Was Erislandy Lara robbed against Saul Alvarez?

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This was not the biggest one sided robbery I have witnessed in the sport of boxing, but I firmly feel that this bout was a fit up.

I am a fan of the sweet science over pressure/come forward fighters. I have always appreciated brain/skills/ability over brawn/balls/desire to win. Is this why I see things the way I do? Would a fan of the pressure/come forward fighter be the opposite?

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was the house fighter, Erislandy Lara was not.

For me, how can you score rounds for Alvarez when the majority of the time, the Mexican was hitting nothing but gloves and arms? Alvarez landed some good shots to the body throughout the fight, but does that win you rounds? A few shots to the body here and there and one or two head shots does not win a fight for me at all.

Whatever happened to hit and don’t get hit? Boxing is ‘The Sweet Science’ not the ‘sweet run after you and hit nothing and be the house fighter to get the bout with Cotto to line Golden Boys pockets a bit more’

By what most people are saying, the likes of Ali, Leonard, Mayweather, Jones, Whitaker all the slick, smart fighters are ‘Runners’ — what the hell is going on with this sport? Just showing more aggression does not win you a fight. I could be a boxer at the top level with those so called skills, easily.

All professional boxing matches are scored according to the following criteria:

Clean punching – punches that land on areas of the body that can be scored (front and side of the head, the front and side of the torso. Arms don’t count). These blows are given merit based on how evident they are, that cause perceptible damage, and are not muffled or deflected by the opponent.

Effective aggression – intrusive behavior, designed to impose your will/get a desired response from an opponent.

Ring generalship – use of and control of the ring to neutralize the opponents ability/advantages, and to control the rhythm of the fight to suit one’s purpose.

Defense – employing any legal methods which nullify the opponent’s ability to land punches.

With those four categories in mind, how does Canelo win the fight? I can understand a round or two here or there, this way or the other. A round or two swing can happen in boxing, depending on what you, the individual are seeing taking place with your own two eyes.

117-111 – I don’t even want to suggest that score is dubious, do I really need too?

The next big money spinning fight for Oscar DeLa Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotions company is Alvarez vs. Cotto. Erislandy Lara would have had to have scored a KO over Canelo to have any chance of winning and even then, they would probably force the rematch and try to get the Alvarez vs. Cotto windfall by fair means or foul.

I had the fight even going into the ninth round and I gave Lara 3 of the final four rounds. I don’t have my scorecard because I don’t need it, I know what I have seen.

Tell me this, if Alvarez was winning the fight, then why did he come out in the final round all guns blazing like he had to win that round to have any chance or possibly force the stoppage, to actually get the nod?

Boxing – sometimes it really drives me mental. Open your eyes people.

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9 Responses to "Was Erislandy Lara robbed against Saul Alvarez?"
  1. Bruce says:

    I see where you’re coming from with the more technical side of the game. Hit and don’t get hit is great, and the basis for boxing, but when you score a fight you should take into account who does more damage. Boxing is separate to the idea of amateur boxing which is more of what you’re alluding to.

  2. Yuri Steinberg says:

    Running doesnt win u fights, period
    i had lara losing 9 round easy

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s called boxing you imbecile. Stick and move, not just brawl like an idiot

  3. captaindflow says:

    The only robbery was giving that wannabe track star Erisboralandy 7 DAMN ROUNDS!

  4. Denis says:

    what?!?!?!?! robbed!!!!! you are insane mr readmen

  5. Rebel Skumm says:

    Lara got robbed. A lot of people are enamored by Canelo’s stardom. Jenna’s usually spot on. I know why she said he won. All of these females are on this guy’s tip. He’ll get exposed again eventually once he moves up and stops fighting smaller guys. Lara boxed he did not run. You want to see running, just watch Oscar in the Trinidad fight. It’s not Lara’s fault Canelo doesn’t know how to cut off the ring. If Those body shots from Canelo were so tough, then how come Lara would go right back in his face after getting hit? Anyone who has been hit with a hard body shot knows, you react much different than how Lara responded. Last time I checked effort doesn’t win you a fight, there has to be results and Canelo did not accomplish anything in that fight, he just proved once agin that pure boxers cause fits for him. I supported this fight because I thought it was an excellent matchup and the powers that be still found a way to mess up a good fight. smh

    • HUMBERTO says:

      When u hear his own country men saying that Canelo wouldn’t be talked about or relevant if he didn’t have RED HAIR fact! There have been many Mexican boxers in history better he is no diamond in the rough….he always says viva Mexico but u never here true Mexican fighters mention this guy.I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Oscar have a thing for each other…average fighter at best!if Lara won 8 rounds to 4…..MEXICAN JUDGE 117-111 IS ALL U NEED TO KNOW

  6. I did not read what Ronnie had to say . I watched the fight something one of the judges did not. I found it rather interesting that right after the fight Lara asked for a rematch and Oscar got in front of the camera and said no one wants a rematch . This was a fixed fight from the begining. Oscar and everyone else knew that Lara was a better fighter so they stacked the deck against Lara so fools like us would argue about the out come. This fight was all about money not about who was the best .Now let’s talk abot the art of boxing ,the sweet scieance . The basics in boxing is to hit and not get hit. To hit your oponet mor than he hiys you. Ring generalship control the action in the ring . Which means to make the other guy fight your fight. Lara did a masterful job of every aspect of what it means to be a pro boxer. Let’s don’t change the rules every time a black man beats a non black man. Please before you tell me Lara is not black do some research on Cubans. I gave Carnelo three rounds and one round was close. This was a easy win for Lara regardless what the judges did to him . Everone saw what happened. Now this is for the fools who keep talking about running in boxing . There are rules against running . Running is defined by turning your back to your oponet. If he were running like you clowns say he was he would have DQ . Let’s talk about what Canelo did not do. If Carnelo was making the fight by coming in how come he was unable to hit Lara in the head? Just because you are coming forward don’t mean that you are the agresser. Now go back and look at the fight and tell me what you see Carnelo do when he’s coming in and Lara stops backing up. Every time Lara would stop backing up Carnelo would stop coming forward every time. What that is telling me Carnelo was not wanting to engage. There is a thing in boxing called effective agressness which Carnelo was not doing. Everyone knows that judges don’t count a body shot the same way they do a head shot. Let’s not change the rules when a black fighter is killing a non black fighter. Canelo got a spanking and the judges robbed Lara of the biggest win of his career. Now let’s talk real money. Canelo gets to move on and have another big fight the fight that Lara should have gotten. Where does Lara go from here? Now they will have a excuse not to fight him because he lost. This decision needs to be over turned. Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, Rig the other Cuban,and Lara are being penalized because they have mastered the art of boxing. Let me tell you what is going to happen if things don’t change . Someone is going to get killed in the ring because these black men see what is happening to them . Be thankful that they are boxing instead of standing in the middle of the ring and slugging but that is what is going to start happening. Black fighters adapt quickly.