Tony Bellew: “I plan on smashing David Haye and then looking at either unifying my division or maybe giving him a rematch!”

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Reigning WBC cruiserweight champion, Tony Bellew, is set to make a move up to heavyweight to face former WBA heavyweight champion Tony Bellew. Bellew has a record of 28-2-1 and has established himself as the biggest name at the 200lb limit. The fight with David Haye will not have any title on the line, but the fight will see two of the most notable fighters in the UK face off in this bitter grudge match.

In Part 1 of my interview with Tony Bellew, I discuss with him his upcoming fight with former two division champion David Haye. Bellew talks about his preparations for the Haye fight and what his biggest strengths are. Tony also talks about sparring David Haye in the past and speaks on the comments he’s made in the press. Additionally, Bellew discusses his future if he beats Haye and gives his official prediction for the fight. Here is what Tony Bellew had to say.

Robert Brown: Tony you have a massive fight with David Haye coming up, how is your preparation going so far?

Tony Bellew: Preparation has been okay, better than the May fight against Makabu but not as good as some other fights in the past, it’s all about getting the most out of my body and pushing it to its limits while also making sure I get the correct amount of rest.

Robert Brown: What do you think your biggest strengths against Haye are and what do you believe are his biggest weaknesses?

Tony Bellew: My biggest strengths are how active I’ve been over the last 5 years. Title fight after title fight! I’ve defeated world ranked light heavyweights and cruiserweights along the way. His weakness is his inactivity. When the going gets tough in this fight, he will prove that his time away will have been a big mistake.

Robert Brown: You have stated in the past that David Haye has been conning and exploiting the British public by fighting the last two guys he fought, is it your goal to not only to beat David Haye but humiliate him and retire him from boxing as well?

Tony Bellew: My goal is not to humiliate anyone or hurt anyone. My goal is purely to win and get home safely to the people who really need me in this world which are my children and my soon to be wife.

Robert Brown: What happened in the sparring session years ago between David Haye and yourself, do you believe that experience will give you a psychological edge in this fight?

Tony Bellew: He got his ass whooped by me and David Price, that’s not lies that’s the truth! In all honesty though it doesn’t mean fuck all. He had an off day and got injured and we were baby faced amateurs fresh off the back of ABA titles. It was thirteen years ago it doesn’t mean a thing in my opinion.

Robert Brown: Assuming you get past David Haye would you like to campaign at heavyweight and perhaps take on the winner of Anthony Joshua vs Wladamir Klitschko? Or will you go back down and unify the cruiserweight Division?

Tony Bellew: I’m a cruiserweight not a heavyweight. I’m facing a good sized cruiserweight here, not a true heavyweight. I’m not big enough to compete with the monsters of today like Anthony Joshua and Klitschko and Fury, they’re just too big. This is a smash and grab. I plan on smashing Haye and then looking at either unifying my division or maybe giving him a rematch if it’s a good fight.

Robert Brown: What is your official prediction for your March 4th fight against David Haye?

Tony Bellew: A win. I’m not sure how it comes but I know I have what it takes to beat him. Let’s not forget I’m the world champion here, not him.

Robert Brown: What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2017?

Tony Bellew: I hope to be in a position of financial security for me and my family. In 2016 I achieved all my own personal dreams and goals. 2017 is about fulfilling the promise I made to myself when these kids were born and that was to make them very happy loving children and hopefully financially secure. I’m two thirds of the way there.

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  1. Gtboxing says:

    Bellew can knockout Haye, he has that type of power. I like that he’s not talking crazy about Joshua and others. Gonna KO this bum and dominate 200.

  2. Paddy mara says:

    Bellew will get knocked the fuck out. BUT good to the lad for going toe 2 toe with 1 of the best heavy weights in the world. David Haye

  3. Paddy mara says:

    Carnt wait for March 4th going to be a great fight. May the best man win.

  4. FulEnglish says:

    Hayes KOs him. Easy money.

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