Virgil Hunter: “Manny Pacquiao is a lethal fighter, he’s a deadly fighter, but in a fight against Floyd Mayweather focus is gonna be in such demand”

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(Transcribed by Michael Readman) The big talk in the first week of the 2015 boxing year has centered around a potential Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. The fight has been discussed for over six years, but now with both men nearly at the end of there careers, talk has heated up again, and fight fans are once again getting their hopes up that this super fight can happen.

In part 2 of my “On The Ropes” boxing radio interview with trainer Virgil Hunter, I discuss with him the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, and get his views on who would win it. Virgil also talks about what fight would be better for the sport, Mayweather-Pacquiao or Mayweather-Khan. Additionally Hunter talked about a possible Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook bout and AndreWard’s future. Here is what Virgil Hunter had to say.

Jenna J: If Amir Khan doesn’t get the fight with Mayweather, there’s talk of him fighting Kell Brook. What do you see in that fight if it does happen?

Virgil Hunter: I’ve heard Kell Brook and I’ve heard his trainer, Mr. Ingle and I’ve heard Eddie Hearn speak and they’re saying all the things that they should say. They have great belief and faith in Kell Brook that he can get the job done, but I think the biggest mistake they would probably make is believing it has happened instead of really looking at what’s happening.

If its a lucky punch that’s gonna win Kell Brook the fight against Amir Khan, then that’s what he’s down to, a lucky punch, because he’s not gonna be competitive in no other area. I don’t have any problem saying this but, he’ll get the shellacking of his life, if in fact he can’t administer that lucky punch.

I respect Kell Brook as a fighter, I respect the people that are around him but the fact of the matter is that he’s tailor made for Amir and a lot of the things Amir does well, he would be subjected to that. A lot of things he couldn’t do at all but is doing now, he will be subjected to that. He would really come up on the short end of that fight.

Jenna J: The goal for Amir is to get the Floyd Mayweather fight, but if that doesn’t happen that is because Mayweather vs. Pacquiao happens. What you see between those two fighters if they fight?

Virgil Hunter: I see Mayweather winning the fight. The reason I say that is because Manny for some reason really hasn’t reinvented himself yet. He’s still fighting with the same intensity and the same training philosophy, it’s a really high energy fighting style. He hasn’t really come into his own from what I can see, where he’s learned to relax the style and maximize the style to make his style more efficient.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lethal fighter, he’s a deadly fighter, but in a fight of that magnitude where focus is gonna be in such demand, the focus part of it. The way he fights and the energy he gives up, he could very well wear down mentally in the middle rounds, which will also cause him to wear down physically.

That’s why I would pick Floyd to win that fight by a pretty decisive decision because he’s able to control your activity and bring your punch count down, and that could be very frustrating to a fighter who likes to throw a lot of punches and who likes to fight at a high energetic style. I would pick Mayweather to win that fight.

Jenna J: Virgil, do you believe Mayweather vs. Pacquiao happening is for the betterment of the sport, or do you think having a better quality match up maybe like a Mayweather vs. Khan is better for it?

Virgil Hunter: If the fight is in demand from a financial point of view, that can’t help but be good for the sport. Of course you will always have the people that wanna say, “Well it should have happened six years ago.” Well, I mean I could sort of contest that simply by bringing up the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’ which is one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time and supposedly both men were past their best date.

Great fighters, even when they’re in their mid thirty’s, trust me, they could call up a fight at any given time and given moment and perform way above what was expected. I think if they do make the fight, it was for the right time and such a time that fits. Are there other exciting fights out there for both men? Sure there are, there are exciting fights.

I think Floyd gets the most flack for proving his greatness, in other words, you know “Unless you fight Golovkin, who’s twenty pounds heavier than you or you fight this guy, your legacy could be diminished,” but that same demand is not put over on the other side.

If you really stop and think about it, you have to give him credit because he’s fought Cotto, he’s fought Canelo, he’s fought the big guys, Oscar and things like that. He’s gone far beyond what really should have been required of him to be great, so what can you say? I do think that the fight couldn’t hurt boxing, but also think the fight with Amir Khan would benefit boxing more in the long run, regardless of the outcome.

Jenna J: Virgil I want to talk to you about Andrew Ward a little. News came out that HBO would only be interested in showing Ward’s fights if it is against a top fighter, like a Golovkin or a Kovalev. What do you think about Andre’s future and HBO’s stance?

Virgil Hunter: You do wonder why something are this way and something are that way. But that is the agenda they have for him if he comes back, they are just letting him know, “This is who you have to fight.”

