Roger Mayweather: “Pacquiao needs to let Floyd Mayweather beat his ass before he gets out of boxing!”

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The one fight the Mayweather family have been asked about the most is obviously the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Ever since the day that Manny Pacquiao flattened Ricky Hatton in just two rounds it has been the most talked about fight in all of boxing, but to this date it has never happened. People wonder with Pacquiao’s tax issues and Mayweather seemingly running out of opponents that maybe we will see this fight before both men retire.

In part 2 of my exclusive “On The Ropes” Interview with Roger Mayweather, I get his views on the fight’s that both Pacquiao and Mayweather have ahead of them, and if he thinks a loss by Pacquiao will end all talk of a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Roger also gives his official prediction for Mayweather Jr’s fight against Marcos Maidana and his nephews all-time standing. Here is what Roger Mayweather had to say. (Copyright – Must give full credit and link back to the original article)

Jenna: Roger why is it that you think Manny Pacquiao won’t fight Floyd?

Mayweather: He ain’t. The only way he will fight Floyd for is what everybody will fight Floyd for, the fucking money. He ain’t gonna fight him cause he believes he can win, I don’t think so. But I hope he does fight Floyd, that’s what the people wanted to see.

People only wanted to see that because they wanted to see what would Pacquiao do with Floyd if they ever fought, that’s why a lot of people want to see the fight. Hopefully they will make the fight, then they will find out what he can do with Floyd.

Jenna: They say that Pacquiao is becoming a free agent at the end of the year and a fight between him and Floyd might be possible, there won’t be the Bob arum issue. Do you think that makes it more likely?

Mayweather: I mean, they were supposed to fight before, the fight never happened though. I heard the fight was gonna happen before. Pacquiao has turned down so many fights with Floyd, it don’t make no difference. Now let’s just see about all the talking that said it would be done. Then we’ll see if the fight is gonna happen or not.

Jenna: What are your views on Pacquiao-Bradley II? Who are you picking to win that?

Mayweather: Here is what I think it’s gonna be. I think it’s gonna be a good close fight, a tough fight but I ain’t gonna saw who’s gonna win. I just know its gonna be a good tough bout, and they’re gonna have to put their best in it to win it. That’s what I think.

Jenna: If Pacquiao loses again and is only 2-2 in his last 4 fights, do you think he should start looking to get out of the game?

Mayweather: He needs to let Floyd beat his ass before he gets out of boxing, that’s what he needs to do. People want to see that fight with him and Floyd cause everybody talks about what can Pacquiao do with Floyd. Well let’s find out what he can do, Floyd will fight, even if he gets his ass whooped Floyd will still fight. It still would be a good fight and a good payday; he’s still got a name.

Jenna: So you think whether Pacquiao wins or loses that he should fight Floyd before he retires?

Mayweather: He can’t walk away without fighting Floyd, cause people are going to say m*therfucker was scared anyway, he did not want to fight Floyd to begin with, that’s what they are going to say.

I think even if he gets the edge on Timothy Bradley he still ain’t going to fight Floyd, I don’t know why he wouldn’t fight Floyd all those times getting the kind of money he be getting, shit why wouldn’t you fight him?

Jenna: They say that Paquiao would be more willing to fight Floyd because of his tax issues, what do you think?

Mayweather: That’s what I said, even if he lost to Timothy Bradley he should still fight Floyd. Listen Floyd will fight him anyway! Floyd will fight him anyways.

Jenna: So you think Floyd should fight Pacquiao even if he loses to Bradley?

Mayweather: I think Floyd should give Pacquiao a chance because he took the fight with Timothy Bradley, he took a risk, I don’t know whether he will win or he don’t win, but if he did win I can’t see why he wouldn’t get an opportunity to fight Floyd because that what the people be talking about all the time, “you need to fight Floyd” why wouldn’t you fight him, that’s how you get paid.

Jenna: Back to your nephews fight with Marcos Maidana, are you doing anything special to prepare for what Maidana brings to the table.

Mayweather: I don’t think you have to do much to prepare for Maidana, but Maidana is going to get what he got coming, he going to get what he got coming. We are just preparing for what Floyd is going to do to Maidana.

Jenna: What is your official prediction, how do you expect Mayweather-Maidana to play out.

Mayweather: I believe that Floyd will stop him, I do believe that. Floyd is too quick for him and he’s gonna hit him with punches that he don’t see, that’s whats going to cause the stoppage on him, that’s what I think.

People say he ain’t going to stop Maidana, but we ain’t concerned with what people say or what they think, but the difference between Floyd and any other fighter, is Floyd’s going to hit Maidana more then he ever been hit, that’s the key to stopping somebody, hitting them with punches he don’t see.

Jenna: I have one final question Roger. You nephew is 37 year’s old, how long can he fight at this level?

Mayweather: My nephew want to go out of boxing as the greatest fighter ever, and if he want to walk away and be known as the greatest fighter ever, he will whop this dudes ass right here and finish his contract, and boom, he walk away from the sport.

He ain’t got to say nothing, all he got to go is walk away from the sport, bow his head and thank god he didn’t get hurt. He’s going to be known as one of the great fighters ever, Period. What more can you do other than win 9-10 titles, what more can you do? That’s what I think he should do.

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38 Responses to "Roger Mayweather: “Pacquiao needs to let Floyd Mayweather beat his ass before he gets out of boxing!”"

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Jenna, tell Roger the only way his nephew beat Manny’s ass is when he decided to grow a pair and face his greatest fear. All this nonsense is getting annoying.

