Shawn Porter: “Knowing Manny Pacquiao and remembering what he can get hit with, I think all of that will play in my favor!”

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Former IBF welterweight champion Shawn Porter is looking to become a champion again and avenge some of his losses. Porter has two defeats in his career, one to reigning IBF champion Kell Brook and the other to unified WBA/WBC champion Keith Thurman. After an impressive knockout win over Andre Berto, Porter has become the mandatory challenger to Thurman, a rematch he hopes he can make happen later this year.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Shawn Porter, I get his thoughts on the upcoming Errol Spence vs. Kell Brook bout, getting his breakdown and prediction for the fight. Porter also talks about possibly facing Manny Pacquiao and how he thinks his sparring experience will help him in that match. Additionally, Shawn talks about Mayweather-McGregor and when fans can expect him back in the ring. Here is what Shawn Porter had to say.

Jenna J: On May 27th Errol Pence will be taking on Kell Brook. How do you see that match up playing out?

Shawn Porter: To me it really has become a fifty-fifty fight. If I put all of my biased opinions aside and just call the fight for what it is, I see a young, hungry fighter getting in the ring with a more mature and experienced fighter. They are both strong and very good.

I see it going two ways, I see Kell Brook being able to fend off Errol Spence for twelve rounds with a good strong jab and some strong clinching, and being able to utilize the ring for twelve rounds. On the other hand, I see Errol Spence being able to use his southpaw style and his aggressiveness to get to Kell Brook and stay on him for twelve rounds. I think that’s a fight that Errol Spence could very much win and I’d like that see that happen, I’d love to see an American bring that belt back to the States.

Jenna J: Manny Pacquiao is defending his WBO title against Jeff Horn July 2nd, being that you were a sparring partner in the past for Pacquiao, is there any part of you that would like to face him for real?

Shawn Porter: Yeah, that is definitely a fight I’d like to have. We saw him retire and then we saw him come back, there’s no telling what Manny Pacquiao is doing right now, I don’t really think he’s fighting and putting himself in a position to get a championship belt. I think he’s just fighting and it’s something that he wants to do. I don’t know if Shawn Porter is someone that he’d want to fight but I definitely have interest in that fight.

Jenna J: Do you think you have an advantage over him because of your past experience with him?

Shawn Porter: Yeah I do. Knowing what he does, remembering his rhythm and what he likes to do and what he can get hit with. I think all of that will play in my favor, especially now that I am younger and more ready for a fight like that than he is.

Jenna J: There’s a lot of talk about Floyd Mayweather facing Conor McGregor. From a fighter perspective, what do you think of that fight?

Shawn Porter: It’s for entertainment, it’s for TV, and they’re going to put on a show. I think Mayweather is going to outbox him for twelve rounds and win a decision. I think he will probably make McGregor look bad, but it’s for a lot of money and for entertainment.

Jenna J: Lets turn things back to yourself. You have a very aggressive style, do you ever worry about longevity in your career? Do you think you will have to change things up as you get older to extend your career?

Shawn Porter: Definitely, longevity is something my dad has preached to me from the beginning. I’m taking care of these little scars I have, I know I can’t continue to get them. There are always some adjustments to be made there.

Jenna J: How soon are you looking to get back into the ring?

Shawn Porter: Right now we are looking at maybe the fall. We need time to let these wounds heal and then we’ll start back training. It’s looking like the fall is the right time for us.

Jenna J: Any message you want to pass along to your supporters?

Shawn Porter: I want to thank you guys for tuning in and checking me out and we’ll see you soon.

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  1. PAX says:

    Pacquiao would counter him like crazy. He would get cut a lot and probably stopped. Porter is fish food for PACMAN

  2. Deondre says:

    Pacquiao is a washed up old man. He won’t even KO Horn, let alone a bull like porter, this is a fight that i think pacquiao would get beat up badly. You want a comparison, think ALI-HOLMES. Pac should avoid porter at all costs.



  4. Fang says:

    Old or not Porter will be easy work for the Pacman. Pacman knows more about Porter than the other way around.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, pacquiao is a washed up fighter. He will wash the face of porter with a lot of punches..

  7. Art Matthews says:

    Sorry to say, Old man Pacquiao will wipe the floor with any of the welterweights. Porter is a B fighter and will be bulldozed by Pacquiao anytime.

  8. Anonymous says:

    PACquiao sucks!!!

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