Roy Jones Jr: “The Pacquiao-Rios fight won’t go the distance because if Pacquiao don’t finish Brandon, then Brandon will finish him!”

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In part 2 of my interview with former 4 division World Champion, Roy Jones Jr, I get his thoughts on a man who like himself is fighting well into his forty’s, Bernard Hopkins. Roy talks about how long he can realistically see Hopkins continuing to fight in the ring and what fights he sees out there for the ageless warrior. Jones also shares his views on the upcoming match up between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios, and how he ultimately sees the fight playing out. Additionally Roy speaks on the amount of public interest for a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, and who he sees out there that may be a threat to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Here is what Roy Jones Jr. had to say.

Jenna J: Even though you are forty four, that age doesn’t really mean that much when you have guys like Bernard Hopkins fighting at forty eight.

Roy Jones Jr: That’s exactly right, so age is only an excuse now. That’s why people say “Why are you still fighting?” How can you tell me I can’t, I’m forty eight years old and I‘m still doing it, so if I say I’m too old, that’s gotta be an excuse.

Jenna J: Speaking of Bernard, he is still fighting and winning despite his age. How long do you think he can realistically continue to fight, being that he’s such a swift, intelligent boxer?

Roy Jones Jr: Bernard, he could fight till he’s fifty five.

Jenna J: You think so?

Roy Jones Jr: Yeah, he already ugly, so he won’t look no worse, so he could fight till he’s fifty five.

Jenna J: What fights do you see out there for him?

Roy Jones Jr: I don’t really look at his fights for him, I don’t really see fights for him. Of course we’re one and one, so if he wanna break the tie, of course I’m always interested and open, but other than that I don’t really care to see him fight nobody. He doesn’t really entertain me too much so I don’t see it. I wish him luck and if he does a good job of winning, then he keep winning, but I don’t really care who he beats.

Jenna J: Roy, there is one thing you’ve always said on this show, there is one belt that you didn’t get that you wanted and that was the cruiserweight title. Have you dropped the inhibition to get that title or is that still something in your plans?

Roy Jones Jr: It’s still something in my plans, as a matter of fact in the Bobby Gunn fight I’ll probably fight for the WBU cruiser weight title and I hope that will entice one of the champions to give me a shot at another world title and I’ll go for it.

Jenna J: Roy, on November the 23rd you will be calling a fight on HBO, it will be Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios. What are your thoughts on that fight?

Roy Jones Jr: That will be one of the best fight ever because both of those guys are two of the most entertaining guys you ever wanna watch. I have high expectations over watching that fight.

Jenna J: A lot of people aren’t giving Brandon any chance at all because he’s only fought one southpaw in his whole career and that southpaw dropped him twice. Do you think that people are underestimating him?

Roy Jones Jr: No, I don’t think they are underestimating him, Pacquiao is a hell of a puncher so no they’re not underestimating him, they’re not underestimating what he’s doing and they’re not underestimating who he’s fighting either.

At the same time he has a big heart and just because he drops him it don’t mean nothing. If Pacquiao drops him, that won’t surprise me, but if Pacquiao drops him and doesn’t finish him then Pacquiao is gonna have his hands full.

Jenna J: You mentioned if he doesn’t finish him, do you think that fight could go the distance?

Roy Jones Jr: The fight wont go the distance because if he don’t finish Brandon, then Brandon will finish him.

Jenna J: Oh.

Roy Jones Jr: It ain’t gonna go the distance.

Jenna J: Ok. Well Roy, on the boxing scene, Floyd Mayweather Jr, everyone wants to know what’s out there for him, he keeps winning every fight. Do you see anyone out there realistically that could beat him now?

Roy Jones Jr: Boxing is a strange sport, there’s always somebody that has a style for you and creates problems for your style. I don’t see nobody that’s better than he is, nobody on paper that looks like they can, one of those can have a style that’s unorthodox enough to cause him enough problems that they could frustrate him and make it a hard night for him.

They just gonna find who that guy is and take it at the right time. Floyd has been a very good consummate professional of what he’s been doing, he’s always in shape, always ready and as long as he’s like this it’s gonna be very tough to beat him.

Jenna J: You mentioned that an unorthodox style, someone like Sergio Martinez. Do you think that could be the kind of style that gives him trouble?

Roy Jones Jr: That kind of style can give him trouble. The good thing about a style like that is he’s a southpaw so Floyd don’t usually take on many southpaws and I don’t know if he’s gonna take on Martinez, but Martinez is definitely the kind of guy that will make it a very hard night for Floyd.

Jenna J: Last few questions for you Roy. I recently spoke to Floyd Mayweather Sr, he said the fight that he wants to make now is a fight with Manny Pacquiao and his son. Do you think that fight can realistically happen?