  3. TheFlip says:

    You can’t get any sensible answer or thought from these Mayweather guys, and the answers change from one end of the pole to the other on a regular basis. Floyd’s uncle (and his Dad) simply has no idea (and no say) on what Floyd thinks or does, so it’s pretty useless from a practical standpoint what they think about these things.

  4. eagle says:

    Floydie,The Greatest Ducker of All Time.

  5. APE MAN says:


  6. Vince says:

    Hey Jenna, I was just wondering why you didnt ask about Manny’s challenge to just fight for charity? I am sure Manny will be willing to do it regardless if he used it for tax write off or something. The point is, he will still not get a penny from it. It may sound bullshit but the man came from nothing and he doesnt care about giving away lots of his winnings to the poor anyway.

    If Floyd takes the challenge and beats Manny, then there will be no questions asked about him being the greatest boxer period!

  7. Spectator says:

    Jenna, next time u make sure that mofo roger maynever is sober before u interview him.

  8. Bert Sugar says:

    Floyd Wouldn’t Fight Pacquiao even if he was offered a BILLION Dollars,

    plus Forgiveness of USA Debt to China, and All Cancers CURED….


    FMJ would have been RAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES if he would have boxed in the 1980s…

    He’s Made a PLETHORA of excuses just ducking ONE PREMIER fighter of the last 5 years Pacquiao.

    Can you IMAGINE his excuses for AVOIDING, AGUELLO, Mancini, Aaron Pryor, Hagler, Hearns, SRL
    DURAN and on and on…

    FMJ’s Career is a JOKE….He can Tease DLH all he wants but compare the names on their Resumes

  9. gayweather says:

    Jenna, I dont know why these motherfucking cowards family of all time is fit to answer your questions… maybe they don’t know what to do when talking about the pacman fight because floyd don’t like punishing himself like what happened to barerra, morales, dela hoya, coto, margarito, or worst than what happend to hatton…you know floyd cares about his life and being a coward is his legacy to be number 1 fucking ducker in the boxing history and hall of fame ducker family in the world of boxing..
    Now, if this roger knew that his nephew is king of a duck maybe he should stop the nonsense talk about his nephews legacy… A true champion is not a coward…

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      I agree with Roger Mayweather Maidana is definitely too slow for Floyd. Maidana we get more times than ever before by Floyd . Maidana will be more tired in the later rounds that’s when Floyd will stop him.

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      I agree with Roger Mayweather, Maidana is definitely too slow for Floyd. Maidana will get hit more times than ever before by Floyd . Maidana will be more tired in the later rounds , that’s when Floyd will stop him. FLOYD WILL DESTROY MAIDANA YOU WILL SEE WATCH!!!

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      Shut up clown

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      Shut yo ass up

  10. PACMANUSA says:

    Wow words of wisdom from an ignorant and inarticulate HOODRAT !

    Amazing how he tries and change the actuality of the whole fight thing . Pacquiao offered to fight him for free and donate the proceeds to charity .

    I’m an American and I have NO respect for any of the Fayweather/Boner/Fagley crowd . Hoodrats are all the same bigmouths and plenty excuses .

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      Words to you SHUT THE HE’LL UP YOU THE HOODRAT YOU STINK TOO Shut up clown

  11. PACMANUSA says:

    This Jenna (so called person) is in awe of the hoodrat mentality projected by the whole Fagweather group . Hence she tends to believe and condone all the stupid things said by them as actual fact . The world would be a better place if the Fagweathers , Boner and this Genna person were no longer on it !

  12. ScaryFloydie says:

    small heart + tiny ball= this idiot!s!!

  13. erap says:

    Hogwash. Hogwash is better than Roger.

  14. Franklin R. Supatan says:

    How can Floyd Mayweather beat Pacquiao’s ass when his so scared to fight him.

  15. pikkon says:

    …..because that what the people be talking about all the time, “you need to fight Manny” why wouldn’t you fight him, that’s how you get paid.

  16. Knuckles says:

    Hey Roger!

    It’s the other way around. Your nephew should fight pack before he retires! Pac’s not going anywhere and your nephew is the one hiding and duckin the fight. Get your delusional facts straight! You guys are a FAMILY OF COWARDS!

    • Shawn Chadwick says:

      You are a hater stop hating on Mayweather Pac lost over 6 fights MAYWEATHER didn’t so you are the coward

  17. chris214 says:

    jenna why are u that coward to ask roger bout manny’s challenge? seems like all ur questions were always favored to floyd, it always happened all the time jenna..u mean u’r also gay? a cock sucker?

  18. REALLY!!!!! just last week he was saying no way in hell they would fight,even to save Paquiao’s life. what an *sshole

  19. they should fight, they ain’t gonna fight. Floyd should fight him , no way they gonna fight, he should fight him ?!?!??! Man Roger is on drugs

  20. hehehehh says:

    is this motherpucker talking about floyd or manny?????????, because it totally seems like he is describing his own nephew when he says things like,

    “”I think even if he gets the edge on Timothy Bradley he still ain’t going to fight Floyd, I don’t know why he wouldn’t fight Floyd all those times getting the kind of money he be getting, shit why wouldn’t you fight him?””

    remember, manny pacquiao lines are open 24/7, floyd or any mayweather family member should call him.

  21. Shawn Chadwick says:

    Shut up MAYWEATHER haters he is the best so kiss his ass like you should