Steve Cunningham: “Now they’ve seen the work I put on Tyson Fury, they think they are gonna be able to do it now, and they’re gonna be surprised.!”

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BY JENNA J (transcribed by Michael Readman) When Steve Cunningham faced Tyson Fury back in April, few expected the action that unfolded in front of them. A heavy shot in the second round changed the tone of the fight and surprised everyone, a huge right hand by Cunningham sent Tyson Fury to he canvas and left him having to climb back to his feet. After seemingly being in control of the fight, Cunningham started to fade, Fury took advantage, and in a series of events, stopped Cunningham in the 7th round in what was one of the best heavyweight fights in recent years.

During the 193rd edition of “ON THE ROPES” I was treated to a surprise guest appearance by none other than Steve “USS” Cunningham, who touched on his fight with Tyson Fury and the ending of the fight that some people are questioning for dirty tactics. Steve also discussed a possible Fury-Haye fight and how he thinks that fight will play out. Additionally, he talked about Klitschko vs. Povekin and some of the names at heavyweight he would like to see in his near future. Here is what Steve had to say.

Jenna J: Hey Steve, how are you doing?

Steve Cunningham: Good, you know, just helping my man Khalib “Big Foot” Whitmore get ready for this pro debut we’ve all been waiting for.

Jenna: Steve, I talked a little to Naazim Richardson about you, and your future. What do you see out there for yourself?

Cunningham: Well, shoot, the possibilities are endless you know, I still feel victorious in my career. My age means nothing to me, I know a lot of people think that age means something but it doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m constantly in shape, I’m constantly in the gym working, I feel twenty three. I feel I’m gonna be heavyweight champion if I just keep persevering, I’m going through all of this garbage that’s going on and just continue on. It’s been done before but I guess I’m just gonna have to do it. Perseverance is just part of my identity.

Jenna: Alright, now you are coming off of a knock-out loss against Tyson Fury. Do you think you will have any negative effects after suffering that type of defeat?

Cunningham: I’m back in the gym, I’m feeling good, I’m feeling great. I don’t consider that a loss, it should have been a disqualification, but stay tuned because we still have our protest out there. I just wanna fight the best and I just wanna fight whoever is gonna get me there you know. I wanna fight Arreola, I wanna fight Chisora, I wanna fight whoever, it doesn’t matter, check my resume out, I’ll fight whoever I need to fight. Sometimes I fight whoever they want me to fight cause I have to, I’m a fighter, I’m a boxer, I’m whatever I need to be. I know for a fact that the names that were given the Fury fight before I accepted it and they turned it down, these quote unquote the best heavyweights in America, but Steve Cunningham is the only one who stepped up to the plate to fight this man, when nobody wanted to. Now they’ve seen the work I put on him, they think they are gonna be able to do it now, and they’re gonna be surprised.

Jenna: You mentioned that you are protesting the result of Tyson Fury fight, and this is something Naazim brought up, for the fans out there, can you tell me why you think the loss should be over turned?

Cunningham: All you have to do is look at the fight, the sequence of things that lead up to the stoppage of the fight. There are rules in place for a reason, Fury should’ve been disqualified, but for some reason referee Eddie Cotton thought forearming was part of boxing.

Jenna: Having been in the ring with Tyson Fury, what do you think are his biggest strengths, and also his biggest weaknesses?

Cunningham: His biggest strength is his size and his reach, which he doesn’t use because he’s skill less. There’s no skill in laying on and forearming .

Jenna: Steve, there’s been talk of Tyson Fury moving on to a David Haye fight. What do you think about that?

Cunningham: I think a lot of people are saying that since Steve Cunningham put him down, then David Haye is gonna knock him out. What they’re saying over there in the concrete jungle is how skilled and strong Steve Cunningham is. I don’t believe David Haye is gonna be able to knock him out, you have to be smart and skilled, it’s not just about power. A lot of people said that I don’t have power, I showed them I have power. Any fighter has power, especially the heavyweights. It’s timing, it’s the right plan, it’s the right punch, it’s everything. To tell you the truth I can’t call that fight, if they allow Fury to head-butt and foul and push then a guy that size can wear anyone down or a guy that size can do that to David Haye. We’ll see what David Haye’s game plan is, I’m sure he can do it, but I don’t think his good points are gonna match my good points you know.

Jenna: Sticking with heavyweight division, Wladimir Klitschko vs. Alexander Povetkin has been made for the fall, who do you see winning that fight and why?

Cunningham: Wladimir wins. Povetkin has been eased along to a title and defended it against guys he should be just sparring.

Jenna: Steve, there are some people counting you out now due to the loss, and some due to your age, is there any message you want to pass out there to the fans that say Steve Cunningham can’t succeed at Heavyweight?

Cunningham: I’ve been hearing what I can’t do since I was a kid, I really don’t care what people say, I’m a doer not a talker and I don’t understand or give a care about those who just talk and don’t do. I came to the heavyweight division, fought and beat the #4 heavyweight in the world but two judges were obviously on team Adamek. Then I fight the #10 heavyweight who is also the biggest fighter in boxing today and put him down clean with one shot and continue to tag him which makes him resort to laying his weight on me and use deliberate head butts and forearms to get what seems to be a victory, I will show better than talk.

Jenna: Is there any thing you want to say to your fans in closing?

Cunningham: Just stay tuned, just stay tuned!

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