Timothy Bradley: “At the end of the night, I’m gonna be victorious over Pacquiao once again, and I’m gonna say, ‘I told you so.'”

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During the 208th edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to speak with WBO welterweight champion, Timothy Bradley, to discuss his highly anticipated rematch with Manny Pacquiao. Bradley talks about the road to getting this rematch and what he expects to happen this time around. Tim also talks about the contract for the fight, and signing an extension with Top Rank as part of it. Additionally Bradley talks about whether or not he has to get a knock out to get a win, and if he thinks he can end the career of Pacquiao with a victory. Here is what Timothy Bradley had to say in part 1 of his interview.

Jenna J: Tim, you now have officially signed a deal to fight Manny Pacquiao in a rematch, how do you feel about having the opportunity to fight him again?

Timothy Bradley: It feels great, I get an opportunity to regain whatever happened in the first fight, you know all the controversy and everything that went on during the first fight. I’m getting another opportunity, another crack at Pacquiao to get the credit that I deserve and beating another legend in the sport.

I’m excited about it, it’s been 2 years since the last fight we had and I feel like I’m definitely in the better position, I got more experience now than I did then. I feel like I’m definitely a complete fighter now.

Jenna: Were negotiations hard for this rematch? You’re getting paid six million dollars, a million more than the last fight. Was it hard to come to a deal?

Bradley: Yeah the negotiation was definitely hard, I had to really look at every different aspect of the game and what I can do, what’s best for me, what’s best for my family. I really had to just separate myself from boxing and just say, what’s best for my family?

I put a lot of thought into it, I was playing hardball, but we came up with a deal that Pacquiao had offered me and I said, “Well, it’s either take this deal and get another shot at him, or don’t take this deal and don’t get another shot at him ever again.”

I don’t think I would be able to rest my mind without getting in the ring with Pacquiao again. I don’t think I would be able to rest my mind at all, I could be on my deathbed and this is one thing I that want to be able to definitely get over and move past. Whether I win or lose, I just need to get this fight out of the way.

Jenna: Tim, when I last spoke with you it was 2 weeks after you beat Marquez, and you were talking about trying to get the Pacquiao fight. Going into this rematch, how important is it for you to not just win, but win so decisively that there is no question?

Bradley: That right there is the key, I have to win decisively, almost like the Marquez fight. There was no doubt in my mind that no matter how close the judges had it, I just felt that I won the fight by a landslide. I gotta do the same in this fight.

It’s not gonna be easy, there’s really nothing that’s easy, especially when you’re at the top of boxing, boxing is a hard game, but anything I put my mind to, anything that I want, I get. I’m willing to die for it. With that being said, it’s gonna be another night at the office and it’s gonna be another night where the whole world is gonna doubt me. At the end of the night, I’m gonna be victorious once again, and I’m gonna say, “I told you so.”

Jenna: When I spoke to you last about having the rematch, you thought the fight was gonna take place in Asia. You said you couldn’t go to Asia and expect a decision. The fight will be taking place in Vegas, do you feel better about the fight now that it’s in the United States, and do you feel you have to knock Pacquiao out to really get the victory?

Bradley: No I don’t have to knock him out, I’m the champion, Pacquiao’s gotta come get some. The pressure is not on me, the pressure’s on him, it’s all on him, it’s not on me. He’s the one that’s got to shine, he’s a superstar, he’s the icon, the legend, he’s everything, all eyes on Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s gotta come get it, if he wants it. It’s not gonna be easy and I don’t lay down for anybody, everybody knows that, that’s why I’m undefeated. This time I’m gonna have two good feet, I’m not gonna get my feet hurt in the second round and in the fourth round and be walking around the ring injured, I won’t be. I’m gonna have two good feet and it’s gonna be a different fight. The world is gonna see, the world’s gonna see.

Jenna: Tim, you say it’s gonna be a different fight and a lot of people agree in a way because Pacquiao in his last fight, he actually looked a little tentative with Brandon Rios, he wasn’t willing to stand in there and take any extra chances. In the first fight with you, he took some chances, do you thing he’s gonna fight a little differently in the rematch?

Bradley: Rios is a big puncher, Rios has heavy hands. I’m a lighter fisted fighter than Rios. I’m not saying that I can’t punch at all because I must be doing something right to these guys, they don’t like to come in on me too much, I must be stinging them with something.

Rios is a big puncher, I’m a lighter puncher, I think he’s gonna take more chances because he has to. Pacquiao’s back is against the wall right now, if Pacquiao loses another fight, his career is over. If he loses to me, his career is over, like I told you, the pressure is on him, he has to shine, I beat him once, he has to come get it. Me, I just have to protect what’s mine and I’m gonna do that.

It’s gonna be a different fight, I think Pacquiao is gonna try to be more aggressive in this fight and he’s gonna try to take me out in the fashion where everybody is gonna say, “He still has it, he’s still the Manny Pacquiao that we love, him and Mayweather should fight.”

Everybody is gonna be screaming about a Mayweather fight, but all these guys have dreams, they have goals in mind, but when they get in the ring with me, all the dreams and all the goals that you had are out the window, cause you gotta deal with me and I don’t lay down for anybody. I said over and over, I’m gonna beat him, it’s gonna be tough but I’m gonna beat him.

