Roger Mayweather: “Pacquiao ain’t gonna fight Floyd to save his motherf*cking life!”

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The Mayweather family has been one of the most talented boxing families in the sport, as besides boxing’s number 1 fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr, the family has also created a two time world champion in his uncle Roger Mayweather, and also had some success with Mayweather Sr, and former IBO champion Jeff Mayweather. Mayweather Jr. currently has both his father and uncle in his corner as he prepares for his upcoming May 3rd unification fight with Marcos Maidana.

In part 1 of my interview with trainer Roger Mayweather, I discuss the upcoming challenge the family has ahead of them and if he thinks Maidana poses more of a risk than Floyd’s other options would have. Roger also talks about Floyd Jr. being more active and how he thinks his nephew is doing now at age 37. Additionally Mayweather gave his thoughts on a potential middleweight title challenge and also a Manny Pacquiao fight. Here is what Roger Mayweather had to say.

Jenna J: Roger, your nephew has an upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana, how did you feel about changing from Khan to Maidana for Floyd’s next fight?

Roger Mayweather: It don’t matter, both of them were going to get the same thing, a good ass whopping! I mean shit, Amir Khan or Maidana, it don’t matter to me cause my nephew knows what to do, that’s why he is the longest reigning champion in history of boxing.

Jenna: How is Floyd looking so far in the the gym?

Mayweather: Oh Floyd’s fine, he’s fine, he has been looking like Floyd, and the more he fight, and the more active he be, the less training he have to do. So the best thing to do is that they keep him active, and I guess with this contract here it’s going to keep him active, keep him a little more active.

Jenna: Roger, since your nephew has been more active of late do you think that is causing his to preform even better?

Mayweather: Oh yeah, anytime you perform actively, you get better actively. The reason why you get better is because, the thing with the crowd it doesn’t bother you cause you are used to fighting in front of a crowd, and so when my nephew comes back to fight again he’s gonna be much sharper than he was the last time.

The crowd has become a member of your fan base, and when you fight in front of a crowd all the time, it’s the easiest thing to do. It’s the easiest thing to do if you fight in front of a crowd all the time.

Jenna: Your nephew just turned 37 years old, do you think he is right now as good as he has ever been?

Mayweather: Well obviously he was better when he was younger, but shit he is still better than 99% of the guys that are out there today. He is better and he’s smarter than 99% of the guys out there today, that’s what he is in terms of boxing. Period.

Jenna: You said 99%, who is that 1% out there that can beat him?

Mayweather: The only guys that could actually beat my nephew is a guy that out weighs my nephew, if he out weighs my nephew and he can box, those are the only kind of guys that can beat him. But guys in his weight class, nah, guys in his weight class ain’t going to beat him.

Jenna: Roger, as one of Floyd’s trainers, would you be interested in seeing Miguel Cotto fighting Floyd again if he can somehow beat Sergio Martinez in June?

Mayweather: He already beat Miguel Cotto’s ass already! I hope he wins it so my nephew can come get that middleweight title too! Cause he been champion from 130, 135, 140, 147, 154, and then 160lbs. That’s it.

You know the only guy to come from that weight division to win titles in that weight class? Who was the only guy to win titles from 126, and fought for a draw for the middleweight title?

Jenna: I can name him, Henry Armstrong.

Mayweather: Alright then, you know boxing. For a guy to come from that weight class to fight for the middleweight title, hey that’s historic right there. So I hope Cotto wins.

Jenna: People are saying that Floyd is starting to run out of opponents to fight. Do you think he will have to look outside his weight class for a big fight after Maidana?

Mayweather: We’ve been looking outside his weight class since he was 130 lbs. He’s fought at 154 already, so he’s already been to the outside of his weight class.

Jenna: It seems like Manny Pacquiao is one of the last opponents left for your nephew. Do you think if Pacquiao gets past Bradley that we’ll see him fight Floyd before the end of the year?

Mayweather: He ain’t gonna fight Floyd to save his motherfucking life. He ain’t gonna fight Floyd, period. I don’t give a damn if he does get past Bradley, he ain’t gonna fight Floyd anyways.



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  1. lol says:

    mama always told me not to do drugs. guys, this is what happens when you smoke dat crack cocaina. LOL monkeys, monkeys. perhaps its Predator’s brother?

