Tony Bellew: “I believe Canelo is the best counter puncher since Mayweather, but I’ll still go for Golovkin by late stoppage!”

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This weekend Tony Bellew faces off with former WBA heavyweight belt holder David Haye. The promotion has been a bitter one with both fighters making threats against each other, adding to the hype of the event. Bellew, now 34, is looking make his heavyweight debut a successful one and pull off the upset over the heavily favored David Haye.

In part 2 of my Tony Bellew interview, I get his thoughts on the current boxing landscape and some of the big upcoming fights this year. Bellew shares his views on Joshua vs. Klitschko and also gives his opinion on the Frampton-Cruz 2 result. Tony also talks the potential for Khan-Brook this year and a Canelo vs. Golovkin super fight. Additionally, Bellew discusses British boxing and why it has been doing so well in recent years. Here is what Tony Bellew had to say.

Robert Brown: Can you give us your analysis for upcoming Anthony Joshua vs. Wladamir Klitschko bout? Who do you think will win that fight and why?

Tony Bellew: I’m hoping for an AJ win but I’m not confident to be honest. I don’t like what Klitschko is saying about this being his defining fight and that his career will be all about this one, he goes on to say that this is the fight the late great Emmanuel Steward talked about so much between them. That’s worrying talk for me. Hopefully it’s just talk because I’d like to see AJ win as he’s a breath of fresh air for boxing and is taking the game back to the levels it was once at and where it belongs, in my opinion.

Robert Brown: What were your thoughts on the Carl Frampton vs. Leo Santa Cruz Rematch?

Tony Bellew: I expected Carl to win a very close decision as I believe he’s the better fighter of the two, but Leo had the better tactics on the night and stuck to them. When two fighters are so evenly matched, it can come down to marginal errors like whoever deters from the game plan. I’d love to see a third fight in Belfast though! I would certainly be in attendance.

Robert Brown: Do you think we will get Amir Khan vs Kell Brook this year? If so who do you think will win that fight?

Tony Bellew: I hope we get Khan vs. Kell, British fight fans deserve it. They’ve been back and forth at each other for years and the last thing we want is another Hatton-Witter situation. I believe Kell would catch up with Amir later on in the fight and stop him. Styles make fights and Amir cannot stop himself from getting involved in a war. If he stuck to the tactics that won him the Kotelnik fight, I swear he’d be almost impossible to beat but he can’t. He lets his heart rule his head and that’s why he’s lost to the likes of Breidis Prescott.

Robert Brown: If Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez does happen this year, what are your thoughts and prediction for that fight?

Tony Bellew: If Golovkin and Canelo happens, then I predict a brilliant fight. I can make a case for both winning as I believe Canelo is the best counter puncher in boxing since Mayweather retired, but I just can’t look past Golovkin’s power and brilliant boxing ability. I’ll go for ‘GGG’ by late stoppage.

Robert Brown: British boxing is as strong as it has ever been, what are your thoughts on the reasons for that?

Tony Bellew: I believe the fighters doing more on the amateur circuit played a big part. National lottery funding played a huge part and Audley Harrison brought that into play so he deserves a lot of credit for that. Boxing has always been popular in this country but we’ve always carried the flag of the glorious loser, well not anymore.

I believe we boast the most world champions in boxing and that’s because the fighters have knuckled down and listened to the many great coaches we have in this country. It’s a myth that there are better coaches abroad and there are better fighters abroad, I’ve been to New York and most places in Europe and nowhere is better than the U.K.! U.K. boxing is where it’s all happening, we are the hotbed for boxing in my opinion.

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  1. DHERTZ says:

    GGG will for sure stop Clownelo. We all know why they are ducking, so lets see if he can get past fatty Jr first.

  2. skattrack says:

    Joshua is the future of this sport and the passing of the touch will be complete once he puts Klitschho on the floor.