Jenna: Tim, if you win the second fight decisively with no questions at all, do you think Manny Pacquiao should retire or do you think it depends on how the fight goes?

Bradley: That’s all up to Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao is a tremendous fighter, a lot of people say he had a lackluster fight against Rios, but Rios is a tough dude, Rios is no slouch. Everybody was saying, “Ah he’s a punching bag.” and I’m like, “Dude, Rios is tough.”

Not just anybody could get in there and fight with Rios. Rios is gonna be in your face all night and Pacquiao admitted the fight was tough, even though Pacquiao looked like he had an easy time in there. Pacquiao’s a tough fighter and he’s gonna come ready and he’s gonna try to take me out, I just know it, I have a gut feeling. His back is against the wall.

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43 Responses to "Timothy Bradley: “At the end of the night, I’m gonna be victorious over Pacquiao once again, and I’m gonna say, ‘I told you so.'”"
  1. old school teacher says:

    This time, Pacquiao will stop you!

    • PACMANUSA says:

      Amen to that !

      As da home boys wud say , it’s gonna be a beat down on da hoodrat !

      Paquiao wins by knockout in six !

      Hoodrat goes to press conference on stretcher !

    • jess says:

      There is a big difference in the level of skills between the two fighter. Bradley is talking too much prior to the fight so many fans will try to watch the fight and raise PPV revenue. When this happens he will grab a huge prize money for his medical treatment and retirement fund.

    • irus says:

      victorious again? are you kidding me.?

  2. Glen says:

    Bradly, too early to talk about you winning when you had a gift UD the last time. Your fight with JMM was not too convincing either. Do your job first and get tit done before all that bolster.

    • jess says:

      The way he talks in insisting he won the first bout is a clear indication of an admission he lost the match big time. However, you can’t blame the guy when about 49 out of fifty boxing sportswriters said Pacquiao won by a big margin. And then all five man panel of boxing judges who were asked by Top Rank to review the match said Pacquiao was the clear winner. The judges in the actual fight who said Bradley won had bad track records in their career. The are either retired or were forced to end their career.

    • joe says:

      I agree that Pac won the first fight. But Tim washed Marquez pretty convincingly. Tim will beat Pac this time and in a very entertaining fight.

  3. Dan M says:

    TIm…if you are really a FIGHTER…then fight toe to toe with PACMAN….don’t run , run and run all night!!!! Fight the way you fight when you fought with RUSLAN..Thats the only way of proving you are really a CHAMPION!!!!….

  4. erap estrada says:

    Stop the babbling. Just prepare your stretcher. Have it motorized.

  5. Deondre says:

    Man, I think this is the end of the line for Pacquiao. Bradley will either outbox Manny from round 1-12, or he may even stop him. Marquez RUINED Pacquiao and now Bradley is gonna send him into retirement. Pacquiao sucks

    Bradley KO 9

    • PACMANUSA says:

      You’re an idiot . There’s nothing else to say for or aginst you .

    • jess says:

      dude did you ever know there was a Pacquiao-Rios fight? Where are you coming from with your outrageous comment? Lastly, we are talking here about the spors of boxing and not something else!!!

  6. mark says:

    .this is one guy that lies to himself so much that it saddens me. way too much denial. its not confidence, its denial.

    “I tried my best but i couldnt beat the guy” Timothy Bradley to Bob Arum after the 1st fight.

    • jess says:

      The two judges that were sleeping while Pacquiao and bradley were fighting are now retired either out of shame or forced themselves to end their career. Is the judge who does not know simple arithmetic durign marquez pacquiao 1 gave Pacquiao the first round 10-7 instead of the correct 10-6 still around?

  7. edz says:

    The Undisputed WBO Wheelchairwait Champion of the Woooorld… Timothy ” the beaten badly ” Bradley. lol.

    • PACMANUSA says:

      I’ll second that vote !

    • jess says:

      The real reason why Bradley was in the wheel chair after the fight was really due to the several big blows by Pacquiao that caught the jaw, neck and temple of Bradley. Bradley was so durable that the pains ran from his head to his legs which stayed there for a while which is why he can’t walk for some time after the fight. Also the pain made him to comment he did everything to win against Pacquiao but failed. He can’t believed his ear when the announcer said Pacquiao Pacquiao lost.

    • TondoBoyUSA says:

      Lol, Funny but true!

  8. Desert Storm says:

    Can some1 please explain how Pacquiao even has a small chance of beating Bradley.

    Is he gonna outbox him? NO!

    Is he gonna knock him out? HELL NO!

    Can he take Bradley’s power? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

    I love Pacquiao as much as the next guy but he’s about to get a real boxing lesson.

    • PACMANUSA says:

      Stay out in the desert obviousely you been breathing sand to to long !

    • Anonymous says:


    • jess says:

      Dude keep on dreaming! This is a big one. But the question is, can’t you do anything good out of your life?

    • jess says:

      Really, the monicker Desert Storm is a huge misnomer. The real deal is the Pacific Storm! Get it?

