John Scully: “Sooner or later Manny Pacquiao’s going to lose to someone like Crawford and he’s going to go out on that note”

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Iceman John Scully was a former world title challenge and is one of the most respected trainers in boxing. Scully has taken fighters like Chad Dawson to a world title and currently works with highly ranked contender Artur Beterbiev. In part 1 of my interview with John Scully, I get his thoughts on Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev 2, getting his prediction for the rematch. Additionally, Scully spoke in great detail about Manny Pacquiao’s next fight against Jeff Horn and talked about what direction he thinks Pacquiao is going in. Here is what John Scully had to say.

Robert Brown: It was recently announced that Andre Ward will be having a rematch with Sergey Kovalev. What are your thoughts on that fight?

John Scully: I was at the first fight, it was a good fight. I really like Kovalev, I’m always very impressed with him but I just feel like Andre Ward seemed to have Kovalev figured out at the end of the fight. Andre’s very smart and I just feel like he’s going to continue. I think the fight will be a continuation of the first fight. I think this is going to show a lot about Kovalev and what kind of man he is because if he’s a regular man, Andre is just going to pick up where he left off and he’s going to completely figure him out and dominate and win in much clearer fashion this time.

Robert Brown: You think Ward will win in more dominant fashion?

John Scully: That’s what I feel, yes.

Robert Brown: Manny Pacquiao has chosen to fight Australia’s Jeff Horn. What do you think of this choice of a fight? Do you think he’s just trying to get a KO to gear himself up for a Terence Crawford fight?

John Scully: I’m kind of confused about it because I had never heard of Jeff Horn before they made this fight. I had no idea of his credentials or anything like that. It’s almost like a Rocky scenario where they are giving this unknown guy a shot at the big brass ring. I would assume that they scouted him and they feel that he’s a good opponent for Pacquiao. I don’t think they want to go and lose to a person that is relatively unknown, so I don’t think they’re taking a huge risk.

If a guy like Pacquiao was going over to another country and fighting a relatively unknown guy, I’m sure he’s not unknown to Pacquiao’s team. They’re not going to go and take a huge risk, so I would imagine that this is a calculated decision and they know what they are doing. They are picking the right guy and going that route.

Robert Brown: Do you think they are trying to match him with anyone who is isn’t an ‘A’ class fighter until they do that final cash out fight against a big name?

John Scully: Right, I think that’s what appears to be happening here. They certainly don’t want to let him lose to someone that he’s not supposed to. They don’t want to go out like that. It would be hard to recover from that. I think they are just keeping him busy before they get that one final fight that he could go out on a high note on. The thing for me is, generally what this results in, and history has shown us that these almost always result in a loss, sooner or later he’s going to lose to someone like Crawford and he’s going to go out on that note.

It seems almost inevitable that they’re just going to keep going until they lose again. I wish somebody would come along sort of like Mayweather has done, just retire on top. I don’t know why these guys have to milk themselves dry so that nothing is left. I think it does a disservice to their legacies and to the game. It’s gotten to be almost predictable that that’s going to be the pattern for most of these guys.

Robert Brown: Is there a danger that Pacquiao could take Jeff Horn extremely lightly and the fight could end up being closer than we think?

John Scully: That has happened many times, but my guy feeling is that Freddie Roach wouldn’t let that happen and would keep his eyes open and push Pacquiao and keep reminding him. Freddie is a very smart guy and he’s certainly aware that it’s a possibility, just as it is with anyone. I don’t think that Freddie would want to go out on a note like that. If Manny is slipping at all, I think Freddie would point it out and keep him on the right track.

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  1. Rob Wards says:

    Give the guy a break. Is there no more tune up fights in boxing? After all, unknown or not, Horne is ranked #2 WBO welterweight.


    this motherfucker scully is an idiot and a hater of shit midget manny pacquiao. give manny some motherfucking respect you motherfucker john scully.

    • ICE says:

      Relax Killa LOLOL…I definitely like Manny…NO dissing of him here whatsoever…Ive checked out Horn and he is very capable as well…

  3. Reymundo Cruz says:

    I think this guy John Scilly is a fucking buttheads. He thinks he knows everything about Manny Pacquiao’s personal life. He thinks he knows more about boxing than anyone out there. He just damn an fucking full of shits. Whoever.Manny wants to fight with, that how is own business. I don’t think that other people out there shouldn’t be degrading Manny’s great boxing reputation at this point. Manny is just a very humble and graceful guy. No matter how others perceive about him, he doesn’t go around trash talking or trying to degrades other people’s reputation. That’s why he is a real true . Champion, not only in boxing but in life itself. So all those trash talking peoples out there, don’t ever try to talk all the bullshits about Manny’s own lifestyle. You have no business about him, because he just trying to live his own life to the fullest if possible. No one out there should dictate his personal reputation at all.

  4. Reymundo Cruz says:

    Hey . Mr. John scully, you don’t degrade Manny’s boxing reputation. He will definitely gonna whip the fucking black ass of Terrence . Crawford. I say TERRENCE CRAWFORD is not a good , role model as Manny. You know that T.C. is a criminal in his own way and to me, he just plain cocky black ass. He will never beat Manny”s great reputation around the world. Of course, Manny is always a very humble guy to others around him. You, Mr. scully, you are not humble but full of shits and a true jerk ass. Have a fucking shitty day asshole!..