Roy Jones Jr: It can realistically happen but at this point I think the fans aren’t as interested in it as they once was. If Floyd beats Pacquiao now, they gonna say “Oh yeah he beat him now, but you didn’t beat the Manny Pacquiao that we wanted you to beat.”

Jenna J: So you think if that fight happens it wouldn’t be as interesting because Pacquiao has lost?

Roy Jones Jr: Some people would still watch it but because he’s now been diminished and knocked out by Juan Marquez, who cares? If Floyd lost that would be very bad for him because if he lost that would be the only news.

If he beat Pacquiao they’re gonna say “Oh, of course, Marquez knocked him out so how can Floyd not beat him, if Floyd beat Juan Manuel Marquez so easy.” So if he wins it does nothing for him, only thing he can do is lose and that will do good for Pacquiao but won’t do Floyd no good, so I think it’s crazy for Floyd to even give him that chance and fighting him now.

Jenna J: Roy, I want to ask you about what you’re doing now, not just in terms of the commentating but what other projects are you working on?

Roy Jones Jr: I’m just doing a little promoting here and there, and just doing my commentary gig, doing what I do.

Jenna J: Speaking of what you do, the fans always enjoy watching, is there any message you want to pass on to them?

Roy Jones Jr: I wanna say keep your eyes open, if I come back it’s gonna be back it’s gonna be for real. See what happens with Bobby Gunn, keep your eyes open!

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17 Responses to "Roy Jones Jr: “The Pacquiao-Rios fight won’t go the distance because if Pacquiao don’t finish Brandon, then Brandon will finish him!”"
  1. Fed says:

    If that is the case roy, mayweather is a chicken…. Do you think Amir Khan deserve a shot on Floyd?

  2. I think Roy Jones only gave Floyd M Jr. another valid reason on why he (FMJr) would not fight M Pacquiao anymore. And I wont be surprised as he knew very well that M Pacquiao poses a lot of trouble to him (M Floyd) and would endanger not his career but his ego.

  3. James says:

    PAC poses zero threat to Mayweather. And like Floyd said, if he beats him now, folks will just still make excuses. It’s not a compelling fight now, even though Floyd would have beaten the snot out of PAC at any time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh really! If Floyd and his team really thinks that he can beat Pacman that easy, then why walk away from the biggest fight purse they could ever. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

      It’s funny how people easily remember what Floyd did to JMM, but tends to forget what PAC did to DLH (Floyd win by SD – Retired by PAC), Hatton (10 rounds with FMJ – 2 with PAC), Mosley (almost knock Floyd down in R2, luckily Floyd was able to grab his arm. Mosley runaway from PAC from R3 to R12), and Cotto (FMJ toughest figth to date. Well, everyone knows what happened to Cotto when he fought PAC).

  4. Bee says:

    Your an idiot, stop protecting chicken boy Floyd if u think Floyd would beat pacman so easily why doesn’t he fight him??? Over 100million he would received for a easy night right? Lmao… Floyd knows if he risk the fight with pacman and loses he will never get his pay days anymore j/s. ppl buy Floyd fights to see him get knock out but he a cherry picker so that’s not gonna happen.. A real warrior would fight anyone lik “pacman” people champs and never backs down!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with you Mr Bee…..just as simple as that..bring it on…so the whole world will know whose the BEST…

  5. Anonymous says:

    the main objective here is for Floyd to erase all those speculation that he was avoiding pacman,not what about people conclusion after the fight,win or lose at least he prove that he was not ducking pacquiao once and for all….so still the decision is for floyd ….coz as far as we know Pacman is always there to fight Mr.Sprinter…Floyd.

  6. leon says:

    im apacfan and i can agree that it’s given floyd can easily outbox manny. but people cannot deny the fact that manny is a risk to floyd’s ‘0’(im not sure right now but four years ago). maybe not so big but enough for floyd to think twice of choosing him as his dance partner. please note that floyd is very good in matchmaking game. he chooses an opponent with less risk but great reward. and if floyd really believes he can beat manny easily, we’ve had witnessed this fight 4 years ago. adding the smiling bob to the picture , you have not to wonder why the fight did not happen and it will never happen.

  7. PACMANUSA says:

    Jones is doing the bro thing and bullshitting for Fagweather !

    All da homeies are afraid of Paquiao !

  8. panfilo says:

    People like Roy & many others believed a good southpaw leaves trouble for Mayweather.
    And the best welter south paw ever in this generation is Manny Pacquiao. ADMIT IT!

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Shower Punches says:

    watch out your mouth Roy Jones, or you will be next in line to Pacquiao…..he can beat even you!
    Pacquiao respect to much all his opponents that’s why we cannot saw so much beast in him….Pacquiao is a demon in angel’s face…

    • LOL!