He already stated he would fight Golovkin, but K2 Promotions has other plans, and K2 is doing a wonderful job with Golovkin, and I’m sure he fits into HBO’s plans. It’s quite obvious there is a lot of hype behind Gennady, justifiably so. What the network intends for him to be, he’s got a great opportunity to achieve that. So I don’t assume fighting Andre Ward would be a wise move for the plan they have because we could very well set him back because fans are very unforgiving after one fight.

When the day comes that hopefully things can be worked out, that can benefit everybody and take everything under consideration, we can continue to put on the great fights the people want to see. I think both those fights would be great for the public, Ward vs. Golovkin, Ward vs. Kovalev. Hopefully Andre fits into HBO’s plans of continuing to put on great fights.

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25 Responses to "Virgil Hunter: “Manny Pacquiao is a lethal fighter, he’s a deadly fighter, but in a fight against Floyd Mayweather focus is gonna be in such demand”"
  1. erap says:

    In the May-Pac fight what is in demand is May’s balls to grow.

  2. floydcott says:

    floyd, a fake champion doesn’t belong to the land of the brave

  3. eddie king says:

    Virgil hunter, you said it yourself,,the reason why gayweather is avoiding pacquiao,
    And yet being a racist british as you are, still favoring everyone else not asian.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha, i thought Virgil is a highly skilled strategist but he seems not, just an amateur coach too who wants to climb the ladder. Here’s my 2 cents, Floyd hasn’t fought a guy like Manny who is a lethal machine couple that with speed, stamina and power. Floyd’s style is good only for a boxer who moves like a molasses…like Canelo…..Virgil didn’t listen very much to Bradley when they were both interviewing by HBO, Bradley can attest to that….

  5. jemsbom says:

    Floyd is not his own boss as he declared….He is dependent on what Al Haymon is telling him..He thanked his team for choosing easy fights in an interview with Bob Costas…

  6. glen says:

    I think Virgil’s say is pretty rational. He is not just a trainer but a boxing fan himself, and for him to take his pick on Mayweather-Pacquiao is his own right. We all have our views on this mega fight and what not. He didn’t even put up Amir directly as more beneficial for boxing.
    His opinion, I say, is acceptable regardless whose side you are on.And it was put out courteously as possible. This guy got class.

  7. kitty says:

    Who’s virgil hunter??? Let Floyd fight pacman then you will know the pacman POWER and SPEED. Holla!!!

  8. kaith says:

    If this fight really happen Freddie and Manny will give it all to prepared for this fight, Manny will give his all for the fight…

  9. Popsmir says:

    Just ask floydie to prove himself, just get on the ring. Enough talk.

  10. sam says:

    Why most boxing trainers like Vergil Hunter , Teddy Atlas even Angelo Dundee Ali’s trainer despite their knowledge in the sport of boxing they always pick Manny’s opponents but would only proved them all wrong with their analysis how each fights goes. Manny Pacquiao being Asian made him hard to embrace and accepted by American boxing community which is dominated mostly by black americans. with all their pride and excuses they just resort to being patriotic and throw all their support to their fellow American. The very same tactic Mayweather been using with most of his fights by picking mostly non-American opponents just to rally most American boxing fans behind him despite they despise him because of his antics. Al Haymon’s clever marketing tactic and hype of Mayweather just made him the highest paid sport hero to American boxing fans.

  11. barry gil r. pilar says:

    Maybe Virgil Hunter is underestimating Pacquiao. He doesnt know shit about Pacquiao’s training regimen and how the latter focuses himself whenever he fights. Pacquiao has said that he doesnt think Floyd will slug it out agaisnt him but whatever it maybe He certainly knows what to do. Pacquiao’s dedication to his craft is second to none and i am absolutely sure that He will knock Floyd out. When was the last time Manny got wary in a fight mentally and physically just because he threw a lot of punches? Hunter’s observation is hilarious!

  12. Hatecrusher says:

    That’s why Virgil’s boxers are just in average grades cause this trainer knows nothing about logic perception of fights and styles.Virgil is just a fan….hope he can help to convince his idol Floyd to fight PACMAN so we could know who’s really the best…cause as far as we know,Floyd was already conceded to PACMAN on the way he DUCKS,,ALIBIS etc. and only MORON FANS still believed on their Idol but their IDOL believed he can’t beat PACMAN..

  13. jay says:

    Don’t worry Virgil the pacman will b focus on this fight n u will see speed, power n controlled aggression in Pacquiao. Floyd will not b able to time Pacquiao. This is what Floyd knows that’s why he won’t fight him.

