Sherman Williams: “Tyson Fury is very disrespectful to other fighters and I think he’ll be knocked out in three rounds!”

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I recently was afforded an opportunity to speak with heavyweight, Sherman ‘The Tank’ Williams to talk about his upcoming fight against Christian Hammer and his boxing career. Williams also gives his views on Tyson Fury vs. Wladimir Klitschko, and talks about the current state of the heavyweight division. Additionally, Sherman speaks about Mayweather-Berto and the possibility of Pacquiao vs. Khan. Here is what Sherman Williams had to say.

Robert Brown: You got a fight coming up against Christian Hammer. How do you feel about the fight coming up?

Sherman Williams: Yeah I feel pretty good about the fight. I’m very optimistic about fighting Christian Hammer. The job there is simple, he’s a fighter that stays right in front of you, so I’m just gonna go in there and use my overhand right and my left hooks and look to put Christian Hammer to sleep in Romania.

Robert Brown: What do you think your strengths will be against Christian Hammer, and are you worried about anything that he can bring to the table?

Sherman Williams: The strategy is to take the fight to Christian Hammer and use my experience and use my ring savvy and look to take him into the deep water before I drown him. Christian Hammer is a good fighter but I think that I edge him on power, I edge him in experience, and I’m gonna put both of them together and look to pull off a big victory in Romania.

Robert Brown: Because the fight is in Romania, are you worried about a decision if the fight goes to the scorecards?

Sherman Williams: Quite naturally, in October in New Zealand I put a good beating on Joseph Parker and I think one of the judges didn’t give me any rounds. So whenever you go in anybodies country or their backyard, you can expect the scorecards to be one sided. What I look to do is go for the knockout. The first opportunity I get, I’m gonna look to hurt Christian and hurt him bad and try to pull off a KO.

Robert Brown: Assuming you get past Hammer, who would you like to fight after that fight?

Sherman Williams: After I get done with Christian Hammer, I would like to try to clean up the British commonwealth area. If you look at my record, all the blokes that I fought and beat up were in America, South America, The Caribean, but none of the guys in the British commonwealth were ever willing to give Sherman Williams the chance.

Joseph Parker was the first one and it was one sided because I had to travel twenty hours or so to fight him in New Zealand. I would like to take anyone of the guys in the commonwealth, particularly Tyson Fury. There are two fighters over there in Australia, I’d be willing to go to Australia and beat up a couple of those blokes.

The problem is for me, the opportunities have always been hard to come by because because I always hear the match makers say, “We tried to make the fight but they don’t want to take the chance because you’re dangerous and you can punch.”

Robert Brown: What about Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne? Would you like a fight against him?

Sherman Williams: Yeah I would love to come to Australia and put a beating on Browne. With these guys it’s boxing 101, to this point Browne has hand picked the fighters and has stayed away from the dangerous guys. I’m making this and official notice and announcement that I’m ready, willing, and able to come to Australia and fight Browne, fight Leapay. I’ll fight anybody they got to offer in Australia, I’m willing to take them on and knock them out.

Robert Brown: Tyson Fury is set to fight Wladimir Klitschko next. How do you think Fury will do against Klitschko? Do you give him any chance?

Sherman Williams: No, not at all. I think he’ll get knocked out within three rounds. Within three rounds he will get knocked out.

Robert Brown: How do you think you would do if you got a chance against Klitschko?

Sherman Williams: If I had a chance with Wladimir Klitschko, I’ll go straight to the body and then hit him with an overhand right and knock him out. That’s the key to fighting Wladimir. You can’t stay outside, any boxer over 6’2, he’s gonna out box them. Most big guys can’t fight inside or they’re afraid to fight inside.

The last American that Klitschko fought, the guy was rubbish but he still gave him a tough time because he at least took the risk to take the fight on the inside. If I had the opportunity, I would just get low, stay low like Joe Frazier. I’ve been in camp with Klitschko multiple times and I always roughed him up and put a beating on him and he never liked it. Tyson Fury is made to order because he talks a lot of smack, he’s very disrespectful to other fighter and I think he’ll be knocked out in three rounds.

Robert Brown: How do you feel about the depth of the heavyweight division at the moment?

Sherman Williams: Well I don’t think there really much there. Right now it all depends on the guys with the big promoters and the money behind them. When you look at the champion they have over here in Alabama(Deontay Wilder), all of his fights have been hand picked. The toughest fight he’s fought was Bermane Stiverne and I tried to get an opportunity to fight those guys but they don’t take tough fights.

Wladimir Klitschko has a pedigree, he has a big amateur background and he can fight, he’s not as good as Vitali but he can fight. The Ukrainians will continue to be champs once they feed them these made up heavyweights. These guys are all made up.

