Shawn Porter: “I think if Manny Pacquiao dominates Matthysse it shows that Manny has something left to offer this sport”

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Former IBF welterweight champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter is waiting for his shot at another title, as he has won 2 elimination bouts to get to his current position and he believes it’s time for his to get his chance at the belt. With Keith Thurman being out due to injury, Porter is now in a position to face Danny Garcia for a potentially vacant belt. The WBC has yet to make an official decision, but all signs point to Thurman losing his status as champion.

In my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Shawn Porter I discuss with him his last appearance in the ring and the chances he gets to fight for a belt soon. I get his views on Keith Thurman and talk about the potential for facing Danny Garcia next. Shawn also talks about his growth as a fighter and gives his views on Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming return to the ring. Here is what Shawn Porter had to say.

Jenna J: You returned to the ring last November and you had a very good performance against Adrian Granados. When are you looking to get back into the ring?

Shawn Porter: I don’t know right now. I understand Keith’s situation and I can’t wait. We planned to fight him after we fought Adrian Granados without the understanding of when but also understanding that if it wasn’t going to come soon enough, then we would entertain taking another fight.

I would love to get back in the ring this summer in June, July or August at the latest. It’s not going to be Keith Thurman, it’s gotta be another big fight. Hopefully Mauricio Sulaiman does the right thing and hopefully it’s for the WBC title.

Jenna J: Seeing as Keith Thurman hasn’t fought in over a year, do you think it would be proper to make him the champion in recess and have you and Danny Garcia fight for the belt? Would that be a fair assessment of the situation?

Shawn Porter: That’s a completely fair assessment, I think it’s the right move to make. I’m not going to step on Mr. Sulaiman’s toes, I’m going to disrespect him or tell him what to do, but at the end of the day, I do think a fight between myself and Danny Garcia makes sense with or without a belt, but if you want to entertain the fact that the WBC title has been at bay for a while because Keith has been unable to fight.

If you’re not giving Keith a mandatory time to defend his belt, then his belt needs to be vacated. After his belt is vacated I think there’s only two people who should be fighting for that title and that’s myself and Danny Garcia. I think that fight makes sense on paper and for the fans.

Jenna J: Outside of Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, what are your thoughts on Errol Spence and Jeff Horn?

Shawn Porter: We’ve seen what Errol Spence has done, he’s looked very great as of late in his last two outings, getting the belt and defending it. He’s definitely deserving of the IBF title and having that number one spot in the welterweight division.

On the other hand you have Jeff Horn who we haven’t seen the best of yet. We saw Jeff Horn, in my opinion, luck up and get a decision and win the WBO title. Since then we haven’t seen his defence — at least I haven’t seen his defence.

I’m definitely looking forward to that fight with him and Terence Crawford. I know Terence just pulled out with an injury but I think that would be a good fight and it’s a fight that Terence Crawford will win and will become the WBO champion here at welterweight now.

Jenna J: A fight between Lucas Matthysse and Manny Pacquiao was recently announced, what do you think of that fight?

Shawn Porter: I’ll be honest, I’ve seen Lucas Matthysse in a few exciting fights but outside of that, I never really cared too much for his boxing style or his fights. I think that we are really going to find out if Manny has anything left at all. You got a guy in Lucas Matthysse who can take a punch and definitely deliver one. He has experience and he’s no slouch.

Manny Pacquiao has put on great performances over the years, but as of late, has really taken some steps down the ladder. I think if Manny dominates Matthysse, I think it shows that Manny has something left to offer this sport. If it’s close, depending on how Manny looks, we’ll find out whether or not Manny has anything left at all. I am looking forward to the fight just because of the fact that it’s Manny Pacquiao. I’ve always enjoyed watching him fight. Even though I’d like to see him give the sport up from the competitive side, I am looking forward to seeing what he has left.

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5 Responses to "Shawn Porter: “I think if Manny Pacquiao dominates Matthysse it shows that Manny has something left to offer this sport”"
  1. Gene Alco says:

    I think Pacquiao can still match the power of Mathysse. However, the Pacman has always been dominating his opponents with his speed. With his age catching up on him, I doubt if he still possess that speed. His power maybe is maybe just as good as Mathysse. It is going to be an interesting fight but not too exciting anymore as has always been during his younger age. A fight with both older Floyd and Pacman is the only fight that still interesting.

  2. Arnold Alano says:

    The absolute prime Pacman is a beauty to watch. That was the Pacquiao of old. Though even at this stage I believe Manny is still faster compared to Lucas. , Mathysse himself has slowed down a bit. He is a slugger in which to me is made to the Pacman’s advantage. Anything can happen because Mathysse is heavy handed also but to my opinion, the dissipating storm from the Philippines has still enough to come out on top. Considering their styles, a KO is highly probable.

  3. BLASTER1 says:

    Spence stop waiting for Thurman.
    Seriously he could just keep getting injured until he has to give up his belts.
    It doesnt seem like he wants to defend them.
    So go after Spence.
    Someone sooner or later will have to.
    Might as well go after him now before he really hits his peak and becomes unstoppable.
    Not that he is far of that now in the welter division.

  4. 1hourRun says:

    Its funny that Shawn is on the outside looking in, Porter would love to fight Pacquiao but even with his old IBF world title Pac wouldn’t even consider him lol. Poor Porter, cant move up to 154 because hes a midget for the weight, cant effectively compete at 140 because hes to thick.

    • I wonder what Mr. Porter has to say about Mr Spence getting a match with Manny….Considering then under priveleged, I really question that story of Sprnce getting into a major carr crash and him walking out barely without a scratch..Was that really a warning. It happened to Williams and he was maimed for life. It happened to Chico and sadly hes gpne , Spence isnt really all that despite the press. Major tournament losses, on the downside of his amatyer careear 15% of the time, Another manufactured product, And no Ollypic medal? How many knew Ali beat Crawford in the amatuers. And why was Shellystuh ommitted from the tea party intentionally.?
      Apox on the cusanostras that put stumbling blocks onto the path of free press. Tom payne? Thankyou girl always for potting out there.