear McGregor and Dana White challenge Mayweather to do a fight in the cage, and then they’re going to do a cage fight, and I think Mayweather still wins that fight.

Robert Brown: If Mikey fought Floyd Mayweather, do you think he could beat him?

Robert Garcia: I don’t think Floyd would fight Mikey because he’s already forty and he already told us, “Look, I’m already tired, my body is sore. I cannot box anymore.” He’s fighting McGregor because it’s an easy fight for him, but in boxing I don’t think he would fight right now. At this time, Mikey may be too strong for Floyd. I think Mikey is too strong and beats Floyd, but that doesn’t mean Mikey is better than Floyd, it just means that Mikey got Floyd at an old age. Floyd is the best fighter in the business for the last twenty years, maybe even in history.

Robert Brown: What did you think of Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Jeff Horn? Do you think Pacquiao should hang the gloves up now?

Robert Garcia: I believe Manny Pacquiao fought the wrong fight. Even though everyone thought Pacquiao won the fight, and everyone thought it was so easy — and the first time I saw it, I actually felt the same way. When I saw the fight again, it was a lot closer than what people were talking. I saw the fight very close and Jeff Horn fought a great fight, he fought like a true warrior.

I think Manny is much better than what we’ve seen that night, he just fought the wrong fight that night. He had no direction in the corner, he had no gameplan, and that’s what cost him the fight. Controversial or not, Pacquiao fought the wrong fight and Horn did what it took to win the fight, he did whatever he had to do to win the fight. Horn fought with his heart and with a gameplan.

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2 Responses to "Robert Garcia: “Mikey Garcia is too strong and beats Mayweather at Floyd’s old age”"
  1. KyleKoflner says:

    Mayweather is way more skilled. I think he would play with Mikey. It’s a mis match really. Mayweather at 45 would still win

  2. ddfinman says:

    I think Mikey is the future p4p STAR of this game. If he keeps winning likes hes winning, he will rise up very quick to number 1.