I came from an era when we had real fights. I was with Cedric Kushner and we fought real fights. Today these guys are made up, so they can get to 22-0 but they fight a real fighter and they look like garbage. At that point, Wladimir can stay on for another five years.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on Floyd Mayweather fighting Andre Berto?

Sherman Williams: I think that’s a safe fight for Floyd Mayweather and I think he’ll do well and win the fight. Floyd Mayweather can box and he’s very intelligent and he has the benefit of his father and his uncle who used to be contenders thirty years ago and I think that served him well.

Robert Brown: Do you think he’ll retire on Berto or do you think he will have a few more fights?

Sherman Williams: As long as he’s gonna continue to live with Lamborghinis and Ferraris, he’s gonna need to fight. He’s got expenses to pay.

Robert Brown: It looks like Manny Pacquiao could be fighting Amir Khan some time next year. What are your thoughts on that fight?

Sherman Williams: Pacquiao all the way. Manny beats Khan pretty easy, Amir has never seemed to be a mentally tough fighter. He’s got talent, he’s a typical British boxer, he likes to show off but of course his mental toughness is questionable, big time.

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  1. billabong says:

    i dont agree with khans mental toughness. he tries every fight. but i like this guys opinions and his klitchco comments. I just watched a fight of his, i hope he does fight browne he will win, and i’m from Australia saying this..

  2. Kidd KulaPooh-Pooh GirlGago says:

    Smelly Paki Khan is a decent & good fighter but not great.
    Decent punching power, very good size, length, & reach. But his granite titanium-reinforced chin is a BIG liability. A love tap to his jaw and he’s in la-la land….

    • Paul Price says:

      Racist cunts like you have no place in boxing. Or your bullshit comments about Khan’s chin.

  3. terrece jones says:

    people only recognize the last question which is the named Pacquiao

  4. john jones says:

    Floyd loses the fight against Pacquiao i swa it in slowmow. Flod is a disgrace sucker

  5. white against illigal immigrants says:

    all illigal criminal immigrants should be deported. do not make a mess in the United States it is not your country

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck u piece of white trash…we r here to do not only what loosers like u can’t, but also take better jobs.. Because people like u are lazy matherfuckers

  6. oliver vanz jr says:

    floyd fried chcken got schooled by Pacquiao hahaha i watch the slow mow he is fucked up motherfucker disgrace chicken

  7. the black man says:

    I personally think that Pacquiao won the fight against Floyd

  8. nek williams says:

    Floyd mayweather for sure he paid the judges to win the fight. The judges supposed to be an international not all Americans

  9. white folks says:

    yes, it isa disgrace to floyd maychicken to pay the judges to win, she is a joke motherfucker black

  10. undefeated chicken says:

    we all know that he won the fight bla bla bla by the judges not our mind

  11. enoch maddox says:

    Watched the fight in slow motion!?!?!?!? Did u you see that mannys rotator cuff were working just fine!!!! The fans these days are y boxing is dying. To much race hate blocking uneducated eyes. God bless my brothers and sisters

  12. BlackPanther says:

    Watching Money Mayweather fights, is like watching WWF

    And you all idiots fell for it
    Those Judges are crooked as well, as the politicians.
    If there will be a rematch…
    Have them fight in the Philippines
    “Thrilla in Manila”

    Pacroid needs to change his tactics, because that KFC will be running all day like a little girl with a popsicle in his mouth doing sucker punch

    • Anonymous says:

      Las Vegas plus Jews what a sick combination. Sorry but the USA is not well licked by so many other 1 st world countries. Why because its run by fucking Jews. We all know THEY ARE NOT LIKED AT ALL. LOOK AT HISTORY THEY HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT OF MANY COUNTRIES BEYOND Germany. Everyone, everything in USA IS CONTROLLED BY JEW’S. HITLER WAS RIGHT THEY ARE A VERY BAD RACE.

  13. Kdd says:

    Boxing fans know that pac vs floyd was at a very high elite lvl match and it was very close match. Pacquiao negated floyd offense and floyd negated pac offense to a degree. But the big difference is that when floyd was leading pac countered him cleanly and wouldve KNock f&$@ up. Also the big difference pac was hitting more power punches and should’ve got the desicion

  14. Jmoney says:

    Per a mere khan said he’s gonna use the same tactics floyd used to beat paq. Holding, headlock,running,pot shotting. Sounds like another snoozfest

  15. Jmoney says:

    I hope paq fights danny garcia next

  16. Arnel Santos says:

    Reason why Mayweather is always winning is because he only fights at MGM Grand Las Vegas where he has full control of the judges and handpicked his referee. As simple as that. Tell him to do a rematch with Pacman in Macao or Dubai with independent judges not American and he will surely say No !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. To much money involved with the boxers. All American judges, referees. All greed and pay off’s.

  17. Objectivity says:

    Amazing to note so much blind anger and sensitivity so prevalent all these weeks following the actual May/Pac event.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mayweather won. Move on with your lives. Idiots.