    • Sonny of Sydney says:

      Desert Storm – either you watch Jazz ballet or swimming – definitely not boxing boy – The desert worm was beaten black and blue by Pac – all he did after tasting Pac’s punches was hug and ran.. Now he is saying he is willing to die – BALOONEY worm!. You did not engage toe to toe as you boasted. fake chump – PUTO – Pweh! Why do you think the whole world protested the decision moron? Same result 2nd time – Butteley will be bashed he he he!

  9. PACMANUSA says:

    Bradley didn’t beat Pac the first time , I don’t think he beat Ruslan either . And as much as I hate to say it he just barely got by Piss Drinking Marfez .

    I truely hope Pacquiao whoops this hoodrat so bad they need to carry him out on a stretcher this time instead of his usual wheelchair .

  10. PACMANUSA says:

    I used to think Bradley wasn’t so bad . But the more he’s around the more he wants to act like the other gay and boner hoodrats .

    • Glenn says:

      PACMANUSA a real racist on this thread all the while sucking on pacman’s meaty bone! What a ignoranus….LOL btw…Dirtpac couldn’t beat Bradley in a boxing match hands down because that’s what it’s gonna come down to now that Pac has left the steroids alone!!

  11. ronnie says:

    Bradly, you won the first fight because of the crooked judges and not the other way around as you would claimed.

  12. bob says:

    the more he talk,the more he smells rat….

  13. ferdie says:

    Bradley is psychologically at lost in this fight because he accepted a fight purse that he doesnt deserve…6 miliion dollar? hahaha…and you are fighting in your own backyrd and your people cant do anything to give higher purse hahaha..you are at lost timmy baby…

    • jess says:

      Yeah! Instead of being braggart about his empty win over Pacquiao he should count his blessings. He should be thankful for the second opportunity of fighting one of the greatest and humane boxers of all time. Where can he get the biggest boxing purse of his life? It is only from fighting boxing icons. If he fights Mayweather, he will undergo all kinds of danger: from cheating on weight, sucker punch and humiliation.

      • Glenn says:

        You must be Philipino! Because if you were any other race talking this stupid and riding another man’s jock, you’d be the dumbest dude I’ve ever encountered

  14. raffy says:

    DREAM ON!!!!

  15. Full of talk.this early he is already conditioning the mind of the judges to veer with him.

  16. jess says:

    It is sad that Bradley brought himself to the ‘group’ of greatest boxing brats. Floydie & Broner. By the way, Floydie is another person who does not know the meaning of humanitarian donation. When he was asked if he will donate some of his wealth to help Africa his response was “Why will I donate to Africa? What has Africa done to me? I only give to myself and my family? ” Didn’t he know Africa gave him his life and lineage? Africa is equally a great continent like the rest. I will not be surpised if Africa will not rise against him as they are true human beings who keep on taking the good and the bad about life on earth.

    • Glenn says:

      Man stfu with all that ignorance! He said no such thing! Go back to school and get your kindergarten education stupid!

  17. Iriga city boy says:

    This boxer(Bradley) is beginning to be arrogant.Pacquiao has to do his homework,get that stamina and
    win this fight convincingly so there will be no controversy.Pacquiao has to be focused,no distraction and dedicated on his training.
    If Pacquiao loses,that is it for him in boxing.Nobody in his right mind would like to witness another fight from him if he comes out 1 win and 3 losses on his recent campaigns.
    Message to Pacquiao:”You need to win”.

  18. reyocs says:


  19. Bud says:

    I like bradley this time around you gotta give the man respect. He is undefeated and to me he has proven to the world that he is one of the great fighters in the welter weight division. This dude even when he is fighting PACMAN is giving him ton’s of praises like acknowledging that pacquiao is an ICON, LEGEND and a SUPERSTAR. I can tell you that he has a lot of respect for Manny. bottom-line, I still fell that Manny will get the job done when the dust settles the second time they met on the ring.

  20. jane says:

    stop dreamin

  21. Chuck says:

    Not only the sportswriters and many many other judges agreed that Pacman won the last fight but all the real boxing fans and people who do know boxing..know that you have lost ..
    Bradley if you read this …I know you will never admit it but you just lost the last fight..Not by much but Many P. had won the fight 100 %.

    Yes Paquaio is not probably what it used to be, but he is just better than you ..You are a very good fighter but he is still a Star!
    You will lose this time …do not even think otherwise..

    Have a nice day Bradley

  22. Glenn says:

    PACMANUSA a real racist on this thread all the while sucking on pacman’s meaty bone! What a ignoranus….LOL btw…Dirtpac couldn’t beat Bradley in a boxing match hands down because that’s what it’s gonna come down to now that Pac has left the steroids alone!!

  23. swetpeafan says:

    Bradley is going to win. Im surprised at how many nuthuggers are not giving Bradley the respect he deserves. Bradley is a classy champion. This time Bradley is going to win decisevely. I like Pac but Bradley has gotten even better while Pac has declined. The balance is 51/49 in favor or Tim… i called it last time and i will call it again. Bradley by unanimous decision.