Shawn Porter: “People haven’t seen anyone handle Andre Berto the way I did. We will be ready for a Keith Thurman rematch!”

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This past Saturday night, former IBF welterweight champion ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter returned to the ring against Andre Berto, in a clash of former champions looking for another shot at a world title. While many expected a close fight, it turned out to be a one-sided matchup, with Shawn Porter dominating throughout. Porter not only won the fight but surprised most by stopping Berto in nine rounds.

In part 1 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with Shawn Porter, I get his thoughts on his recent win and talk to him about his fighting style. Shawn also talks about a potential rematch with Keith Thurman and if he would prefer avenging that loss, or the Kell Brook defeat. Additionally, Porter talked about what he would do different against Keith Thurman and shares his views on this weekends Klitschko vs. Joshua bout. Here is what Shawn Porter had to say.

Jenna J: You had a tough and grueling fight with Andre Berto last Saturday. How do you feel about your performance in the fight?

Shawn Porter: Very good, happy that I was able to get him out of there early. A lot of people said that couldn’t be done. People haven’t seen anyone handle Andre the way I did and I think overall the game plan that we worked on throughout the camp really came in and really worked out for me through the fight. Aside from the head-butts, I’m pretty pleased with what we were able to accomplish the other night.

Jenna J: The head-butts were a recurring theme during the fight because of your two styles. How are you feeling from the head-butts because you took many yourself?

Shawn Porter: Yeah I’m blessed, I’m actually fine. No dizziness or blurred vision after the fight. Actually, there’s no soreness to my head at all since the fight, so I’m just blessed to be healthy right now and to look up and be 27-2-1 now.

Jenna J: Do you think you need to change anything in your style going forward?

Shawn Porter: I don’t know right now. I think that my style is one that is very hard to beat, I think that it’s a lot more versatile than most people give me credit for. You see me banging on Andre Berto a lot on the ropes and that’s where he was, as are a lot of the fighters that I fight. Most of the guys that I fight are usually retreating or more defensive, which causes me to be more aggressive. I think the thing you may overlook in this fight is that I hit Andre Berto with about 49 jabs from the outside, so I got it all. Right now I’m not sure what I would change.

Jenna J: You are now in the number one position to face Keith Thurman for the WBC title. How important is it for you to get that rematch?

Shawn Porter: To be the number one contender for the WBC belt I think is a very special position to be in. I feel very fortunate to be in that position and right now it’s a little bit of a waiting game, waiting to find out what Keith is going to do. There’s some big fights coming up in the division and some more games to be played. After those are played out, we will see what Keith wants to do and we will move forward from there.

Jenna J: You have two losses in your career, one to Kell Brook and one to Keith Thurman, which of those two bothers you most? Which do you desire to avenge more?

Shawn Porter: I would say probably Keith Thurman, I think he’s the better fighter. I think overall, Keith’s resume is much cleaner and a lot can be said about him being a unified champ right now as well. That was the bigger fight for me, so I want that one back.

Jenna J: If you do get a rematch with Keith Thurman, how do you think the rematch would play out?

Shawn Porter: It will definitely be entertaining, just like the first. I think I would use better defense and we will be ready for it.

Jenna J: There’s a big fight coming up in the heavyweight division between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko. What do you see in that fight?

Shawn Porter: That’s a big fight this weekend. I think that the young lion is going to take it. I think Klitschko has done a very good job throughout his career but I think now he’s going up against some guys who have the size that he has, and they have more energy and are younger. The youth is playing against him now I think that’s a fight where Joshua is going to walk away as a champion.

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