    • Bob D says:

      Stop being a bitch Reymundo

      • Raymundo Cruz says:

        Hey you faggot guy, don’t ever call me a bitch, because I am not a female dog. Maybe you’re the one who is a bitch. A Filipino humble guy like would be happy to devour a bitch like a you if you come here in the Philippines And would be happy to celebrate a great feasts with my hungry fellow village people in my secluded hometown village. Okay you fucking bitch asshole!…I’m not afraid of anybody who wants to act tough with me. If you do, I’ll bring my deadly evil Filipino voodoo curses on you guys. This is my evil curse on you now, I hopefully that you are going to crash your car anytime soon,you mother fucking white ass trash bitch American lunatic like you. wherever you are,tough luck for you for my evil witchFilipino curse!

    • ICE says:

      Reymundo…I have a question for YOU…a serious question. A real brain teaser…if you are REALLY intelligent you will figure it out with 10 seconds.

      Answer this:

      How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

      • Reymundo Cruz says:

        Let me answer your .stupid riddle .Ice you’re an idiot to yourself. If you say I am idiot, You are the one who is the real idiot. I was only trying to defend my great fellow countryman Manny Pacquiao from trash talking you. Manny wins or. Lose to Jeff Horn, Manny will be always stay humble. only those jealous people out there who are trying to degrade him. In fact, the answer to your own stupid riddle, I am not afraid what you think of me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey john scully your crawford is overrated boxer. Pacman is the best boxer of all tine. period

  6. Pacquiao is respectful of others, he was once in horns shoes. An unknown who got called in at a shorts notice. Now tables are turned and like before he would like for somebody to get a chance just like he did. Horn is ranked #2 and is a mandatory challenger.

  7. Reymundo Cruz says:

    Mr .Scully, now you want me to answer your stupid riddle? Why you want to test my I.Q. Maybe I am a Humble Filipino guy with less a 4th grade elementary education here in the Philippines, but I I am smarter than any high schoolers and college students in the U.S. Don’t try to test me as with your stupid riddle otherwise I’ll go on to quit question you about books knowledge facts. let me ask you this question. Who is Ryuho OKawa and Paramahansa Yogananda respectively? And who is the author of Science of Mind? You can get some help by your own associates, but I am not going to answer your freaking stupid question, because to me it is not even make no sense to me what you’re damn idiotic question. Just keep your own stupid riddle to yourself. I wouldn’t mind to challenge you with world facts, not your own silly question. I would admit that you might be smarter than I am at any level, because as I said earlier that I ha only a 4th grade education,, but that’s not mean that I am stupid. I am just a plain poor farmer living in a small shanty house in a small fishing village here in the Philippines.But I love to read books and news articles about various international issues. in fact, I had an American friend who was a religious missionary who had guided me and taught me English grammars and arts and science facts. That was over 30 years ago. Same like Manny Pacquiao, he is not that very educated like me, but because his celebrity status made him a instant Congressman here in our own poor country. When you have money and power here in Philippines, you can get into anything you would truly desired. People doesn’t really care much about educational values as long you have some powerful connections with those very much wealthy people. So I am very sorry if I was so disrespectful and being rude to you with some of my own personal comments towards you that I had posted earlier, okay bro?

  8. preddie roshe says:

    btw ICE…manny’s camp knows nothing of horn. arum is the one only interested in this fight for manny. it’s all about the $manny with this guy. he doesn’t care about manny’s legacy as long his pockets are lined with blood money from manny’s fights and health. he doesn’t really care if manny loses as long as it’s to one of his fighters on tr so he can promote that fighter as the next latest and greatest (he hopes). so freddie don’t know nothing, manny don’t know nothing, only the magic of youtube is their consultant. if manny had his choice he wanted to fight khan as the fans let him know. unfortunately arum cocked blocked cuz khan is golden boy, he gets no profit since someone was supposedly backing it (but was later disclosed to be fraudulent), and he’d have to share with oscar, so he felt it benefited him not and put his foot down on his brown servant and told him to fight in australia like a good little boy. manny should have stayed retired or went independent a la mayweather and cut ties with arum and his forked snake tongue.
    in any case, the fight should be entertaining (i hope) like david diaz was although i didn’t want even have any interest in this happening. but truth be told put anyone against manny and i will watch it.

  9. Raymundo Cruz says:

    You can’t stop my evil voodoo curse now, you will have lots of nightmares that will make you into a psychopath just like what I had done to so many guys out there. My strong voodoo practice will make anybody go crazy. In fact, I helped manny pacquiao wins some of his past fights over the years. My voodoo spells can make a people have bad or good lucks in their own lives I had also healed so many people with their own health problems. But I don’t care for fame and fortunes. Who ever wants to deal with me now, I can make into something awful or great. So do not try to play games with me, I can send my great spiritual power to anyone out there without being present to me. I can deal with you online at anytime.

  10. Reymundo Cruz says:

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