      Roy jones you are just as good as your mouth could speak the best but never uses your wit! as you said sergio martinez could trhreatened Floyd because of his south paw style. and Floyd Peeweether should not fight pac because if he beat pac people will say, ‘oh nothing new since he was beaten by JMM. Maybe its one of the reason why Floyd Peeweethers doesn’t want to fight pac because its a hardnight for him to go home with a scumbag face crying losing his pretty boy face with lots of bleeding decorations filled with icebag all around sinc pac is a southpaw and a hell of machine gun punches showing no mercy on his opponents. as you said everybody can beat floyd because its a boxing sport why not convince him roy to fight pac to show the world that he is really the best boxer on his age today not showing us best excuses not to fight pac, or maybe floyd is just predictable of his gainful loss to pacman that’s why he have a couple of million excuses. he he he.

  11. nwo says:

    lolz first floydie needs to grow some ball$… which it would take years.. second .. he needs to grow it real big.. as pacquiao is a scary animal.. third, pacquiao needs to struggle against rios.. if pac looks good.. which i expect.. floyd needs another years of growing much larger cojones.. now.. that would be a minimum of 8 years.. now this is the time where he beats a 42 year old pac a guy who would be washed-up considering the way he fights as floydie is much fresher than him… floyd beats pac and his legions of dumb fans celebrate and put fraud into pedestal of greatest of all time! hahaha yiiiikes

    Floyd tested positive thrice

    Montoya is gaining recognition for his drug testing and potential cover-up stories and was recently countered with a letter from Golden Boy law firm Lerman, Painter & Spitz LLP.
    Jeffrey Spitz is none too pleased by Montoya’s work.
    In a letter to Montoya dated May 23, 2012, Spitz wrote: “…(Montoya) asserted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission that (he has) received information that Golden Boy attempted to obtain an agreement from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) not to disclose a potential B sample test until after the tested boxer had participated in the scheduled fight. (Montoya) further asserted that Golden Boy had entered into an agreement with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) which contained such a provision. You have also claimed that Golden Boy entered into a contract with USADA for testing in connection with Floyd Mayweather fights which provided inadvertant use exemption that would permit a positive test to be excused if the result were inadvertant use. And that Mayweather had tested positive on three occasions which were excused under the inadvertant use provision.”
    If Montoya has a credible source, this development suggests someone, perhaps from the Nevada State Athletic Commision, might have shared crucial information to Montoya, who is a respected journalist and though I don’t know him, I highly doubt he would fabricate anything so potentially damaging.
    Actually, if you remember, two years ago, in the midst of the Pacquiao-Mayweather first round of negotiations which were ultimately canceled by Mayweather, the award-winning boxing scribe Thomas Hauser, was pressuring Oscar De La Hoya in February 2010 to sign a waiver so that the Nevada State Athletic Commission could release records of drug tests conducted on De La Hoya when he was fighting. The implication was that De La Hoya might have tested positive for something during his career and perhaps because of similar contract provisions, to those mentioned above by Montoya, those De La Hoya test results were kept concealed from becoming public knowledge.
    As far as I know, De La Hoya never did sign the waiver to release his performance-enhancing drug test results. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude why.

  12. ira c woltch says:

    Pacquiqo will NEVER get a shot @ Floyd : the fly in the ointment here is Arum . Arum’s greed , and his hatred for Floyd runs so deep , that this match was never , and WILL never take place . Coming close a few times was just a tease : it was never going to happen . Contracts were drafted in Dec. ’09 , &
    Floyd and his Team had signed for a 50/50 split for Cinco de Mayo , 2010 . Pac is not afraid – Floyd is not afraid : ARUM blocked this , plain & Simple . With both fighters at the top of their Game , I wouldn’t be surprised if each had a re-match clause in the contract . Needles ? OSDT ? C’mon: give me a break ! This had the dirty figerprints of Arum all oveer the deal gone bad . Too bad for the fight fans ; too bad for Pacquiao : his promoter screwed him over Big Time .

  13. deepdiver says:

    the answer to Roy Jones’ statement was certainly answered also by him. He said that “Boxing is a strange sport, there’s always somebody that has a style for you and creates problems for your style. I don’t see nobody that’s better than he is, nobody on paper that looks like they can, one of those can have a style that’s unorthodox enough to cause him enough problems that they could frustrate him and make it a hard night for him.

    Further he stated “That kind of style can give him trouble. The good thing about a style like that is he’s a southpaw so Floyd don’t usually take on many southpaws and I don’t know if he’s gonna take on Martinez, but Martinez is definitely the kind of guy that will make it a very hard night for Floyd.”

    So there is no more argument as to why not this match is gonna happen. Team Mayweather knows the odds is against them and Jones himself acknowledge that Floyd is good at this.