    • xXx says:

      Will Fight Hype stop bringing PACMAN name in the mix we already know that this Ben from Fight Hype is stooge for FMW. We are Tired of this antics we know that FMW outing this time will be disastrous not only to his PPV marketability but his legacy. We know for a fact that this boy is SCARED in fighting the best out there so stop hyping and even mentioning Manny name. Floyd have lost his right to fight PACMAN period…

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anybody remember that pacman got knocked out cold 2 fights ago. Floyd is still undefeated and made the man that pacman battled with and was knocked out by look like a kid fighting a grown man. Without being a racist, PAC can’t beat May because he’s a little guy. Bradley might beat him up again, then what?

    • eric thompson says:

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  2. bigfoot says:

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  3. ironmike says:

    Famlily of cowards, crack heads, and delusionals. A fuckin disgrace to the sport of boxing.

  4. floydcot says:

    i told you so,they start mentioning manny again to hype his coward floyd fight. Hey pls stop making an interview with this coward clan they don’t know real boxing. They are blackmen with white balls.

  5. jare says:

    shame on you rodger….your boxing record—{ won 59(35KO)+lost 13(6 KO)+drawn(0)=72 fights } isn’t incridible compare to pacman—-{won 55(38 KO)+lost 5 (KO3)+drawn (2)=62 fights } who won different titles from different weight class starting from flyweight- light middleweight…..henry armstrong is from featherweight compare to pacman who came form 112 pounds….unbelievable right?…………… dont want to talk about the mayweather-pacman fight coz…you knew that pacman can hurt your nephew….he cannot use his rolling shoulder…right?????????? all thing he will do in ring , is to run, run and so forth….hahahaha

  6. jare says:

    guys remember pacman challenge floyd for a cause/ charity……………who do you think guys is coward and avoiding now,,,,,,,,,? …..floyd is avoiding of pacman….he is afraid of pacman…..

    • Ding says:

      The whole Chickenweathers are afraid of Pacquiao. Its no secret that they are all jealous of what Manny had been accomplished. They craves for attention by putting Floyd to what they think he should be and continue to discredit Manny. Pacquiao has a balls the size of General Santos Philippines, while they have tiny white balls.

  7. jare says:

    guys almost half of roger’s lost is also a knock out……..

  8. boxmeister says:

    What do you expect from a boxing clown? Hilarious answers to obvious questions. He knows it is the other way around. His nephew will do all he can not to face his secret idol PAC. He knows he will not only lose but will get maimed and humiliated on the canvas staring at the big lights above. A coward will always malign the fighter he fears most with his tweets and mouth. The boxing world needs to stop watching his Al Haymon aided scripted fights. They will avoid PAC at all cost because they know he cannot be paid to dive. Maidana will be another sucker to the on it!


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  10. baalagtas says:

    Pacman will not fights Mayweather beacuse Mayweather will not fights Pacman.. PERIOD.

  11. These bunch of cowards called Gayweather family does not have the right to live in the “land of the brave”. The Greatest Ducker of All Time Fraud Gayweather Jr. will never have the balls to fight the Pacman because he’s so scared of getting knocked out or beaten to a pulp just like De la Hoya, Hatton, Cotto and Margarito. Cowards!!! FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! FLOYDCOTT! Do not be fooled by these crooks in their attempt at another highway robbery. The Duck will be running like a chicken all night and the corrupt judges will give him the win. Another robbery in your face.

  12. Fraud says:

    Pacquiao is who will bring the most money. Why not fight him if you don’t believe you cannot win?

  13. Fraud says:

    Pacquiao is who the fans want. Why not fight him if you don’t believe you cannot win?

  14. ton says:

    The Mayweather family is full of motherfu#kers. Listen to them talk and all you hear is “motherfu#ker”.
    I think they all took turns fu2king their mothers. Such a dysfunctional family of ex-cons!

  15. Fraud says:

    Pacquiao has recently challenged Mayweather who is still avoiding Pacquiao.

  16. kj says:

    floyd coward ,monkey

  17. pikkon says:

    He ain’t gonna fight Floyd to save Floyd’s motherfucking life. He ain’t gonna fight Floyd, period. I don’t give a damn if he does get past Bradley, he ain’t gonna fight Floyd anyways.

