Timothy Bradley: “I know I’m on the course for the Hall of Fame and having that belt added fuel to me”

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Former light welterweight and welterweight world champion, Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley has been one of the elite fighters in the 147lb division, having fought and beat the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in a career that has seen him amass a record of 31-1-1. Bradley now gets ready to fight a rising undefeated contender in Jessie Vargas, a bout which will have the interim WBO welterweight title on the line.

I had a chance to speak to ‘Desert Storm’ ahead of his June 27th clash and got his views on the opponent he’s going to be facing. Tim also speaks about coming off of a controversial draw in his last bout and what he plans to do differently to avoid a situation like that again. Additionally, Bradley gives his thought on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather bout and what role the shoulder injury of Pacquiao played in the match. Here is what Tim Bradley had to say in part 1 of his interview.

Jenna J: How do you feel about the fight you have this weekend against Jessie Vargas?

Timothy Bradley: It’s a good match up, to get back in the ring with a very top fighter. Jessie is looking to make a name for himself with an opportunity to beat me. I think it’s a good match, I honestly do.

I think it’s a well deserved match, I think that Jessie has earned it and he’s familiar with 147lbs, he fought most of his career at 147. I know his game and he’s hungry and he wants to win that belt.

Jenna J: Tim how much will it mean to become a world champion again?

Timothy Bradley: That’s what it’s about. I lost my title a year ago to Manny Pacquiao and that’s basically what I have been going after ever since. I want to win that belt, it’s very important to me, it will be my fifth world championship.

I know I’m on the course for the Hall of Fame, that has been the theme of this whole training camp and having that belt added fuel to me, to hold on to it and to train hard and work hard to be champ, that’s what I wanted. It’s very important to me, I ain’t going to stop until I get it.

Jenna J: You are coming off of a draw to Diego Chaves. Most people felt you should have won, what has it been like dealing with that whole situation?

Timothy Bradley: I learned years ago that you can’t control what other people do, the only thing you can control is what you actually have control over. I learned to just let those things go, and let it be. There ain’t much I can do about it, I can’t cry about.

I just have to go on and somehow get better in order to keep it out of the judges hands, I got to start getting these guys up and out of there. That’s the way I feel, so I have been working hard just trying to increase my punching power and my stamina, so I have a better chance of knocking these guys out.

Jenna J: I’d like to get you thoughts on the boxing landscape a little bit. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao finally happened, what where you thoughts on it?

Timothy Bradley: From a boxing stand point, Mayweather did exactly what he was supposed to do to win the fight, trying to keep Pacquiao off balance, keep him from punching in and making him miss, making him pay. He was able to win the fight. That’s what he did, he controlled the distance, he didn’t allow Pacquiao to get close to him and he made him pay every time Manny made a mistake.

I felt it was an excellent performance by Mayweather. I know a lot of people did not feel they got their money’s worth, for whatever reason because there was not a whole lot of action, but that just shows you how superior Mayweather is, and how gifted he is as far as his boxing ability, how smart he is and how smart he is as a businessman.

You got to tip your hat off to Mayweather and the whole money team, they had a plan, and they executed it, and they did very well. Over 200 million dollars is a lot of money.

Jenna J: Manny Pacquiao had an injury in the fight, and had to fight through that. This is something you know a lot about. Do you think that injury affected his ability to do better in that fight?

Timothy Bradley: Of course, injuries happen. They can happen in the course of a fight, they can happen in training camp. But you make that decision going into the biggest fight of your career, to fight a fight when you are not 110%, that’s your fault. You can’t blame anybody else, that’s your fault.

If Manny was hurt going into the fight, that’s his fault. He could have postponed it, he could have fought on another date, but obviously he made that decision, and his team made that decision with him. So you got to deal with the result, that’s another loss on your resume.

It does affect you, I have been injured in both of my Manny Pacquiao fights, I felt I would have done a lot better if I was not injured, but that was not the case. I am not making any excuses, Manny Pacquiao is a great, great fighter, one of the best in this generation no doubt. I felt I could have done better, but that was just not the case.

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  1. PACMANUSA says:

    One fuckin black stickin up for the other .

    Bradley is delusional if he thinks he should be a hall of famer !

    He might be a” tall disclaimer” but that’s about it stupid fuckin hoodrat

  2. Kidd Kulangot GirlGago says:

    The re-injury happened about 3 or 4 wks before the fight.
    By then fans have already made their flight/lodging plans.
    More importantly, Team Pacquiao was more worried that it’d give ScumWeather Jr. a perfect way to back out and never ever give Manny a chance to fight him again.
    JailWeather clearly & easily outsmarted Pacquiao & Roach with his RUNNING & HUGGING game so he had nothing to worry about – tsk tsk

    • Anonymous says:

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    • Anonymous says:

      You do mean superior defense. If you know anything about boxing then you’d know off it was that easy why aren’t more people doing it?!!? Especially for all that $$$$ Checkmate

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    • Whtevamane says:

      First this dude pacquiao said he had God on his side, and a bunch of other religified bs. They went as far as to put wings on this losers back and went into his faith, him being an ambassador to the Phillipines and all that bs. Then when he steps in the ring with the Original man and gets his ass beat he blames it on a torn rotator cup. So he reduced God to a torn rotator cup. Pacquaio went in the ring with fairytale faith, false hopes, and an even dumber strategy meanwhile money mayweather had boxing on his mind and strategically boxed his way into his 47th victory. TMT

  3. Antwain jefferson says:

    People are very ignorant. No matter what you may fill personally about mayweather he’s a smart boxer. He beat pacman with graceful technical skills. Get over your racist views and except the fact mayweather is the best in the business

    • AHG says:

      Bradley no way,no how, beat Pacquaio.One of the biggest robbery of all time. If Bradley, or anyone else believes he beat Pacquaio. They’re crrooked to.

  4. LetsBreal says:

    I’m still waiting to see Bradley at his best punish the little pacman. Both fights he was seriously injured on some non punch related freak accedent. (Possibly filipino witchcraft curses to protect tiny pacman). Whatever that’s over now, pac won’t be back so now its time for Bradley to punish some other overrated clown like canelo so he can get into the hall of fame. Make no mistake he will be a hall of famer especially after he beats a mature and accomplishEd keith thurman and GGG.

  5. Arnel Santos says:

    Manny should retire from boxing and just be a Full Time Born Again Pastor.

  6. Arnel Santos says:

    Because he failed his promise to the Filipino people that his going to beat Mayweather.

  7. Arnel Santos says:

    Manny Pacman failed the Filipino people. He promised that he will beat Mayweather and failed. Since he was brainwashed by the Filipino Born Again pastors and left the catholic faith, he lost his killer instinct. He should retire from boxing permanently, resign as congressman because of his poor performance as a politician, and also get out of KIA basketball team as Couch. He is not godthem qualified. He should just be a Full Time Born Again Pastor.

  8. Mo says:

    All you people don’t know what you are talking about Pac-Man is a cry baby. He has the best trainer in the business and still couldn’t win. Punk!

    • Anonymous says:

      I want u to fight ..keep putting more fire on this story so that all races will hurt each other yah yah

  9. BRAT says:

    TBE is just that, and that is a well known fact, so x-cept it all u haters.The best I have seen n will be in boxing for a very long time. If ever out-classed!He has a natural born gift God gave him.Not to mention he had the intelligence to hone that n live,sleep n breath boxing.Been a boxing fan for a minute,an all I can say is don’t hate, just appreciate the best boxer in every aspect we have had the honor of seeing.TBE is an actual fact not cockiness. Much love Floyd !!!!

  10. BRAT says:

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