What’s in store for Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury?

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The coronavirus pandemic may have postponed the heavyweight champ’s summer plans to complete his trilogy with Deontay Wilder, but that hasn’t prevented Tyson Fury rumors and potential plans from circulating. New news has revealed a potential bout with Anthony Joshua could take place before the trilogy, how much truth is behind the hear-say? 

The Boxing world suffers canceled plans much like the rest of the sporting world, but that hasn’t stopped the WBC heavyweight champion from teasing his fans with a potential Anthony Joshua fight in his sights. During the lockdown, Fury has taken to social media and told his followers that “big news” is on its way, and given the fact that he’s openly admitted he’d prefer Joshua as his next opponent, it could hint the fight may be in talks. 

The promoters working with Fury have doubts that he’ll perform in front of a crowd, pointing to talks surrounding a potential undisputed bout against Anthony Joshua taking place overseas. Fury’s management is already in discussions with Joshua’s team and fight promoter Eddie Hearn. 

Although it’s just speculation, fans and critics have been extremely vocal with their opinion on the matter. The only heavyweight fight that should be scheduled next, is Fury vs. Joshua. Now, it seems to look like Tyson Fury either feels the same way or is listening to the people. We understand, right place right time and all that, but we’ve waited long enough, It’s time.

“The significance of his role reversal. The fact that he did that in the second fight…no one believed he’d even try that. It makes it look as though he can win either way he wants to against the best opposition in the world” 

‘We’ve got some massive news coming soon. Some massive, massive news,’ he said. ‘I was just on the phone to the old MTK [Management Company] and we’ve got some massive news coming for you all. Very, very soon so keep an eye out for it all.’ Fury told his Instagram followers. 

Despite an offer from Saudi Arabia to host the event on the table, Eddie Hearn and Fury’s promoters Bob Arum & Frank Warren have vowed that discussions have yet to take place. Both fighters had already signed their next fights before the pandemic; Joshua is set to defend his world championships against his IBF mandatory Kubrat Pulev. For Joshua or Fury to even think about taking a fight with each other, Wilder and Pulev would need to accept a step-aside offer and neither fighter has hinted they’d be willing to surrender their opportunities at the gold. 

With that said, Fury wants Anthony Joshua next and his trainer, Andy Lee, does not believe that Deontay Wilder would want to take on Tyson Fury again, let alone in such a small timeframe. 

‘I’d be surprised if he takes the fight with Tyson, right now anyway, because Tyson is looking so good,’ Lee told Sky Sports. 

‘I think everything is in open play again. I think whatever fights were made before the lockdown, they are kind of coming null and void, and everything is up for re-negotiation again.

What about Wilder

Wilder vs. Fury III is currently tipped for October, and the odds are that unless Wilder has backed out behind closed doors, the Fury/Joshua rumors hold little weight and should be taken as nothing more than speculation. Boxing promoter, Bob Arum, has gone on record to say the canceled summer event between Fury and Wilder could now take place outside of the USA.

“Wilder-Fury III, right now, we’re looking for October. That may be a little optimistic, so we may need to drift that over until November. But we are exploring places outside of the United States to do that fight and I think we’re having some success.

“It’s not in the Middle East, and I’m ready for that to happen. If we can do it in the United States with fans, then that’s where we’ll do it. Arum told Boxing Social

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