  14. PACMANUSA says:

    Typical response from a black guy about the black bum !

    The thing he fails to mention is Chickweather needs to still be there in the middle rounds for fatigue to play a factor .

    If Pacquiao nails the SOB a few times I suspect the chicken factor will almost kill Chickweather !

    • LOUIE0612 says:


  15. Butt hurt says:

    Pactards will be Pactards.

    Take a step back yall dumb motherfuckers

    This shit right here is BOXING. You know, hit and dont get hit…Yall should tell Manny the fuck about that shit.

    Some retarded shit.

  16. datu says:

    pacman’s combos will going to kill mayweather if they fight…there’s no chance floyd’s girly punch could stop manny.

  17. Hey Niga. you are just like your brainless and illiterate FMY. you got nothing with your words but rubbish and shit. before you even write anything be sure to wash your hand and mouth for everything you wrote was just a typical foul mouth Nigger.

  18. Rupert D says:

    >>Virgil Hunter’s own opinion about Elite Boxers like Mayweather and an Asian Boxer like Manny Pacquiao. Time and again Anyone from the Western part of the World who profess their opinion about someone like Pacquuiao is usually off the Mark. It’s either an misconception about that part of the World or just plain negativity about once race and envious achievement. But it’s hard not to notice the opinionated mostly negativity about the skills of Foreign Boxers like Manny Pacquiao. Anyone who has good intentions of presenting the facts is by learning the History of A fighter like Manny Pacquiao, quite easy and simple by watching the fights of Pacquiao and Mayweather since the beginning of their career, Notice the qualities and the caliber of their opponents, How they won and the summary of their achievements, accolades and awards. See the ups and downs of their life as they progress to this present Dawning of their Careers. As simple as using your tablets or smart phone and tuning in to ” You Tube ” and based on this , In my own opinion, Manny Pacquiao has a perfect chance that he can deliver the first defeat of Floyd Mayweather jr and probably the only reason why Floyd is resorting to all the nonsensical reasons to avoid fighting the Great Manny Pacquiao. See it yourself and then be honest to yourself, What do you think? Who do you think is the best prizefighter between Pacquiao and Mayweather? Compare the qualities and the Caliber of their opponents? In term of their individual skill and Boxing talents, Who is better? Who will defeat who?

  19. Rupert D says:

    The Boxing Worlds so called ” experts and Analyst ” always and almost picks and chooses their kind and their fellows , totally ignores the peculiar skills of a protagonist from a foreign places besides America nevertheless it is very obvious after the fight they are proven wrong. Perfect example are the so called experts of the game like Virgil Hunters, Atlas, Paulie Mallinaggi etc..Fans notice the negativity and always with suspicion on successes of Foreign fighters in the likes of The Great Manny Pacquiao. Almost and always they come out of a suspicion that a foreign fighter must be resorting to an illegal substance that sustain their unbelievable skills, although nothing was proven and substantiated, they continue to orchestrate the silent allegations in order to propagate the Hype to their fellow Boxer like Floyd Mayweather jr. Despite of the Legal litigation that resulted to the Mayweather’s paying Hundreds of thousands to settle the libel case, the insults and accusation stlill continues. The challenge of Manny Pacquiao is so simple and for a complicated people like Floyd Mayweather.and the rest of the socalled Experts , Manny and Floyd will fight in the ring for 12 rounds with purse money all in favor of Floyd’s demand including all the test Floyd’s wants plus some other petty demands with regards to gloves, ring size and pink color short pants. In plain English, Everything that Floyd wants He gets and the only thing he has to do is to show up in the Ring with Manny Pacquiao and Fight That day.
    Once and for all, Floyd must just agree to fight and Just bring his talents , all his skills and show up with all your fans and the rest of all the so called experts and boxing analyst.the great Manny Pacquiao and his people will witness a great performance . Win or Lose, at long last we’ll find out who is really the best Fighter of the two. Is it Floyd Mayweather jr or Manny Pacquiao.?

  20. […] who is best known for his work with Amir Khan and Andre Ward, told On the Ropes Boxing Radio that while Pacquiao is a “lethal fighter,” Mayweather will be able to control […]

  21. ronel says:

    Virgil is not a boxing expert..hes just a trainer who favors his fighters and undeniably a pacquiao hater.. I’ve never heard any interviews of him giving credit to pac the 8divworldchamp.. amir is not on the level of manny or danny garcia either.. hes just a jealous trainer and a racist.. He is teaching his fighters to become an excellent runner and a turtle in the ring thats y his fighters arent that exciting.. theyre great on paper but not great in peoples eyes..

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