Timothy Bradley on his fight & Pacquiao doing better without injury. Jessie Vargas on Bradley & future. Tony Harrison talks Nelson bout – OTR#237

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“On The Ropes” Boxing Radio returns this week with host Jenna J to talk about all the latest news and fights in the sport of boxing. In this episode I will recap all the events that took place this past Saturday, including the Premier Boxing Champions card which featured a catch-weight fight between Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter. I will also speak about the middleweight clash between David Lemieux and Hassan N’Dam. Additionally I will talk about the long awaited return of Andre Ward as he took on Paul Smith, and Lastly, I will preview the upcoming Timothy Bradley vs Jessie Vargas bout which will be contested for the interim WBO welterweight crown. Just click on the audio player to listen to the show!


The first guest on the show is undefeated rising contender, Jessie Vargas. Coming off of a win over Antonio Demarco, Vargas now is set to face the biggest test of his career, as he battles former welterweight champ, Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley. Jessie speaks about the preparations for this fight and the recent change in his training staff as he brought in Erik Morales as his new head coach after parting ways with Roy Jones Jr. Lastly, Jessie Vargas discusses the advantages he feels he holds over Bradley and how he expects the fight to play out.

The second guest joining the show is fast rising middleweight prospect, Tony Harrison. The undefeated star who was once trained by Emanuel Steward talks about his upcoming June 11th clash with Willie Nelson and how far he feels he stand from a title shot. Additionally, Tony gives his thoughts on Adrien Broner’s loss to Shawn Porter and Floyd Mayweather’s decision win over Manny Pacquiao, as well as a potential rematch between.

The main guest on this show is none other than ‘Desert Storm’ Timothy Bradley. Recognized as one of the best fighters in the stacked welterweight division, Bradley speaks about his task at hand, the June 27th bout with Jessie Vargas. Coming off of a highly controversial draw to Diego Chaves, Bradley looks to get back on the winning column by handing Vargas his first loss and also capturing the interim WBO belt. Tim also shares his thoughts on the super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Lastly, Tim gives his official prediction for his match up with Jessie Vargas.

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4 Responses to "Timothy Bradley on his fight & Pacquiao doing better without injury. Jessie Vargas on Bradley & future. Tony Harrison talks Nelson bout – OTR#237"
  1. MikekMan says:

    I really like Tony Harrison. This guy has a big future if he can do what hes been doing to lesser fighters against the top guys, then we got a really big future star on our hands

  2. Arnel Santos says:

    I am Filipino but was so disappointed with Manny. He assured the Filipino people of a clear win with Mayweather and failed. He should have make changes to his boxing carreer by getting out of Top Rank, replaced Freddie his trainer withva younger qualified healthy trainer, then get out of his Born Again ideology of which he was brainwashed by the Filipino Pastors because he has money and he surely have given them millions to help in their church cause. Then,big Manny can do this and now he is his own boss, tell Mayweather I am ready for a rematch but it will not be in Las Vegas to play it safe. Insist it will be in Macau, Manila or Dubai and with 3 independent non American judges. This way, he has a big chance of beating Mayweather.

    • Dash_dillinger says:

      That will never happen. He wasn’t the A-side and couldn’t make demands last fight and now being beaten he will NEVER get to make any demands of Mayweather. On top of that I highly doubt he’d even be blessed with a rematch at all.

    • rob says:

      Well why would FM fight anywhere else when hes guarantee /favored by ref/judges /compubox, the only why ANY fighter can give blemish on fm record is to knock him out,So you said it have it somewhere else so he can get a fair chance. Thats Exactly what happened He was doing wrestling type Tatics that the ref recognized as NOT DEFENSE & DOESN’T BELONG IN BOXING ANYWAY, SO HE NEVER GOT A point deduction, If THE Ref Would nt Tolerate, Then Fm would of stopped n would have to actually run away then fight when pac was in front of him,Broner Didn’t get Away w it. Its not pac fault fm was scared to exchange and just Held ,him yhe entire fight.The REF ALLOWED IT,2LOW BLOWS ,HE GOTAWAY W EVERYTHING,THEN WHEN U SCORE A BOXING ROUND ,ITS THE PERSON WHO IS THE AGGRESSOR & THEN COUNT ONLY “LANDED PUNCHES ” IN WHICH JUDGES &COMPUBOX WERE COUNTING ALL THESE PUNCHES THAT THEY,SHOULD NT. OF BEEN ,IF YOU THOUGHT FM WAS LANDING ALL THOSE LEFT JABS “NO ” ,PERHAPS YOU SHOULD WATCH EA ROUNDS N SOUND COUNTING “LANDED ONLY” AND PAC ACTUALLY SCORED MANY ROUNDS, THE 1ST SCORE CARD THEY HAD,BEFORE THEY SWITCHED THE NAMES WAS CORRECT, FM SHOULD NT OF WON ,BUT LIKE I SAID NOBODY WILL WIN,UNLESS THEY KO HIM,SO NOBODY CAN ASSIST HIM AND GIVE HIM THE WIN.THATS NOT PAC S FAULT, NONE OF IT,FREDDIE IS A TRAINER TO MANY. PAC WON THE FIGHT ANYWAY, ITS NOT A LEGIT WIN FOR FLOYD ANYWAY, fm is a product of a smart Marketing scheme,His record shouldn’t be perfect, he has lost n he should have a draw if not be pac at least then w Maidana 1,If he had 1 loss then NOBODY WOULD CARE TO WATCH A FM FIGHT,HES THE MOST HATED ,IT THE UNKNOWN PPL WATCH TO SEE WAS GONNA HAPPEN, IT NO BC HES EXCITING! POLITICS!