  18. talawan says:

    I think we all tired of all the mayweather, they are all duckers and gays talking shit….the boxing world know floyd gayweather doesnt want to fight pacquiao becoz he is concerned about his health… he doesnt want pacquiao whoop his ass… eheheh this 3 gayweather are the worst in boxing… fans knows they duck pacquiao they just avoid him becoz they cannot take pacmans power.. ehehehe coward mayweather…

  19. After maywether sr suffered devasteting loose two fighter dela hoya,hatton in pacquiao hands.the whole camp was totaly scared!the result in cotto brutal blooded face is extremely put in cement.that what ever happen in boxing even he offer biggest money in he’s career .he will never put into a danger zone he’s nephew he”s ass will kick pacman.hes face black will turn to red!

  20. jose says:

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  21. sum says:

    oh come on stop taking drugs…oh why oh why the hell he is afraid of Pacman. correct me if i am wrong if i remember it right these guys who are questioning the ex conditioning coach of Pacman (AA) and now all of the sudden they are quite and we all knows that AA is the current conditioning coach of Maidina. where is the facts of their claims. Not even bother to asked additional test …AI is a great manager and everyone want to take nose dive.

  22. ScaryFloydie says:

    This fucking monkey is pointing his fingers to pacquiao where infact what he’s trying to do is to save his nephew’s’on gorilla dont be afraid to let your nephew to trade punches with pacquiao.. I think on that age you have already grow some just shut the fuck up if you dont wanna fight a real fight!!!

  23. Bert Sugar says:

    Roger MAYWEATHER must have bought a LOT OF CRACK when his Brother FLOYD was DEALING to his own WIFE. PACQUIAO fought COTTO and MARGARITO in their PRIME and took the FIGHTS the FIRST TIME he was ASKED.

    But then again what do you expect from a CRACK HEAD who stated that FILIPINOS were on A-METH a substance that ALLOWS filipinos to be SHOT with a .45 Caliber Hand Gun and not only SURVIVE but not even get injured.

    Man ROGER must be having WITHDRAWALS from Not Training FMJ JR or beating up Women

  24. jess says:

    The Mayweathers is a bunch of scared boxers. They will do anythiing and say anything just so Fraud Jr will not face Pacquiao. Chickens!!!

  25. dave says:

    hahahahaha ..what the fuck….rodger you are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha a BUNCH of COWARD family suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO HELL MAYWEATHER FAMILY SHAMEFUL AMERICAN

  26. America says:

    Are we American proud of Mayweather??

  27. day-o says:

    there they go again. always looking for a pacquiao fight…… in the ring of.verbal trash fight. GFU!

  28. ktown says:

    Jenna, When Roger said “He ain’t gonna fight Floyd to save his motherfucking life. He ain’t gonna fight Floyd, period. I don’t give a damn if he does get past Bradley, he ain’t gonna fight Floyd anyways.” did he mean that Manny was the one who refuses to fight Floyd or it’s the Mayweather camp that will do everything in their power to keep that fight from happening? If so, did he elaborate on that point or was it pretty much the end of the interview? It’s strange because after all of Floyd’s taunting and denial of refusing to fight Manny, his uncle and trainer seems to have let the cat out of the bag by implying that it is in fact a collective and conscious decision on the part of the Mayweather camp to avoid fighting Manny. Thanks.

  29. Mateng says:

    Mayweathers should save their lives first before thinking of pacman, Two former employees almost got killed, got beat up pretty bad by Floyd’s gang allegedly for stealing. Why is nobody from the mayweathers trying to deny that it happened.

  30. Anonymous says:

    When Manny Pacquiao offered a “Fight for Charity” against Floyd Mayweather, the second immediately stop his noise. You can not take your money there…. Give some to people that need help; just start the training and fight Pacquiao so that many of needy people on earth be benefited. Remember Mr Rodger Mayweather….. “More talks, More mistakes!”

  31. octavio says:

    it only shows that mayweathers ran out of reasons for not fighting pacquiao. By mere mentioning the name of pacquiao, they got rattled. how can roger mayweather say that manny wont fight may jr?. manny even challenged may jr to a winner take all fight. what a shame on the mayweathers!

  32. SAN JOSE says:

    Mayweather clan….dopers and morons

  33. Slyman says:

    On the 1% of the boxers who can beat Floyd Jr.: “…that he only guys that could actually beat my nephew is a guy that out weighs my nephew, if he out weighs my nephew and he can box, those are the only kind of guys that can beat him…”

    – WTF is he talking about? Why the hell would a boxer fight outside his weight category? What he really meant on the 1% was Manny Pacquiao, period. BUSTED!