Robert Garcia: “We truly believe that Mikey Garcia has the power to knock Adrien Broner out!”

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Former world champion and current trainer, Robert Garcia, has some of the best fighters in the world under his stable of fighters. His main fighter is his younger brother, Mikey Garcia. Mikey is a three division world champion, having won belts at 126, 130 and 135. This Saturday night, Mikey will move up to 140lbs to face four division champion, Adrien Broner. Going into the fight, Robert and Mikey are heavy favorites to win the bout, though Robert is taking nothing for granted.

In part 1 of my interview with Robert Garcia, I discuss with him in detail the upcoming Mikey Garcia vs. Adrien Broner bout. Robert talks about the move up in weight and how he thinks Mikey will do in a higher weight class. Robert also shares his views on his brother’s strengths in the fight and if he thinks they can knock out Broner. Additionally, Garcia gives his prediction for the fight and his thoughts on where they go next with a win. Here is what Robert Garcia had to say.

Robert Brown: How has the preparation been going for Mikey’s upcoming fight with Adrien Broner? What are your thoughts on the fight?

Robert Garcia: Training has gone very well, we are in our last week of sparring and Mikey has done plenty of rounds. We have three sparring partners who are doing a great job. Everybody is doing their job and so far everything is great, we’re just finishing up training camp here in California and we’re ready to go to New York.

Robert Brown: How does Mikey feel about going up in weight? Are you worried about that being a disadvantage for him in this fight?

Robert Garcia: I really don’t think there’s a disadvantage. I think Mikey feels very comfortable at 140lbs. I think 135lbs is ideal for Mikey, but five more pounds shouldn’t make a big difference. Broner is coming down to 140 and when he’s in shape and when he’s at his best, he is a great fighter, but those are the fights that Mikey wants and asks for. We were able to get the fight and here we are.

Robert Brown: What do you think Mikey Garcia’s strengths will be against Adrien Broner and what things do you have to worry about in terms of what Broner brings to the table?

Robert Garcia: Mikey is very smart inside the ring and has tremendous power. Those are two very important things for this fight because Broner is also very strong, fast and very smart. Mikey can’t go in there and fight the wrong fight. Mikey has to be smart and be very cautious because Broner throws a very hard right counter punch, or left hook counter punch, or right uppercut, he’s very fast and strong.

We have to be in great shape, fight very smart and go round by round. Mikey is also ready to switch the fight if we have to, just like Maidana or Shawn Porter did, if it’s necessary. Whichever Broner comes in, if it’s the smart Broner or the fast Broner, Mikey is ready for whatever he brings.

Robert Brown: Do you think Mikey can stop Broner or do you think it’s more likely to be a points fight?

Robert Garcia: We are ready for twelve rounds because we have to be ready for a tough fight. We expect Broner to bring the best out of him, we expect Broner to be fast, strong and in great shape. We have no problem with the fight going twelve rounds, but we truly believe that Mikey has the power to knock Broner out.

Robert Brown: Assuming you get past Broner, what would you like Mikey to do next?

Robert Garcia: Beating Broner will put Mikey in a great position not to chase anybody. Mikey is going to be the fighter to be chased, everybody is going to want to fight Mikey. Lomachenko has said in the past that he would like to fight Mikey, and Mikey would move to 135lbs again if it’s for Lomachenko or maybe Linares. Those are the only two fighters that Mikey would come down to fight and it would have to be in December.

Mikey is fighting in July and Lomachenko is fighting in August, so it would be perfect timing and none of them would have to do any fights besides that. Lomachenko is a fighter and he’s a warrior and he will fight anybody, but I know that Top Rank would never allow Lomachenko to fight Mikey. We’re not even looking forward to a Lomachenko fight because I don’t think Bob Arum would allow him to take that risk. More likely what we’re going to see is Mikey moving up to 147 and challenge any of those top welterweights in that division.

Robert Brown: Do you see a fight with Terence Crawford as a possible fight that could happen?

Robert Garcia: That is a fight that could happen, especially when Terence Crawford is at 140. I truly believe if we do it the smart way, we could do it for both Mikey and Crawford to become bigger superstars and make that fight down the line when they are both superstars and make the fight worth a lot more money than it’s worth right now.

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  1. Breakingboxing says:

    Broner went from a 5-1 dog, to less then 2-1 at -170. Odds makers are coming around to the fact that Broner can kick that ass of Garcia